2012 Hyundai Accent Test Drive & Car Review

2012 Hyundai Accent Test Drive & Car Review

http://www.autobytel.com/hyundai/accent/2012/ 2012 Hyundai Accent Test Drive – With gas on the never-ending rise, the Sub-Compact car segment is becoming one…



Epic Jameson says:

Can you guys please do a 2014 Hyundai Accent Hatchback Automatic 

GPz84 says:

Since the GDI uses a timing chain, there is no belt to worry about. One of
the main reasons I bought my 2013. The engine is a marvel and maintenance
is mostly routine oil changes, as the engine coolant and tranny fluid
“auto” are long life, plus no power steering motor “electric”. And a $300
oil change??? A full synthetic oil change costs me $100 done every 6000 km.
I guess the haters half to find something to cry about,.

Boujai12 says:

This guy is the best reviewer….I’d like to see all his reviews. 3 cars
I’m looking at, Accent, new Mirage, and a Mazda 2. The Mirage ride was a
bit rough, wind and road noise..Accent and Mazda 2 are next. The one thing
Hyundai has that warranty, but in the same breath, are Hyundai’s reliable. 

eternalhalloween1 says:

Especially painted blue, the hatchback looks like a fish. (Especially the
way the headlights are designed like the eyes, and the vents below look
like the mouth.)

I don’t mean that in an insulting way, but in an interesting artistic way.
If you painted the sedan blue or gray, it would like a shark.

I have to agree. It seems you’re really getting a lot for your money.

Brandon Mezei says:

Enjoy your 300 buck oil change.

filoIII says:

I’ve recently talked to 3 dealers–2 used car and a new car salesmen-who
told me they drive Hyundais. IDK anything about them, but supposedly they
have it going on right behind Toyota.

David Halifax says:

The Accent is perfect for city driving and fitting in tight parking spaces.
The only complaint I have is the lack of cup holders for rear passengers,
and Hyundai hasn’t addressed this issue for 2013 models. Otherwise I would
seriously consider the Accent

LZSchneider says:

Yes… but will blend*? *be fun to drive

Hamid Pazhwak says:

wow what a sales man

Xcorgi says:

Everything Hyundai is offering on this vehicle is fine but just wait till
the timing belt comes off and wraps around the engine time and time again
as many owners of previous models of the Accent can attest to. Sure,
Hyundai NEEDS that massive waranty just to get you in the door with such a
reputation. I’d rather spend less time visiting the dealers service shop
and more time on the road. Pick a Honda or Mazda instead. You’ll be glad
you werent conned into the current day Hyundai hype. Its bogus

arnuno says:

hyundai accent 4 door sedan almost looks like the hyundai verna in india

roey232 says:

You guys need you say thanks. We in Israel pay on this model (In Israel
2012 is 2013) 32K for basic ver. (Tax included. 110% tax rate). And it’s
not only Hyundai… All of the cars is 110% tax rate…

piperlovegood13 says:

I love the accent(I have a 2013 hatchback(blue)) I’m a 23 year old girl who
is very little (4’11) so I have issues fitting a car to me and still feel
safe and have enough room for my friend(5’8) and her little boy(age 3). The
car handles well and is cute but not so cute a guy would be embassassed by.
The gas milage is super and the USB port sounds minor but I couldn’t live
without it now.

youspic says:

apparently the weight/horsepower ratio in this car is great.

asecobra says:

Bargin !!

David Halifax says:

Nope. I just think sub-compact cars should have cup holders for rear
passengers. The Kia Rio has them in the rear doors, why not the Accent
since they are based on the same platform.

ByDDD says:

Cant you just do it yourself?

DAVID Y says:

Cups holders are needed for passengers in the back, preferably in the
doors, softer materal on door handle armrest as well would be nice. Hyundai
please fix this for 2013 !!!

Medmann48 says:

I chose the 2012 Nissan Versa sedan. It’s $4000 cheaper & has more interior
room than the Accent & a LOT more back seat leg room than the Acccent. The
Versa has a plusher ride than the Accent. The Accent does have more power
than the Versa but doesn’t ride as smooth, the Versa is basically a small
family car & outsells the Accent by a LOT. Nissan Versa October 2012 month
sales number = 8,311 cars sold in USA (#1 in class) Hyundai Accent October
2012 month sales number = 3,373 cars sold in USA

Champion Champ says:

really? how and why

benjamin reynolds says:

Where are you getting a 08 528i with 30k miles on it for $18,000? Hook me

Brandon Mezei says:

There is no timing belt in the new engine it’s chain driven.

Jeff Glucker says:

I think this was my first video review… ever.

filoIII says:

Thanks alot, Piper. I’m going to do a bit more research. I’m leaning toward
the Accent and Rio. Hey, the #13, and short 23 yr/old women are my

filoIII says:

I’m thinking about an Accent HB as well. I drive 100 mi/day round trip in
curves and hills. Will it handle that well you think? What kind of driving
to you do? What’s your mpg? I’m narrowing it down to a Rio, Accent, or
Fiesta HB.

trancedsailor says:

Absolutely love this car. Great daily driver while the stripped-out Miata
gets saved for the weekends.

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