2012 Hyundai Elantra GLS Review – Good looks and 40-mpg

2012 Hyundai Elantra GLS Review – Good looks and 40-mpg

Sixth months after the launch of the all-new Elantra and the small car segment continues to get even more competitive. So does this Korean compact have stayi…



Jerry Ciaravalo says:

the 17 in rims aren’t good the wall of the tire is way too thin you hit
bumps with them and you’ll blow a tire

Justin Pearson says:

Just got a approved for 15,000 car loan…im getting a brand new car!!! 😛
Thinking of the Elantra…what you guys think?

ladyyuna2000 says:

i am totally buying a Hyundai i gotta support my korean hertiage

Greg R says:

wasn’t there a recall / gas card thing that Hyundai did for you in the
USA??? i read about it a year ago and it’s even posted on our Canadian
Hyundai web site. something about flawed testing back in Korea.

daniel moran says:

cuantos caballos mas se le puede sacar a ese motor de 1.8l poniendole
sistema turbo

Will Lee says:

Hey Tommy can I ask you a question? I’ve seen comments like yours a lot in
different videos saying that Hyundai copies from other manufacturers. First
I just want you to know that I’m majoring in Concept Design and I’m Korean
but I don’t like Korean cars. Let me tell you something, Car is a piece of
a art master piece. Every art is copied by one another. Why would Hyundai
even bother hiring designers if they’re just going to copy? So tell me,
what car does Elantra look alike?

das2190 says:

The Focus is still ugly, and that’s why I chose the elantra over the focus.
The price certainly wasn’t an issue. Was just going for something a little
stylish with decent gas mileage.

heyrob69 says:

40 mpg?? the most you’ll get is around 33mpg on the highway

tubekutter says:

So much for free market capitalism, huh? Why is South Korea anti-American
in your opinion and why on earth are you linking this car with that

131Smith says:

how many times does this guy say, “uh” ??? damn.

Andrzej1802 says:

Yes. the car is good looking but if you planing to buy it then test it
during longer rides. I found the front seats uncomfortable for longer trips
and the trunk opening is small when you trying to fit bigger items.

xGameRzMC says:

In egypt this is accent RC ;o

محمد الدوسري says:

I finally purchased 2014 VW Passat, cash! no installments involved. Guys,
just get a job, start saving money, then go for it!

Bibazavr says:

And why the fuck would you care? I mean seriously. How does it even touch

Bmants says:

Yes, its the best looking car. Next question?

nleafl44 says:

I just got a 2013 version. I am so grateful.

eagle1fox9 says:

is it the silver or white colour?

Dong Jin Shin says:

@Trook2008 tail fish phenomenon is not about the air back. about the steer
problem. just normal drive can not recognize this phenomenon. but it has
happen and it will coming to normal driver too.

TehhSpade says:

I’m getting my first car pretty soon and my options are either this or the
Accent, anyone have any opinions on which one is better, I don’t know much
about cars.

Shukria123 says:

but these changing winds can blow cold and hostile…

Robson Maya says:

Did you know? In Brazil this car costs $ 41,000 manual transmission. The
top model in Brazil costs $ 48,000 Taxes absurd! Thank your country!

Omar Jama says:

Im getting a suburban next month and i really hate it

TerryFilming says:

Hyundai Sonata was rated by JD Powers as the ‘most dependable midsize
sedan’ beating out the Accord and Camry.

Bmants says:


Chris Azarian says:

@makeupkatie95 how is it so far?

Dong Jin Shin says:

good made but for the safty no fish tail!!

mohammedosman88 says:

Only badge snobs won’t agree that this car is fantastic

AndyBoy63 says:

The video’s title states: ‘2012 Hyundai Elantra GLS Review’ yet the first
thing out of this talking head’s mouth is ‘… and then there’s this – the
brand new 2011 Hyundai Elantra’. If you’re going to go to the trouble of
doing a ‘review’ on a car, the least you can do is review the right
production year of the car – not last year’s model.

gordan james says:

foolish man.

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