2011 Kia Cerato Koup. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

2011 Kia Cerato Koup. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

2011 Kia Cerato Koup. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour. Link on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001421333279 Another link to contact wi…



varun140293 says:

kia is good but the only thing i dno’t like with it is that it copies from
other vhicle,for exaple the key is just like chevrolet model,the picanto is
like gtr

b1gbudda says:

i just got this car and its sooo amazing, starting the car with a button,
usb for my ipod, drives like a dream, and looks like a tuner coupe without
any modifications!

Dhruvil shah says:

wow i have red one kia koup sx 2011 with sportmatic transmittion and i have
paddle shifters yeeeeee baby !!!!

TheWiiNation says:

Hey, How are the back seats of the car..My dad plans on buying this for
me..Im 16, We’re a family of four..my dad’s got an expedition thats a big
comfortable car..So in case we take this car out can 4 passengers fit into
this? The backseat is it comfortable enough? i like the Koup more..

Zlatan Ibra says:

Wiw the materials for the interior of this car is impressive, very nice
dash as well.. I hope that quality goes on the engine as well

kwtblack2 says:

could you please make a video for kia sorento 2011 – 2012

b1gbudda says:

yeah dude the backseats are great, there is alot of space for your legs, i
ride mountain bike alot and i can fit my whole bike on the backseat so it
has alot of space too.. trust me its a great car, and feels sporty too 😀

ahmedabady205 says:

why there is no seat belt chime or alarm?

TheWiiNation says:

Thanks a ton man 🙂

Ian Matney says:

i didn’t know the cerato had the koup, in america we called it the forte

Moe Ali says:

why do i think that this guy is imitating kyle form the you tube driver
seat channel. man you even said every freaking word kyle use to say haha !

b1gbudda says:

not really.. whats diffrent about the doors? that its all glass on the top?
it looks awesome and has nothing to do with parking

Hazza101 says:

Actually it’s pretty easy.

HB45175 says:

Parking that thing would be a bitch with those doors.

TheCarArchives says:

@Carnut91 thats whats it called in Russia i think

Khalid Khan says:

Immense attention to details by KIA !!!

robins1818 says:

haha the guy below is real stupid..most chevy cars are made by deawoo car
maker in korea..picanto and malibu cruze spark so as most chevy cars..

Mr222mmm says:

Эх вчера на такой по бузулуку катался- Жестковатая она и ишумка не очень. У
уж Для бузулукских дорог….. Корейка как корейка.

TheCarArchives says:

the 2009-present Kia Cerato Koup/ Kia Forte Koup is assembled in South
Korea: Hwaseong, Gyeonggi

fanowner12 says:

These are called the Kia Forte Koup in the US. In the US you can get a
smart key but you can’t get the cool sixth blade key only anstand keyless
remote with separate key.

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