2011 Kia Sportage Review

2011 Kia Sportage Review

MPGomatic.com puts a 2011 Kia Sportage EX AWD to a week-long test drive. [ Full Review: http://www.mpgomatic.com/2011/01/01/2011-kia-sportage-review/ ] The r…



kwtblack2 says:

@aemk97 انت شرايك بل سورنتو ؟؟؟

lawnmowerdude says:

@W33Dblazer no it’s you…..

gary blake says:

i have a 2011 sportage i love it

wojtek1425 says:

I have just completed my week’s test drive and must agree that advertised
fuel economy is just that: “advertised”. Round trip to DC and back was
about 27.1. On one occasion I drove without E mode and the average was
about the same in both cases. The Navigation System totally failed in DC,
but my cheap $100 Nuvi took me where I wanted to go. In addition, all
morning long, on my way between Atlanta and Charlotte, it was a significant
glare in Navigation’s screen. Other than that no complaints.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

@jonny2k100 yeah but in the UK gallons are bigger, 4.5l as oppoed to 3.7l,
hence magically increased fuel economy without no work. but yeah diesels

truebassB says:

I’ve been always a Kia Sportage lover but this one sucks,it’s ugly. I used
to hate Sorento cause it was ugly but on the 2011’s models i changed my
mind. Well done with the Review Mr.MpgOMatic.

tx_rx says:

@jonny2k100 A US gallon = 3.79 litres and UK gallon = 4.55 litres so you
need to convert US MPG to UK MPG if you want to compare.

hehh543 says:

Are you going to do the V6 version of the sorrento or the 4 cyl..?

flatblackstrat says:

wow dan is that the first time you didnt meet epa numbers on a car? i was
so surprised. thanks for posting this by the way, i had an eye on this car

MPGomatic says:

YW! 🙂 No Kia diesels here … yet …

Heimdall01 says:

Aha! So the smaller diesels is not sold in the US? (I did not know the
difference in MPG would be so drastic!) Thanks for the video 🙂 Greetings
from Europe.

عبدالله العبودي says:


tim3058 says:

dammmmn, I would buy this!

James Rebelo says:

US and UK MPG calculations are different. a US Gallon is different than a
UK Gallon. 46 MPG UK is about 38 MPG in the US. Still much better than this
though. This is a 2.4L Petrol vs a 2.0 Diesel though.

5had0wL1nk says:

umm fyi dude here in canada and th usa there are pretty much no diesels so
u can make the assumption that 99.999999999 % of cars are gas and that is
pretty fukin good mpg for a gas suv or +Petrol+ as u brits like to say

NotARealUTubeAccount says:

If i had a choice between a Sorento V6 or a Sportage…which one?

MPGomatic says:

@godwhomismike Cool … Thanks for the info!

l6ST11 says:

I can’t believe I was hesitating for half a year between a 2011 DODGE
CALIBER and this awesome car!!!

Chupamelorto100 says:

Este es mucho mejor que la mierda de hyundai tucson carro de palurdos

Fussinated says:

Hi! Dan. I like your reviews and find them very useful. However, I’d like
to see engine rpm on highest gear at 60 (or 65 which is the most common
speed limit on interstate highways). Do you think that it might be useful
to have this info?

Andy Midd says:

That’s US Gallons so 28 is actually 33 mpg. Which isn’t too bad for 2.4L
4WD crossover. I’m guessing that 46mpg you quote is for the 1.7 diesel 2WD
which has lower power output that this 2.4L.

kriteon says:

@dnlcast2 nobody’s doing V6’s anymore the economy’s shitty. fuel economy is
all anyone ever cares about anymore who gives a fuck about performance
people drive to work and back and to the grocery store this aint the fast
and the furious

David Jensen says:

As always, another great review from you, Dan. I was surprised too that you
did not meet the EPA numbers, but your explanation explains why that
happened. I’m looking forward to the Sorento review too. Happy New Year!

joanne61 says:

back up camera infers you need a spare camera,the correct way to describe
a rear mounted camera is,reversing camera.

Mike Mclaren says:

doesnt look too bad!

05Forenza says:

Well I can hardly wait until Kia gets you into a new Optima Dan. I’ve
already test driven one and they’re -unbelievable- compared to the old one.
I think Kia is the new big car company!

Matthew Hutzell says:

As usual, awesome review. (: And what a junky car… =/ I’ve never been a
fan of Kia but I mean… dang…

MPGomatic says:

Congratulations on your light-footed driving prowess and many thanks for
the insult. 🙂 If you check the full review on the MPGomatic website,
you’ll see that we encountered high winds while highway testing the
Sportage. This can effect MPGs. You didn’t mention whether you have a FWD
or AWD Sportage. The AWD Sportage is more thirsty than the FWD version, as
is always the case with AWD vs 2WD.

godwhomismike says:

Hey Dan, I was just talking to a rep from Kia yesterday, and she was
telling me that the Sportage SX Turbo will be coming out soon. She
mentioned that it will be released in Q2 of this year, and info should be
available around March 1st.

vipermoon64 says:

That was a very good review, very informative. Nice job!

Asim A says:

preety nice, but if i were to buy this i would get the Kia logo’s taken off

J.C Meza says:

OMG weres the beard!!!!!!!

Thebusanbill says:

@godwhomismike They are in the dealerships now but at a very limited
supply. Check the dealerships before you go for a test drive. They are
really nice and perform live a 6 cylinder.

shwmehvn says:

Thank you for a true, well informed, non-biased review!!!

Stackin Benjis says:

is it just me or no matter what kia does there cars still look cheap and
ugly :S

skipskops says:

That’s actually REALLY bad fuel economy. Here in the UK the petrol 1.6 does
45MPG ish, and the 2ltr does 38MPG. The diesel is where it’s at though.

Caleb Priday-Jeremiah says:

It’s KIA but Damn theyve stepped up that’s a nice looking car

caliberguy07 says:

Honda CR-Z review please!!! Just can’t wait.

MPGomatic says:

@Forgoten214 Aye, yup! The Sorrento review should be up in the next week or

Estirvana says:

@W33Dblazer You should check out the Kia K7, they don’t sell them here but
they are beautifully designed. I find Kias more attractive then their
counterpart Hyundais, but hey, everyone has different tastes.

igotwhips says:

Neil Young = Win

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