2011 Kia Soul + Review, Walkaround, Start Up, Test Drive

2011 Kia Soul + Review, Walkaround, Start Up, Test Drive

Odd trim level names for a surprising well styled car in our eyes, what keeps it from being on top is the lack of power and fun, give this car the turbo engi…



Mr420smoke4 says:

you are a fucking faggot. thank you 

Mark Indovina says:

Ok “Mr car enthusiast”

T Burrell says:

This guy is too negative. What a fruit!! 

James O'Hara says:

That engine sounds like a sonata

James O'Hara says:

Try and say Kia key ten times fast lol

hawkrider88 says:

Thanks for the effort…but don’t quit your day job.

Anthony Cuda says:

My 2010 doesn’t have drum brakes? 

it's just me says:

this is seriously the most annoying/irritating car review I’ve ever
watched. The negativity is ridiculous. don’t review another car. thanks.

Mo Flo says:

scion xb my favorite car ugly honda fits are ugly

Zumina Rin says:

Ugly interior. 

dave11686 says:

I love this friggin car! My dad and I took one on a test drive earlier this

1bentley4ever says:

Love the lack of positive words for the seats. XD

DAVID Y says:

I agree that engine doesn’t sound refined at all !!! at least it didn’t
seem slow.

NotARealUTubeAccount says:

The 2012/13’s with the LED running, turn signals and tailights are soooo
much better looking!

stopscrewingaround11 says:

Alot of fat people drive these.

David Malinovsky says:

The old 2.0L also had a timing belt so factor in some extra maintenance if
one were to drive that car a great deal. Only the new 1.6L has GDI, the new
2.0L is still MPI but it does have 164HP Both have chains. Titanium and
Moss are great colors for the Soul

MacSaab93 says:

no kia uses that key on the rio and 2012/2013 optima lx too

Jennifer Greene says:

wtf…you are so negative …why even review it if you know you don’t even
like kia?!?!?!?!

Kristoff Kristoffersun says:

I know what to say about that soul pattern its hideous and tacky. My ex had
this car and now he has a scion xB, which I might say out of experience
drives better.

1bentley4ever says:

Not bad. Though I think I would rather get the Fitty. 😀

Raymond P says:

I have the same motor in my 2007 Spectra and I do agree that it can be
noisy, but mated to the 5 speed manual it is torquey and quite peppy. I do
like the car, use it for delivering pizza mostly and its been great, 28-30
mpg delivering in the city. Bought it for 9000 CDN with 25,000KM so I
couldnt really go wrong. However, its odd, as my car has a much nicer
interior believe it or not, the whole upper dash is soft touch. Alot nicer
than that unpleasent grainy plastic used on this car.

0ffb3at0dd1ty says:

*Oops, I meant 2011, not 2012, lol. And yeah, the interior was even in
worse shape than I thought- so many stains/scratches. Not very durable.

xoquixxoqafxo says:

lol I was going to edit that out, but it was funnier that way 😛

jasperapp says:

cancel all my comment so you can shut the fuck up

Jonathan Altieri says:

The new 2.0L is smoother and much better overall than the old one. Makes
more hp than Ford/Mazda’s 2.0L in the Focus. Focus makes 160hp.

Jonathan Altieri says:

Kia’s are just re-badge Hyundai’s. I like the sportier look of the Kia
versions and this car, the Soul. Especially the 2012 models.

Twerk4Bada says:

What’s your personal car?

Benjamín Valenzuela says:

i really like the funky styling of the soul, also nice color

StefanThe443 says:

i think that key is after market they still use that ugly key

Daniel Kim says:

great car!

Ajeeth Uthayakumar says:

I agree that the Nissan Cube is hideous!

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