2011 Toyota Corolla Review – Kelley Blue Book

2011 Toyota Corolla Review – Kelley Blue Book

FOR PRICING & SPECS ON THIS CAR VISIT: http://www.kbb.com/toyota/corolla/2011-toyota-corolla/ As other manufacturers step up their game, delivering ever more…



guru gara says:

@CakeS2k because its more faster than that slow SI, honda is like a pirated
toyota or fake toyota

icantw8 says:

elantra = sporty? LOOOL

xoquixxoqafxo says:

@TheMichaelRN check out my channel and you will see what I drive…

enemay says:

@lbryan250 I’m with you, but here is a reason.A pillars, visibility. I
drive a 2007 Civic, the big long dash and the A B pillars makes me feel
closterphobic at times, specially in a traffic jam. With the Corolla, you
get all around great visibility.

ecoRfan says:

@saboobuu Combined #’s Corolla is better. Cruze ECO, Elantra, and Focus
have the highest highway mpg’s according to the EPA (who are liars).

vipermoon64 says:

what a horrible car

Daryl Shook says:

That car doesn’t deserve that steering wheel.

Transcomunicación Instrumental Wales says:

This car was made to run on carpets!

chipps611 says:

Update from earlier post: have had my ’11 Corolla “S” stick for close to 6
months now. 6,000 miles in, it continues to grow on me. What strikes me
most is how comfortable this car is, both seats and ride, especially
compared to my last car in this class (03 Civic LX). Performance is about
the same, the Civic did get slightly better fuel economy. Very happy with
the car.

lexusES350h says:

The carolla is entering camry territory, can’t wait to see the 2012 camry
tho! Expected to debut on august 17th! Ooooooo i love the. Arolla in sport

mikeeaeeee says:

@2Kriss2Kross oh, the car that only last for 5 yrs. i dont see old mazdas
on the rd. i dont really care what u gonna get. my basis was just the car
quality. toyota just goes forever. nuff said

2Kriss2Kross says:

@mikeeaeeee I beg to differ. I admit the Civic is starting to decline in
quality and execution,but it’s still better than the outdated, bland, cheap
Corolla even though I have my eyes on a Mazda 3.

Gregory Perkins says:

i payed about 17000 for my car with everything including taxes.

1bentley4ever says:

@terminator689 I am sorry, but I CANNOT associate myself with someone who
chooses a Corolla over a 2011 Hyundai Elantra. They have no soul. O.O

InsurgenceRX says:

It looks like Toyota has downgraded. I would much rather have the new Focus
or Cruze

Claudía Lisbette Zakrajsek says:

@etoyotarockshsucks $23 000

Gregory Perkins says:

@bradleyxwoah i honestly think the 2011 corolla’s style is way better.

s0nnyburnett says:

Finally I can put my hot dog bun in the glove box while listening to Rod

CakeS2k says:

Why the hell would you want a xrs when you have a civic si?? VVV

Bryan Lo says:

i totally have no idea why one would get this and not the civic…

heroheroic says:

Very nice. I would buy it ( this model)

walkthepark says:

you’d expect toyota to step the transmission up to at least 5 speed auto
considering my 03 4runner has a 4 speed.. but i guess not.

EasternGateGuardian says:

this car may be boring, but is such a better value then anything GM could
produce…their new Korean cruze(Daewoo Lacetti, fucking DAEWOO FFS) is a
piece of trash.

AtibbsSPARTAN says:

4 speed automatic transmission? Really? The corolla has fallen behind

Billy Toilembocker says:

Info comes from consumer reports and real world testing! Do a google search
for “consumer reports 2012 corolla fuel economy” Then click on the link
titled “best & worst fuel economy – consumer reports online” Under the
“small sedan” segment, the corolla is tied best! The only small sedans
listed ahead of it are hybrid or diesel, so they don’t count as same
class.. Don’t go off ranting about how I never did any research you
ignorant tard!

aarikc17 says:

Is that a flat bottom steering wheel I saw? And WTF did they put in the top
glove box?

choltmeyer says:

@xoquixxoqafxo There is no apostrophe in “Corollas” in this instance, since
you are speaking in the plural sense, rather than the possessive.

juschill7 says:

where is the KBB girl??? she was very nice to look at and I enjoyed her
goofy outfits.

mhtube01 says:

Where exactly do you get that information? The Corolla does NOT get best in
class fuel economy. Virtually all of it’s competition gets around 40 mpg or
slightly higher depending on which engine and transmission options you get.
A 4 speed in 2013 is very dated and needs to be replaced with a 6 speed
auto. My family’s 2013 Dodge Dart has 160 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque with
it’s 1.4L Turbo. Our’s is the 6 speed manual and manages 39 mpg highway!
The Corolla has nowhere near that power/mpg balance.

xoquixxoqafxo says:

Boring people drive Corolla’s

Nestlewow says:

it looks old school because it is clone of the mazda 6 but with drum
breaks. also toyota needs to upgrade their 4speed.

Cristian Solis Camacho says:

Booooooooooooooooring, i prefer the ford focus

mhtube01 says:

I took a look at your source. The Corolla is not listed as the best
anymore. I’m not ignorant, I know cars and what they are rated at. I don’t
know who these consumers think they’re kidding when they say that cars like
the Corolla, Civic, Mazda 3, Dart, and Hyundai Elantra only get in the low
20’s in the city when they are all rated at above 25 mpg city. And someone
clames they got 47 mpg highway with a non-hybrid Civic? Not possible. That
is false information posted there.

Samwise Drogod says:

buy a focus.i test drove the new one a while a ago and it is truly

officialNickL says:

Power windows are in the option list? WTF? Is that car from 1990?

U WUT M8? says:

@mallik727 leashing? lol thats NOT A better deal, you are constantly LOSING
money on cars that will never be yours. I wouldn’t say its a better deal.
loool. but alright

xoquixxoqafxo says:

@casmatori You bought a 2012 Focus already? I havent seen any at my
dealerships and I want one so bad!

mikeeaeeee says:

With over 30 million sold, the Corolla is one of the most popular and best
selling cars in the world. -civic not even close

moderndesignworks says:

I will take the Accent any time any day over this………the design for
the interior and the exterior are so outdated.

ricoswerve1260 says:

@tHeWasTeDYouTh Try to trade out of that thing early or get shocked when
you see the resale value lol

sssmeee says:

whoa interior looks like the 2007 camry

Cominga says:

Very nice!

terminator800tlgm says:

Too many cars today are loaded with complicated controls and buttons. A
basic Toyota with uncluttered interface is still by far my favorite.
However, I have always disliked the steering handling. Too soft to

ArnieAlanArian Almaraz says:

I have a Corolla Sport. 2011, I’m very happy, From Fargo North Dakota to
Mcallen Texas $175 dlls of gas / 3.25 gl. is my toy. same as the video.

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