2011 Toyota RAV4 vs Subaru Forester muddy mashup review

2011 Toyota RAV4 vs Subaru Forester muddy mashup review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2011 Toyota RAV4 and the 2011 Subaru Forester 2.5XT turbo both cost about 30K , both can seat five people and both can go off-r…



Christopher Stumbo says:

Can you put off road tires on a rav4 that don’t have four wheel drive?
Would it be more effective on the off road? What kind of long term effects
would it have?

duophon17 says:

…bla, bla, bla! Bullshit TEST!!!


2011 Toyota RAV4 vs Subaru Forester muddy mashup review

ersin yılmaz says:

On the snow and Ice SUBARU Kiks Toyato ass twice 🙂
AWD is All Well Dream and always drive :)

jakubek89 says:

is that gay video? more time spent on showing fat guys faces than cars!

Gabriela Gonzalez Castro says:

Por que siempre los mejores videos estan en ingles y en español cuando?

Gabriela Gonzalez Castro says:

Por que siempre los mejores videos estan en ingles y en español cuando?

assane dione says:

Se la fin

NICKEIT003 says:

Why do we care if it only has a 4 spd auto? Any true car enthusiast will
opt for the manual anyway.

hopscotch30 says:

such quirkiness

hopscotch30 says:

very dumb in use of “quirk”. They need a dictionary

H Siu says:

What’s with the overuse of the word “quirk”?

drizzd1 says:

didn’t talk about how bad the subi AWD shits on toyota huh? probably wanted
it to look close.

Rob Cole says:

Why would you want an 8 speed transmission. They are expensive and
complicated. I have a v6 AWD RAV4 and it is fast and great on snow.

matias vidal valencia says:

manejen un subaru es mucho mejor que un toyota

VoytekR1 says:

Ironically I’m cross shopping now and subaru just keeps winning and
Thanks for all your reviews, I enjoyed them quite a bit.
Bardzo fajnie.

Jesse Porter says:

Stop complaining about the 4eat in the subaru and get the one with the

XxMetalGorxX says:

Turn Traction off and then drive the RAV4 around corners and turns.. The
RAV4 from 2009-2012 looks SO much better than the shitty design of 2013-

FrancisBouillon51 says:

+TheRallyStars … it is a 4 speed auto with overdrive …

TheAdventurousCo says:


Lapua Mag says:

Toyota quality an reliability humiliates Subaru.

James Edmunds says:

i love both brands…but i just purchased my 3rd Subie….Outback. Wife
drives Camry…will retire at 55.

José Thomas says:

Eso es Subaru

MrBrian465 says:

Tiebreaker goes to the car with the functional hood scoop.

boberson33 says:

the crv wouldnt be comparable if it had a V12

romoburro says:

December 2012 Cerro 13

Migan Gustave says:

love that forester

matt4270 says:

Vvti had a major oil leak, the valves tick like a timex, and the trans is
starting to slip. The car only has about 80,000 miles on it.

Subaru ForesterXT says:

good video yee haw!

Walter Black says:

Both cars have completely new versions now than the ones in the video

MrKocha007 says:

Forester the best

Maxfli82 says:

Love my RAV4. Driven through 45 states with it. I have the 2007 four
banger. I think the V6 option was there from the beginning though.

Meydan Mansurov says:

So wich is good for ur mind? i wanna buy rav 4 of 2007 y.

greenmarine5 says:

Obviously you have no idea why auto makers put in a multi mesh transmission
vs the old style 4 gear mesh. There are several reason, Heat, power, gas
milage, smoother ride, quiter, just to name a few. Not to mention a multi
mesh Tranny is far superior in snow and off road for the non racing type. 4
mesh trannies are great for racing..tell me which normal Mom races off

Edifier sonic says:

You Americans sure clown who buy SUVs with automatic transmissions used on
mud, you are really stupid.

penguin44ca says:

You guys should really look up the word quirk before using it in a review.
You say this word like a positive, it’s actually a negative. Example, this
car has a quirk, a great engine! It should be used like, the one quirk this
car has is the design, it’s terrible. Fucking amazing they let you review
cars. My one quirk with this video is you both so badly want to be major
players, but you are sad wannabes.

boberson33 says:

minivans are shaggin wagons, even nowadays, still cooler than a rav4

Mike Webb says:

I can attest to the fat power band of this Forester’s turbo engine and how
it makes the lack of ratios somewhat forgivable, as I have the same
powertrain in my Impreza GT. But there’s something decidedly
performance-averse about Subaru’s 4-speed that goes beyond the number of
gears. It’ll haul ass if you get into the throttle, but feels sluggish and
unwilling otherwise. I drove a last-gen Legacy GT w/ 5-speed auto and the
tranny felt WAY more playful, tho it ultimately posts a similar 0-60 time.

EddieLineage2 says:

Your best come back is stating a false age before saying that “4 is off” as
if I didn’t know that 5 and 6 speed auto existed. My original comment
wasn’t about whether cars had 4, 5 or 6 speed autos, it was that auto
vehicles in general are crap followed up by saying in the second comment
that it is “for gimps that can’t drive manual.” The fact that your
defending auto cars so much must lead to you driving one yourself. Well
have fun driving your pathetic auto, GIMP.

WhiteIceMan3 says:

I know I’m late to ask this by a year but has any other Forester owner with
no moonroof hear this thumping noise when you put the sun visor back into
its’ position?

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