2011 Hyundai Tucson Review – FLDetours

2011 Hyundai Tucson Review – FLDetours

Richard P. drives the Hyundai Tucson in the frigid weather this winter. What’s it really like? Find out today on FLDetours.



mark brown says:

3:40…He is high as a kite lmfao

Leonardo Oliveira says:

@gandalfwiz20007 In Brazil is iX35 too. Don´t worry about Americans, they
need 4x times the size of an Engine to make the same horsepower of a
Japanese or Korean Engine.

dean nomaha says:

No, you are not correct. “Korean cars” are not better than American. Korean
cars are built for completelly different customers and different culture,
and should NOT be allowed to be sold in NATO member countries. It’s not
about “quality” or something, it is just “different technology” not
complient with NATO standards.

bototheone1 says:

I bet it’s a good car but I hate the exterior.

trukiye solo says:

I like i buyed 2 tucson 2012 very nice better than american shit thanks to

TheSpawnofSkynyrd says:

I bought this car. Great Technology…Drive computer malfunctions
frequently…Brake assist is annoying. …I’m already looking to trade it
in for a Subaru Forester… …4 months after I bought it.

ConceptVBS says:

@jakobat1994 The car is a 2.4L 4 cylinder.

ellery96 says:

We bought the 2011 Tuscan loaded for my wife — and i think i agree with
everything he’s saying. Overall, the value is the best part but I have to
tell you… I have a 09 Altima and I love this Tuscan. Its definitely not
the Hyundai of the 80’s that I drove delivering pizza. Gotta give Hyundai
some props…they’ve come a long way.

DtorBill says:

@DtorBill And sorry but the RAV4 is better in everything (also torque and
hp), even taking into account the model (it is just a ‘restyling’ of the
previous RAV4), it uses the same engine (better than hyundai’s, as you
know) and platform than the 2007 version. If you are ‘Engineer’, try to
read the specs properly and also the engine’s. Sorry for disturbing, have a
nice evening.

jakobat1994 says:

176 hp from 2,4 L V6 ?! that must be a joke the alfa mito QV have 170 hp
from a 1,4 L 4 cylinder engine.

UrbanQuick says:

@Rorycarguy We here in north america dont really understand cars. as you
may have noticed in the american car industry. Thats why we drive autos. I
live in canada, but its just more convenient, no need to shift. just gas
and brake. xD helps in start stop traffic.

Alexander Est says:

@again2021 Nah Hyundai’s a too reasonably priced and too mainstream for
them, remember, they are elite. :p

Travis Clarke says:

@elpenaroll y whats the difference in the 2010 and the 2011

Thinknappythoughts .The You Guru says:

@Shadowhunter712 I was able to get one in the color I liked. But I’m really
bummed about the window failing to work and the hood not fully closing.
Other than that, it’s a fantastic car, just sucks that I have to deal with
repairs like this so soon.

DtorBill says:

168lb Torque for that car… man… what to say… poor car.

c0nv1ct1337 says:

@MrSB113 He initially slowed down and when noticed there is probably no car
coming within a mile (as you can see there is very little to limit his
vision to see whats coming) so he just went. I do this all the time when I
drive in less populated areas.

ibawibaw says:

@jakobat1994 It’s a straight 4. Also, mitsubishi make 300hp from a 2.0
liter. What’s your point?

KinGzMusic says:

@gandalfwiz20007 Hey you fucking idiot, it clearly says TUCSON ON T HE BACK

gogmorgoaway says:

The Ford truck going past at 1:16 might not have been intentional, but it
pretty much supports what you’re saying…

TheCarArchives says:

the engine on the 2010-present Hyundai Tucson/ Hyundai ix35 (Most markets)/
Hyundai Tucson ix (South Korea) Engine 1.6L Gamma GDI Turbo I4 petrol 2.0L
Theta II I4 petrol 2.4L Theta II I4 petrol 1.7L R-Line CRDI I4 diesel 2.0L
R-Line CRDI I4 diesel

Wayne Chiang says:

3:49 thats what she said 😀

stigger91 says:

Hyundai is making a comeback for sure… but I don’t like the styling on
this. Mainly the headlights

703D94R says:

se parece a nissan qashqai (rogue en america) tienen algo que ver? son de
la misma familia o son la competencia directa?? aquí en México no tenemos
estas SUV por favor tráiganlas!!

James Franklin says:

@4HITMAN7 if you weren’t a huge n00b you’d know that videos are uploaded in
a low quality first to speed things up before the high quality versions are
added later

Gonzalo Pena says:

@gopi138 Buuu they correct the mistake…

RichardEllisxyz says:

I was working as a tech at a dealership when the first Tucson first came
out in the states….. & I was mighty impressed. An extreme value for the
money. And they still offer the vehicle in 2WD, AWD with Autos’ or
manuals..very flexible & capable machine…………….cheap too!

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