2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid Quick Drive/Review

2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid  Quick Drive/Review

Greg Cavanaugh, automotive writer for the Gallup Journey Magazine, highlights a few of the features of the 2011 Toyota Prius. This video supplements the writ…



Manu77 says:

2010 and later models of Prius are great vehicles, BUT they suffer from
poor driving ergonomics and poor posture. Sooner or later the driver of
the Prius is going to develop back problems.

Nick Terrance says:

I like it!

thecarexpert21 says:

The words “Prius” and “Fun to drive” should NEVER go together


its a mobile taco…

bajabusta says:

dislike the drivers/owners of these more than the car itself. A+ on your
video however!

irafael8080 says:

I lease a 2010 Toyota Venza a $38,900 Fully Loaded Top Natch . All I can
say is this, after driving the 2009 Prius $23,000 for a year and my current
Venza, I WILL BUY THE PLUG IN PRIUS. Im 6.1 tall and Value for my family
counts. Loved the Prius I went for more space and the Panoramic roof on the
Venza but I will trade that for the Value Prius have. Im 38Years old now.
Money is Important and when You have It, Women notice it and like you more
also show you have a brain and goals in life.

MarinRayado says:

drag racing?…….in a prius?

Coty0010 says:

Now I want one just because it has so many nerdy star trek things. I can
see yelling to the passengers now “SCOTY WE GIVE ME MOAR REGENERATIVE

Chuck Norris says:

@gcavy1 a base jetta is 21,000 or less and looks nicer is faster and gets
just as good mpg

ji tu says:

Camera should have focused on the car than the man…

thecarexpert21 says:

Now, how do you forget to put it in park. If you forget to put a car in
park, you shouldn’t be driving.

roloboy97 says:

does the prius run on gas aswell?

whole27 says:

@gcavy1 good review but i really dislike the monitor being in the middle of
the car opposed to being catered to the driver and i also dislike the gear
shifter being in the middle and taking up all that leg room and storage…i
know there is space below it but i like how they did it in the Prius V
better…they just put the gear shifter next to the sterring wheel and
allowing all that open space in the middle. Once they change those things,
i’ll get a Prius five!

Gary Koller says:

Good video. Well done.

awesomeness2571 says:

the “B” on the gear shift is for “engine Braking”

Alan H. says:

the 2nd gen prius was also a midsize btw

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

thanks for checking it out. I’ll I’d say is, I’d drive one! 😉

infernoatk says:

lol, you’re 5.8, i wonder how it’s like for 5.2

himster22 says:

@bajabusta why such bitterness???

Nick Terrance says:

PPL that hate the pirus tend to be the damn dip shit/douche bags who claim
climate change doesn’t exist…. -_- FUck um, I like it! I looks cool
(Kinda start treky) and sleek. I will buy one next year. I already have a
2009 and plan on trading it when I get get the 2001.

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