2011 Toyota Kijang Innova 2.0 E review (Start up, engine, in depth tour, and test drive)



Isad Raditya says:

Toyota kijang mu tipe E ya hahahahha

Andri Andre says:

No parking sensor e model. Power sterring all model.

Timothy C says:

platnya B

William Japianto says:

namun semua tinggal ceritaaaa hati yang lukaaaaa 😀

satwika 18 says:

yes, it is. the superb of 2.0 g: -has fog lights -color of door handle as
same as the exterior color -rear parking sensor 2.0 e: no fog lamp no rear
parking sensor black carbon door handle

satwika 18 says:


satwika 18 says:

u’re welcome, yes, i can give it. my facebook name is Satwika Darmanto, and
my fan page is Satwika18

Techno1645 says:

wonderful,have you buy this car?,soonly my papa will buy.superb car from

Techno1645 says:

i donno why ahh,when you unlock the toyota innova,why the light blinks 2
time.if it blinks 2 time it mean the car lock,if it blinks 1 time it mean
the car unlocked.when my papa rent toyota innova 2nd generation,if he locks
the car it blink 2 time and unlock the car it blink 1 time.???????

Techno1645 says:

so is 2.0g is superb than 2.0e how superb is it

Techno1645 says:

woa superb thank you very much but do you target to buy this car

comboyasai30 says:

Poor English

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