2011 Kia Forte Koup Walk Around Video with Tom Holland

2011 Kia Forte Koup Walk Around Video with Tom Holland

Capitol Kia invited Tom Holland to explain the features and options of the all 2011 Kia Forte Koup. An exceptional, fun car to drive so call 1-866-553-9041 o…



Eddy Prms says:

I want this guy narrating my life

TS13 says:

Lol piece of shit…

D SAK says:


Joe DeGaetano says:

This guy really knows his design detail and specs

glow75chica says:

I got one and boy this guy knows what hes talking about this is a beautiful

The19paul68 says:

wow that was awesome really loved to own one here in houston.

thechildrenzplace says:

@The19paul68 its turning me on just watching this video!

golfmaniac007 says:

this is old school car sales. preacher turned car salesman

Rickyjunior12 says:

dam……i hate this dude he made me buy this car 🙁

johnsvideochannel says:

Aayyyyii’s a ssaayying…praise the the lord god ! this guy doubles as an
evangelist on the weekends.Total turn off for a very nice car..I went and
had a look at this on the sunday when the dealership was closed and it sold
itself to me without any hype.

ddd says:

Later that day he shot up the place O.o wheres your kryptonnite now ???

ksteven41 says:

This guy is dumb.

NaRuToLeGnD1414 says:

7:06 the guy in the back looks angry actully 😛

Chris Rago says:

Old dude knows his shit

Ramiz Jaumeer says:

I’m in love!

axchem22 says:

you should sell aircrafts buddy..don’t waste your time in crappy dealer

Adam Hindman says:

Could you please do a walkaround and or review of a 2012 forte koup sx??
thank you!

flyingVesp says:

This guy can sell anything, he’ll make a blender look good.

csh1693 says:

i felt like i was listening to a preacher. made me feel like i needed to go
to church lol instead of car shopping.

Galshaer says:


ChunkyMonkeyMike1 says:

He is the David Attenborough of motor vehicles lol

Alex Luu says:

is he running for president? i’m voting for him

DreamMagicTeam says:

Kryptonite? I’m gonna go hit superman with this car because I know where he
lives… then I’ll take over the world! MUAHAHAHA

yaserfaraji says:

nice demonstration.

cfulk says:

You had me at hello!

tcelikel says:

amen. lets pray

Eric Davis says:

i bought this car 7 months ago. this guy actually makes me want to go get

Johnny Bravo says:

I’ll take it.

Алексей Бережнев says:

perfect salesman

arsenalspytube says:

i like this guy..

woody clerge says:

This guy got the goods

MatruyoRocket says:

but lol my corolla has a dead pedal

Ramiz Jaumeer says:

hahhahaahhaahhaahhahahaha! 😛

TheMossbergg says:

this guy is helluva salesman

kronosdb says:

This guy really knows how to sell this car. He doesn’t make it sound boring
at all.

KOUPSX10 says:

I forgot what a stock koup looks like! my car looks nothing like this lol
the dude forgot to mention that you can add a turbo charger to it and get
300whp lol

thechildrenzplace says:

dam, this old man just makes me wanna go purchase one right now!

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