2012 Audi A3 TDI vs KIA Forte SX Mashup Review

2012 Audi A3 TDI vs KIA Forte SX Mashup Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2012 Audi A3 TDI has been around for a half a dozen years and in that time many small 5 door cars have tried to copy the Audi’s…



Frank Garrett says:

A3 all the way. Diesel.

Alan Pope says:

I do have to amend my last statement, the Audi Quattro is the bomb. Never
driven one but it’s on my bucket list….along with Pikes Peak.

Danny Colanton says:


Mayur Macwan says:

This seemed like an iPhone and Android comparison 

Alan Pope says:

I just bought the Kia and love the Sat radio….Elvis channel is good….I
know I must be getting old. Traded in my 10mpg Dodge Ram. It is so nice to
drive a vehicle that rocks past the gas pump. Nuff said.

Danny Colanton says:

As in i dislike that Kia

besteli1 says:

@76Brancaleone Anyone would take the Audi anytime anyday but the baseprice
of the Audi A3 alone is more than the fully loaded Kia, these days, if
someone had to pay, I’d rather buy the Kia.

gallyun1 says:

Crazy mashup….lol

r1pster says:


hunterthe4th says:

Wish BMW could say the same smh

call911ok says:

lol you guys are awesome

Jurgen DX says:

lol,KIA’s are great cars for that amount of money,but let’s face it if you
had the extra cash for the AUDI i’m betting an arm and a leg you would not
even consider the KIA. I think it has to do with the image. Just tell 2
girls you met at a bar that you drive an Audi,and then tell the other one
you drive a KIA,then compare the results 😀

rockstargamesuae says:

Kia is more reliable )))

Nick Babington says:

I understand you guys are joking around, but you really need to talk about
specifics of the cars more…

Jenni Crichton says:

When did larry the cable guy start reviewing cars?

Philippe Dépelteau says:

Actually yeah, you can lol

Alcatraz DaPrison says:

wait hold up…i though Xenon Headlight’s were introduced in 2008…and
Audi was the 1st company to introduce it to the market

trumpet12345 says:

Fair enough, I didn’t notice that. I hate the way they divide up the
various tests and their total score doesn’t always make one look into the
specific tests. The high rear seat scores I guess elevate the overall

MrBuzzialdrin says:

lol the forte looks just like the audi…hmmm todays auto designs.


really you owned an Audi before? I am pretty sure not. Tell you what, just
try slamming the door on an Audi A3 and than try slamming the door on a
Kia. That sound alone is convincing enough for me to pay $25000 more for an

The Fast Lane Car says:

@VBSouthpaw just wondering what part of the word mashup don’t you

ToyotaCelicaDude1 says:

Kia’s are awesome plus they are getting to be way more reliable… Until
you drive a Kia for a while mr.AcuraRoman and you will see what I mean.

626kratos says:

ok kia lovers relax audi is plain and simply a better car then kia 1 ex
adui engineer works for kia the other 30 still work for wolkswagen. not
looking a pirce compare kia top car with audi r8 and tell me who makes a
better top quality car. ps wolkswagon is way better then kia we make audi’s
buggattis bentlys porches and so on you can clearly see the taht we make
better cars.

darkpill says:

Might want to take into consideration the crash test results of these cars
you review. Here’s what a side impact crash for a Kia Forte looks like – it
isn’t pretty.

sleepybird09 says:

Hunday? Hyundai

luv2mx says:

Have the words “I love my Kia” ever been uttered?

EdithHead says:

Yeah, after all, why would we compare a high-value, well-made Korean
vehicle to an overpriced, unreliable piece of German trash? Remember a few
years ago, when every A4 on the road started to puke up their ignition
coils? Every mechanic I know tells me to steer clear of Audi.

lmen1983 says:

VW Golf TDI vs the Audi TDI would make a lot more sense. Is the nicer
options, trim, and badge snobbery worth forking up the extra cash?

Sale_Shark says:

3 door vesion of the A3 with quattro would be nicer like we get over here
in diesel !!!

Anwaar Samai says:

yeah, my sportage, 256 093 km, only changed engine oil and brakes pad.

max imod says:

audi car …………kia trash

fantomtuba says:

You say that the paddle shifters are a gimmic? I have them on my 10 insight
and because I use them the right way, I get 57mpg in the summer in a 43mpg
rated car.

CarEnthusias Ber says:

give us 10 years more

MartBro93 says:

i liked the solo a4 review but this seems to me like their ripping off top
gears techniques.. saying i bet he blabering on about…. coughing while
saying the price.. copying makes me feel dissapointment 🙁

acebubu01 says:

Ill admit, I coulda gone for an rs6 but I do enjoy the lower cost of
ownership.. Maybe its because im poor :/

techdude6693 says:

The funny thing is 24K is where the Forte Tops out. The A3 still didn’t
have all the options which throws the price above 40K

jiang son says:

Remember, people to pay more for brand. Just like why people wears nikes
instead of walmart shoes. Audi is an Audi, Kia is an Kia, there is no
comparison. If i am poor and all i can afford is a Kia then i definitely
buy the Kia. But I am not so I own a 2008 Audi A6. It’s that simple.

durangojim says:

i have to admit you get a good bang for your buck with the kia having said
that they all depreciate horribly

Tecnigod says:

@javiedu82 The only way a guatemalteco or any other indian from the 3rd
world could buy a simple Audi (even the less expensive one) would be by
selling his house (not house…. its more like cabans), prostituting all
the women in theire family and robbing a bank.. or. selling drugs. These
are your average options. By the way, comparing a Toyota with Korean shit
like KIA is an ofense. Let´s hope the japanese didn´t hear ya.

Gibson299 says:

What your saying you can’t get into an accident with a Audi.

techdude6693 says:

smh… seriously? what did you think? I won’t figure out what that says?
lol. just like every other retard on Youtube who resorts to name calling.
Get a life

Дмитрий Ременников says:

блевотина а не тест

Jonathan Altieri says:

I like both. But I’d take the Kia. It sounds quieter and offers a lot for
the money.

unityelt says:

Kia suckz

r1pster says:

“its an audi” lol

KevinLChenard says:

love the comments, kia is for the poor blah blah, I make around 50k a year
and I still bought a Kia Optima over an Audi A4, I also have a 2002 Spectra
that have 365k+ on it and it have yet to have any big piece failure.

AcuraRoman says:

Sad to think that they would argue a Kia is as good as a fine German
machine like Audi. Only good thing about a Kia is you get to sit in a
dealership while they replace your car twice over before your warranty

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