2011 Toyota Prius Review – LotPro

2011 Toyota Prius Review – LotPro

A review of the 2011 Toyota Prius from a consumers perspective. LotPro’s Editor of Automotive Content, Steve Cypher test drives and reviews the new 2011 Toyo…



Brandon Patterson says:

I don’t agree about his 2 reasons people buy a Prius. I am considering
buying one but the ONLY reason is for the gas mileage. I drive 80 miles
round trip (1600 miles a month) and my current vehicle is killing me on
gas. I believe the main reason people buy a Prius is for the mpg , not
because they care about the environment.

Shekillaboom says:

oooooph lexus quality 0.0

Buffy Putin says:

Proccaci u get a life we like cars u use that money on your gay flags

Buffy Putin says:

Josef it looks like crap

Buffy Putin says:

Prius sucks mpg doesn’t Matter if you get a mustangs that’s 2000$ cheaper

Hugh Jass says:

looking at it makes me want to throw up :O==

chillypacman says:

you might want to look up the definition of ‘icon’: A person or thing
regarded as a representative symbol of something: “icon of manhood” 😉


I am only buying one now for fuel efficiency. I don’t give a fuck about all
the environment crap or safety shit because I live in NYC where a 2500 pick
truck costs about 120 to fill up.

Phanteus says:

The truth is, as time goes by more and more people will lean towards hybrid
cars. Gas isn’t forever. It will keep getting more expensive.

josefff42 says:

It looks nice but it has no sound or power it only looks good

jrprocacci says:

I just purchased a 2011 Prius III, trading in my 2005 Cadillac CTS w/102K
miles. The Prius is an amazing vehicle for people who aren’t concerned with
serious horsepower. While I had a 3.6L engine in the CTS, I rarely used the
power. The Prius is great looking, rides incredibly well, and saves a ton
of money on gas…all important to me. If that’s not important to you, then
don’t buy it. And why do people have to trash this car because it doesn’t
go fast? Just move on…sheesh! Get a life!

Rustled McJimmied says:

I’m going to buy thing car and put spinners on it.

Cosmo1093 says:

The fact that the Prius looks like any “regular car” is one of the things I
don’t like about it. Why would you want a cookie-cutter car? That’s just so
bland, and driving it is as boring as watching grass grow or paint dry..
And anybody who actually likes cars and sees them as more than a simple
means of getting from point A to point B will tell you yes, a fun car that
puts a smile on your face is well worth the extra cost of gas (you could
probably afford gas if you’re buying a brand new car).

Phanteus says:

If you want horsepower, get the camry hybrid which for only extra $3000
than the original camry, offers around 14 extra miles per gallon.

AnorexicPandas says:

@1:10 WELL YA, but for all the wrong reasons

GuyThatMakesSense says:

This is my dream car and I’ll be honest, exterior design, interior design,
as well as fuel efficiency and lack of old fashion noise from the startup
(futuristic feeling in general) are the things that make me want a prius
(also spacious interior, commodity, and many other things but lets no get
to detail). Benefits that the enviroment gets around me is just a bonus.
Gotta be honest, not the main reason I want the car, but glad it’s got that
covered too.

SilverDragon893 says:

I’m not Evoirmentalist or whatever you call them,but I find the prius an
interesting vehicle. But a BMW M5 is more economical than the Prius

shadowrules4 says:

@namibgtv6 The good thing about priuses, though, is that you can drive
alot, and not have to pay alot for gas, this is good if you liek driving.

alfstubedin says:

The prius is like the antichrist in the automotive world. I love tailgating
a prius, when those drivers notice me in their rearview, they shit
themselves and step on the accelerator. I know these cars switch to the
petrol engine when the driver does this, so i wonder if they cry knowing
that they’re hurting the trees lol.

chillypacman says:

you should look up the definition for ‘iconic’ 🙂

namibgtv6 says:

oh…, and I live in a country where fuel is less expensive than water, and
traffic jamms and congestion charges and gay marriage is a thing unheard

SageOfDark says:

5:31 With VIP and disabled parking lol, ok, I thought it was the side
impact test portion of the review, jk. Keep it up the good work, very
detailed on all the features. Looking forward to your review of a Ford
Fusion if its in the works.

umaxen01 says:

Want to hear something funny? They could build the Prius WITHOUT any hybrid
technology, batteries or miles worth of electrical cable and get BETTER
mileage on the freeway! Hmmm? Makes you think about why a tiny Yaris gets
only 38 mpg, while a Prius gets 48 mpg on the freeway when NOT using any
hybrid technology. Give me a Prius WITHOUT HYBRID TECHNOLOGY for $5000 less
and I’ll buy it. At 800 less than a regular Prius, It should get at LEAST
55 mpg. Wool over your eyes by Mr. Toyoda…

label1877 says:

“It’s design is iconic as the Corvette,Mustang…” WTF is this guy smoking?
I have owned a new Vette… the Corvette actually makes panties fall off.
The Mustang owns the streets on Friday nights. A Prius is a gas saver,
commute car… nobody buys a Prius for the looks… you buy it to save gas.


@mechichi666 Hey bro. Why dont you make a better car?

Bryce Thomas says:

you got to be a cock to buy one

Rick Moto says:

Only 178,000 miles? lol that’s still low miles compared to many foreign
cars. My Toyota has 210,000 miles. People around the world know that most
of the foreign cars are more efficient and cheaper to maintain compared to
GM cars. why do you think GM had to layoff workers and file bankruptcy?
It’s cuz the quality of the car is crap. After 100,000 miles it’s time to
get a new car cuz the tranny’s gonna go bad. With foreign cars like VW,
Honda, Toyota, and etc. you can go 250000+ with easily.

Cosmo1093 says:

There’s no engine noise, but there is tons of road noise (in its stock
form, on stock tires), at least on a ’11 Hertz rental. There’s a massive
difference between smiling because that little kid inside of you is truly
having fun or enjoying something at a visceral level and smiling because
you’re simply being smug. The ’12 Prius has a 12 gallon tank, so unless
you’re filling up at the 40-50% mark or you’ve found gas for $2.50/gallon,
you’re full of shit.

agdamaster says:

25 dislikes – Jeremy Clarkson. 😀

Robbert P says:

@ChuffChuffWoo caes?

Makarov Dreyar says:

How the hell did i go from watching Anime to watching a prius review ._.

Bigcountry821 says:

looks like a volkswagon fucked a golf cart

lotprocars says:

Closed course 🙂

supercarsdani says:

to 30 stations do not like this xd

PriusTreeHumper says:

Dont Be A Prius!!!!

Robbert P says:

@oskarnordin1 a larger demand for hybrids is a bad thing…

mechichi666 says:

Can this piece of shit stop? Doesn’t come with brakes does it?

whole27 says:

@saif03paul yeah well a car is never what the car dealers list upfront, by
the time they add all the taxes and other BS, it will be at least 35 but
yeah, 40 may be pushing it but i wouldn’t doubt the prius five could easily
get there…they probably didn’t include all the features…they always
list the base price which doesn’t include all the “bells and whistles” so
once you do, i’m sure the prius five is 40,000

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