2012 Hyundai Accent SE Hatchback Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour

2012 Hyundai Accent SE Hatchback Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour

In this video I give a full in depth tour of the all new 2012 Hyundai Accent SE Hatchback. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior o…



George Grasser says:

0:42 That would be “Static Electricity Inducing Grey Cloth Interior” as
opposed to Non-Static Inducing Leather Interior. Am I the only one that
notices this? 

Epic Jameson says:

Can you do the 2014 one please also hatchback.

ItsAllAboutGTA says:

The exhaust sound sporty

Luis Ortiz says:

Sera posible decir el motor que tiene el accent 2013 si 1.5 o 1.6 pues
busque en el libro y no coincide con el del carro gracias

tabcan says:

Excellent review but no mention of the number of airbags. Or at least, if
it was mentioned, I missed it.

GNickky says:

Okay, Please stop complaining about Hyundai and saying there cars and crap
and they copy. And criticizing America for it not being in a Manual? It’s a
Korean car, lol. And first of all, i’m 13-years-old and I understand
Hyundai and where there coming from. They make EXCELLENT cars now, Beating
every other car in its class out. They’re inexpensive, you get more then
enough amenities for a BASE model on any car. Stop complaining, Hyundai is
doing great. :l

southkoreaeatsdogs says:

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jojo0827 says:

@southkoreaeatsdogs So you yourself are a contradiction, bashing other
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bebop7c2 says:

11:42 look out a ginger is behing you!

shin888 says:

Would love to see a Yaris hatchback video, have one of those lying around?

southkoreaeatsdogs says:

@jojo0827 I’ll never support hyundai cuz its made by dog eaters in south
korea . I’m in america so I oppose dog eating , it should be outlawed world
wide and its making asia look bad . south korea is the worst place where
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southkoreaeatsdogs says:

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Brent Cyr says:

how did a race arguement start on a car preview.

thudtheace says:

Yeppers. I have both a Charger and a Kia Sorento. Charger was sourced 75%
from America, and the Kia is at 60%, not much different. So like you said
buying american especially when it comes to cars might not mean jack!

Bourne Priest says:

Got this car too. Nice take off. I got the 6spd SE. Gas is nice and the
look. The only thing is getting use to using my side mirrors to change
lanes. Limited visibility for the back takes getting use to. Satellite xm
radio, cruise control, bluetooth, came standard. Smooth clutch i got to
say. And the price 16k…is amazing for what you get. I average 28-35mpg
since my foot is heavy on the gas at times..hehe. That’s why I got

TerryFilming says:

Regardless of where Chevy and Ford outsource their cars, the profit they
gain from sales is still sent IN the United States. Any cars bought in
Honda or Toyota aren’t sent to American factories, they’re sent to Japan.
Meetaphor: Apple has an enormous FOXCONN factory in China. The US GDP gains
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southkoreaeatsdogs says:

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Chris Pisz says:

How much would one just like this go for?

watershed44 says:

It’s not a bad car but I agree with others here that this car has grown
even bigger and more bloated with less mpgs and is more expensive too. NOTE
car we would buy one!

Matthew DeFazio says:

Hyundai really did it right with this generation of the Accent. Great video
as usual!

southkoreaeatsdogs says:

@jojo0827 dolphins have the intellience of a 6 year old human child .

TerryFilming says:

@Jakeman2164 Ha, now I know what type of personyou are. Hyundai isn’t what
it was years back. And the Equus is NOT a joke, in fact it outcompetes the
S-class in certain aspects. Hyundai isn’t economy, lol. Have you looked at
their 2.0 turbo? I’m honestly an open minded guy, who doesn’t car about the
brand. Brand means nothing, imo.

southkoreaeatsdogs says:

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Cripton805 says:

Damn. This looks a whole lot like the Mazda 2 with the exception that this
gets better gas mileage and it’s a little roomier. The fuel injectors sound
kind of noisy. I’m sure it’s fine, but I’d expect them to be quieter at
this time and day.

southkoreaeatsdogs says:

@jojo0827 the toyota recall 3 years ago was a set up by the us and south
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ridecycling says:

I do not believe the automatic is a 6 speed as stated but a 4 speed – needs
to be corrected.

joey ettner says:

@DJOgurchik how do you make that out chevy and ford have ALWAYS been more
american made. just because they are being acembled in america dosent mean
they are american made all the parts and engine come from japan and china.

invincible751 says:

its a 6 speed, i just bought a 2012 rio 5 door for my wife and it is
mechanically identical to the accent. great cars

nguyễn kiêm toàn says:

beautyfull car, but i don’t know this car and elantra hatchback are the
same car or diffirent

jojo0827 says:

@southkoreaeatsdogs Yeah and America euthanizes 3 million dogs a year.
Buying a chevy supports euthanizing them? NO

drizzt4418 says:

Just picked up this car today, I must say… I love it!!! The price, the
warranty, everything is more than I could have hoped for at this price
range. I am fully happy with my purchase, look into it, you will not be

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