2012 Hyundai Accent

2012 Hyundai Accent

Cars.com’s Dave Thomas takes a look at the 2012 Hyundai Accent. Full review can be found at: http://www.cars.com/hyundai/accent/2012/



igotwhips says:

Just wait until the Kia Rio comes out. Same platform but way cooler
looking. Especially the 5 door.

DAL138 says:

I’m not a fan of the fabric pattern on the seats, it’s a little tacky.
Aside from that it looks like a nice car.

ashuleh1 says:

He was kidding. Most Americans still use keys to open their trunk. I do!

BlahBiddyBlah890 says:

Sureeeee ;P

QuinnsTheBest says:

This….. Or the Dodge Caliber replacement for 2012? So hard..

mercedescl says:

I have to say, Versa is a much larger car. But larger doesn’t mean better.

VaperBok75 says:

Its a decent car, ill give it that. A far cry from the Excel it replaced.
But as far as real world goes… anyone 5’10” is gonna look big in that
thing esp w the drivers seat moved fwd. Put my 6’2″ frame in that seat and
then get in back again… hate the image trickery reviewers give for
interior space.

dracolnyte says:

“i think its called a key” i laughed

C-Wow says:

@koltenk17 thats a good thing because hyundais are awesome looking

Isaiah Lawrence says:

you said “Hondai” like you wanted to say honda but forgot you were
reviewing a hyundai…

ecoRfan says:

Hon-day? HUN-DAY, like Sunday.

thecarexpert21 says:


BlahBiddyBlah890 says:

I’d rather get a used Honda Civic than this thing…

geffel says:

@davewhodavedunn “retarted”? Well done.

shafta99 says:

funny all these negative comments from people that never drove a hyundai.
while everyone i know that has had one, including me, are very happy with
them. i like this car, its styling is way better than the new civic and
corrolla, both bland. go try and buy a civic for 16 grand and see what you

Brian Rokosz says:

The Hatch SE drove worse than the Fiesta, which imo is the best driver’s
car for the segment…the interior is all plastic where as the Fiesta has
soft touch meaning less rattles….the fiesta is smaller and the Fit still
wins for storage but add a few things to the Accent Hatch and you’re right
at Elantra pricing which is just a better, bigger car, combine that with
the Veloster and you really shouldn’t consider this unless you get the
under-17k version

maximdekov says:

Music of the way /watch?v=EI8ns_aBtzM

Barobran92 says:

@shafta99 The Civic is not in the same class as the Accent it’s larger, the
Fit is. However i do agree with you about the people making negative
comments just because it’s a Hyundai, i love the new Elantra.

NadrianATRS says:

this guy’s voice is so boring

koltenkrebs says:

A boring reviewer for a boring car. All of Hyundai’s sedans look the same.

nikemac84 says:

@jacoale The deaf………….

dave dunn says:

hondai accent? wtf dave..your retarted

C-Wow says:

@koltenk17 im not quite sure you just rattled off random car names but so
basically you are saying that two cars that look that same means that all
the cars look the same? hyundai isnt the only one to make relative cars
i.e. 2004 ford expedition and 2004 ford explorer 2011 camry 2011 corolla
2011 bmw 5 2011 bmw 7 MB GL MB GLK need i say more!

Nathan Kendall says:


TheGuille46 says:

Got this car cause it was all I could afford….LOVE IT!

Slayer553826 says:

@ghrpdx *sigh* then you need to just let go of your bias because their
resale value is still lower than others for a reason and thats the truth

SubaruHyena says:

I’d just save up longer and get a Veloster. According to Hyundai’s website
the Accent “starts” at $14,995 after destination charge. the Veloster 6
speed is only a few grand more at that point. work harder. get the Veloster.

x08GotMilk80x says:

@Kendel1224, You mean *Hyundai and *Honda 😀

onishchuk4 says:

Hi, I’m Dave Thomas with Cars.com and this a 2012 HONDai Accent…

TylerBrandonHardwick says:

This guy needs a better accent, his voice is boring

mace2142 says:

@tres311 hahahahaha like the sarcasm

CHgameschanel says:

Is that 1.4 or 1.6 version?

chappyTHO says:

waaaaaaaaiiiitt. the base model doesn’t have AC? -_-

gil zur says:


C-Wow says:

@koltenk17 how can u call a hyundai’s own corprate design unoriginal?! look
at it no other car looks like it, yes it may look close to its siblings but
hell, ITS THE COMPANIES DESIGN LANGUAGE!! all BMWs look the same!

Joel Neely says:

This is my dream car right here! Korean bentley!

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