2012 Hyundai Accent GLS Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour

2012 Hyundai Accent GLS Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour

In this video I give a full in depth tour of the all new 2012 Hyundai Accent GLS. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this van while showing details, over viewing…



Priscilla M says:

Are you sure this is a 2012? I have a 2013 and it looks exactly like mine. 

Neijahnhappy says:

When i plug in my iPod, it doesn’t play! It reads it for a minute and it
fails. But it works fine in my moms 2012 sonata. Do you know why?

Al i says:

a friend of mine had an accident in the same Hyundai Accent ur reviewed the
front is totalled he survived but with very very bad injuries

Kaasperav says:

this review does a good job of showing you things that are useful, like the
gas flap and the stereo

gregmak34 says:

my balls hurt

Richard Robbins says:

it aint a VAN!!!!!

MyJP1991 says:

this vehicle looks smaller in person but has good size considering it’s a
compact sedan but i still don’t know which to get either the new elantra or
this i don’t feel for the sonata that much because where i’m from everyone
is driving it i have to make up my mind soon can someone tell me which
would be a better buy price does not matter

edward estabillo says:

what song is being played?

ravenrobful says:

@MegaPanos1992 yes meron manual ang ganda pa ng style set up mo na lng para
lalong gumanda

MrTiida10 says:

1:00 typical $29 a day rental car

Nathan Kendall says:

I like how Hyundai works. They strip away some features that you see on
every car, such as alloy wheels. Yet they throw in iPod support. Kinda
strange. I personally would rather have alloys.

InfamousPR says:

@InfamousPR Correction. Though instead of Thought. And brakes instead of
breaks. And I actually meant the exterior of this Hyundai is more
attractive than either the Aveo or Fiesta. But I certainly think the Rio
does look better than the three.

Simon Chuo says:

@BlazerLT as I said again, i know the strides hyundai is making, but i’m
just being cautious and waiting to see how people really like their cars,
beauty is only skin deep as some say

m7diadiktio says:


BlazerLT says:

@applesmnch2 Sure, that is your choice.

boyanito says:

not a dream car but one of the best “everyday” car…

Brett Sullivan says:

Great review

Caleb Rinehart says:

@saabkyle04 I’m looking at a fully loaded one exactly like this or a fully
loaded 2012 Nissan Versa Sedan. Which one is better? Which one should I buy?

MegaPanos1992 says:

The automatic transmission cars I think laziness

adrianplaut says:

@Jakeman2164 because they get better quality ratings then toyota and honda
and other japanese brands and the price is alot more reasonable and you get
more features that come standard with hyundai and hyundai hasent had any
recalls like toyota hope this answers your question and yes i drive a 2007
accent what a great car came with a 5 year warranty in 2009 when i bought it

Nathan Kendall says:

Well considering the fact that you apparently have one of these, I’m going
to explain to you the fact that the sedan is only offered in GLS trim. This
particular car just doesn’t have the “Premium Equipment Package” offered by
Hyundai which includes: fog lights, alloy wheels, steering wheel mounted
controls for bluetooth, cruise, and audio.

Friendly0Dan says:

I love this car!

dqniel says:

jean shorts.

Lumos-Nox says:

wheel covers = plastic hubcaps. All the dealers try to class it up and call
em wheel covers. no there just crap. they brake all the time, so easy to
just pop off and run away with.

djackray16341 says:

yeah like GLS with Premium Package..

Bora Chreng says:

Now’s a great time to be working at a Hyundai dealership. It’s sooo much
easier to sell and meet monthly projections and goals when the product
you’re trying to sell isn’t complete crap. Kudos to Hyundai for making
salespeople’s lives that much easier! 🙂


@MyJP1991 Go for the Elantra. It’s more spacious(it’s a midsize car by EPA
standards) and its fuel economy estimates are nearly identical to the
Accent. The interior quality is unbelievable for a car in it’s price
range(It’s almost as good as a Lexus ). You can get a’lot for your money.
Make sure you go to a good dealer though. Some will try to get you in over
your head for price because it is a really nice car!!!! Check out the Forte
too it’s nice with a little bit of sportyness. Hope I helped.

Price A says:

he makes PLENTY of luxury car reviews, Rolls, bentley, mb, anything, brand
new ones too

mattx511 says:

@LordKevin92 i know i did three years ago i said they were the worst cars
on the road now i have a gen coupe

Rezxer says:

@protochris I’m not sure where you live that the Accent is in such high
demand, but in my area, you can get a 2011 Accent GLS for $11K, which is
$3K under the MSRP.

ericj305 says:

@datpimpinboy Indeed…and thank you for sharing your perfectly
sensical(uncharacteristic of YouTube) pause for thought.

Palit Weboonlit says:

What’s music in 5:11 and 5:27

DrgRiderz17 says:

will there be a review for the 2012 Hyundai Accent GS (hatchback) ?

voiture08 says:

hyundai accent 2012 tres belle voiture la seul chose qui lui manque pour
etre encore plus belle c’est les macs et sur la valise et lui manque un
elron la couleur rouge c’est la plus belle couleur qu’on peux metre sur une
voiture comme ca.

datpimpinboy says:

@ericj305 Thank you. There isn’t much common sense in youtube comments

TerryFilming says:

Obviously, this car isn’t a Sonata or Elantra. It’s an economic car, for
very cheap use. Why would they add somethign solid as that in a car like

lovebmwkey says:

I would like to see the latest model of the accent

BansheeGun says:

I love it. Looks almost perfect but my only beef is that it needs more cup
holders! lol

Oldkt says:

Hey Kyle, I enjoyed the review of the accent. However, it appears that you
made a wrong description, as this is a car, not a van haha. Just putting it
out and keep up the good work!

HappyAbady13111 says:

it had the hyundai badge and looks the same as the normal one

Palit Weboonlit says:

thumbs up if you don’t like @LordKevin92 comment

Doc Almond says:

just got my new Hyundai Accent 2012 1.4 a/t.. a very affordable price.. it
has an 14″ alloy wheel.. back up sensor, back up camera, 7″ dvd touchscreen
display, immobilizer and fog lights.. i got the promo! haha! and oh, i
forgot to mention that it also has a 3 year LTO registration and 5 years
warranty plus 1 year roadside assistance and many more.. they also gave me
a free umbrella.. hahaha! now im really enjoying my accent! excellent
running condition..

jessecadet says:

HI Mate, really good review done. I like this car as i need a small but
economical vehicle for my daily commute to city, this car is perfect.

Emerson Aquino says:

Kyle can you please review a 2012 hyundai accent hatchback thanks

MegaPanos1992 says:

@saabkyle04? How many cubic centimeters is this car? This car makes the
economy in gasoline?

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