2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited HD Video Review

2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited HD Video Review

http://drivencarreviews.com/ In the past, people bought Hyundai’s Elantra for it’s budget price. The new fifth generation can be bought on looks alone (but y…



Wahyu Hidayat Supandi says:



JanicesSonHarpo says:

23,000? you can get a Civic SI for that price

mrwot5 says:

Называют ее -ебанипозеркалу. Оно закроется!

shafta99 says:

“with the cruise control set for 62 mph i got this reading.”, i guess some
people are hard of hearing. i like the car a lot. hyundai has really
stepped up their game. especially since my 92 hyundai excel which engine i
blew up, lol.

busdriverrob says:

I have a Canadian version Limited, and it DOES have auto climate control
and dual zone.

Driven Car Reviews says:

@timtime88 I just borrow it. Costco is very nice about it.

Drewbie85 says:

@DrivenCarReviews dual zone is now available for 2013 elantras and gt and

DevPack says:

i was considering this and the focus after about a month of contemplating i
went with the focus. They are both great cars.

cam monnix says:


riverracerx says:

Got the first 2011 that came off the truck at my dealer. Have 57k miles on
her already and will be getting another one at the end of the year. Great
little car. Good gas mileage. Drives well. Parks easy. Not good on the
highway in wind (especially on our way to Vegas) and the stock tires are
noisy! New rubber quieted down the ride a ton! Overall a fine little

riverracerx says:

Adequate. Nothing to write home about. Depends on your listening needs. It
doesn’t suck though.

Driven Car Reviews says:

@tkmanonymous Just make sure you test drive the competition too, just to be
sure. Sorry, always in “dad” mode…

Yusif Amrahzade says:

Lol car

cam monnix says:

Love this car! Very stylish. My only complaint is how round the font is. It
sort of makes it look like a van. Can’t wait to get my Hyundai elantra!

anurag sharma says:

he said it if ur nt buying elantra ur cheating ur self and ur wife

benjmiester says:

That’s cool. My main concern is quality highs and mids. Bass is really easy
to get with an aftermarket sub. Speakers especially tweeters, are sometimes
a pita to replace. I appreciate the feedback.

Bulgdoom says:

Looks like @ 0:16 that you already nicked the rear rim on this test car

walkthepark says:

white elantras come with black interior too? i thought they only came in

Leonardo Cardozo Cadavid says:

I just bought this car. it’s amazing

Lisa Marie says:

I am going to test drive on in a few weeks & have wanted one since last
year, I hope I will enjoy my test drive as much as I enjoy watching the YT
vids of this car! lol

ECDT1089 says:

Hyundai has really come around the past couple of years. It’s now my
favorite foreign car company.

Cayden Sarvis says:

hey Tom, is the sound system in the elantra really that noticeably that bad?

1337BananaL33TVostok says:


Fussinated says:

Actually, it looks like an overflowed glue out of the rim that collected
dirt on it.

fire1202 says:

OMG @ 3:06. That was so cool! Good review BTW. I just wished I saw more
numbers on screen, can’t always hear what’s being said at low volume,
night-time viewing.

Gabriel Choi says:

Love the review, but I surely do hate the car. Always a joy to watch your
videos. Maybe you should have an episode where your evil twin is the main
presenter? LOL you know for muscle cars and stuff

Timx4 says:

Drive A ford and be American

fokGoogol says:

As usual a very complete review filled with stuff people wanna know about
cars. I find myself watching these reviews even if the car doesn’t tickle
my fancy (this one does though). Got a good formula there, Tom! Keep up the
excellent work 🙂

Driven Car Reviews says:

Can you be more specific?

Driven Car Reviews says:

@camaroman101 62. Trying to keep it real world.

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