2012 Hyundai Accent SE HD Video Review

2012 Hyundai Accent SE HD Video Review

We, the 99 percent need a way to get around. The 2012 Hyundai Accent isn’t a luxury car but it provides the luxury of transportation. For many, that’s enough…



avlisk says:

@bwright1991 Check out the Accent’s twin, the Kia Rio. you’ll find
telescoping there. And if the 2012 Rio is any better than my 2002 Cinco,
you’ll have a great car .

Driven Car Reviews says:

@yummy1234098 Five foot nine and a half inches and 185 pounds in the US.
I’ll admit I’m a half inch too short and 20 pounds shy. But I’m close (and
getting closer if I don’t stop eating so much Cap’n Crunch).

mx5hong says:

Equipment-wise, I think the Accent SE is equivalent to the Kia Rio5 EX but
without the EX convenience package. But with the Accent a 6 speed manual is
standard so the Accent would be my choice. Too bad you can’t get the Rio5
SX with a 6 speed manual.

bwright1991 says:

I still can’t comprehend how some cars don’t have a telescoping steering
wheel these days.

Boujai12 says:

Not even 5 minutes, and I got so much out of that video. Thanks.


It’s sad that a car like the Accent has a better looking seating than a
Toyota Prius C….where do Toyota hire their industrial designer?

blueorangelettuce says:

Checked out the Accent recently. Looks nice from the outside but once
within the cockpit, it loses its luster. Not a thrilling ride. Just move up
a couple grand to the Elantra for a better ride altogether.

soupnazi81 says:

Your car reviews and commentary are the best on Youtube, bar none! (I like
your reviews better than Caranddriver, Roadandtrack, and Motortrend)

TheBillswill says:

bigger or smaller then matrix?

Driven Car Reviews says:

@soupnazi81 Thanks man! Much appreciated.

MrRickjitsu says:

If you buy one your insurance may go up just because it’s manufactured in
Korea…mine doubled!!….but I do like the car!

C-Wow says:

@DrivenCarReviews ok no i can get a perspective on what “average man” means
thank you and LOL on the cap’n crunch haha

hobosorter says:

Hyundai is starting to really impress.

911truthfarmer says:

I really appreciate the extra info that other reviews leave out, such as
the safety ratings.

1doesntlikeapplepie says:

@DrivenCarReviews I started at 14 years old, I’m now 19

Driven Car Reviews says:

@MrPentaxfan All the time. Ran the marathon when I was down with the

Driven Car Reviews says:

@ThisGrilledCheese For 17 you have excellent taste.

Eff Javaid says:

watched your review on Kia Rio and Hyundai Accent … pretty nice !

Vulgora says:

great review

GrayFox0047 says:

Awesome review as usual Tom!

pretty00lights says:

i watch a lot of car review and related material. 90% of my subscriptions
on youtube are automotive related. You Tom Volk are on top of my list. Keep
up the good work!

supercooled says:

Why dohatch acks always cost more than their sedan counterparts?

LZSchneider says:

Whenever a car manufacturer produces a car without a telescoping steering
wheel, it’s like a middle finger to us short-armed Americans. Fuck you too,

Philie Gomez says:

Hey nice review bruh But you look so much like Happy Dream Hands!

oldschool1 says:

Outstanding and informative review. You’re giving the KBB & Roadfly videos
a run for their money!

adrian macias says:

Looks nice but I prefer the sister car the Kia Rio

chunky1x says:

Kia Rio is much better option.

s0nnyburnett says:

I don’t give a damn about a rear power outlet. My passengers are lucky
enough to be scoring free ride without being cramped.

Kenny Larson says:

Nice to see you make it down to PDX sometimes.

ildrichaseron says:

I have the same dilemma as you, my friend.

Bisovesny says:

We the 99% need a revolution, a new Soviet Union if you will but with a
different approach to communism

Driven Car Reviews says:

@codeGard17 Sorry, I don’t advise people on what car to get if you’re
trying to make a decision. Very close competitors, I find Sonic to be
sportier, though the clutch take up is to high for my taste

piperlovegood13 says:

I just signed for my 2013 Hyundai accent. I love the USB port. I love my
Accent, I’m tiny 59 inches 115 pounds it fits me great but also my bff
who’s 68 inches and 200+. I don’t know about the fuel yet but I’m loving

Driven Car Reviews says:

@bwright1991 The art of making money on a small car is figuring what to put
in and what to leave out. Simple as that.

necessaryevil101 says:

hahaha i loved that note about grabbing youth loyalty then upgrade later

Febril Cuevas says:

i’m only 17 but i love watching these videos. they are very fun to watch
and informative as well! i can’t wait to get my first car. haha

trancedsailor says:

Bought a 2013 Accent GS 6MT. 40mpg, tons of room. Love having a timing
chain and not a belt. Love dual CVVT technology. Love the 1.6L 138hp with a
future turbokit from the Veloster coming to market.

C-Wow says:

what exactly is an “average sized man”

Slimecrazy234 says:

I believe I am first!

mswaheds says:

R u caucasion

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