2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test Drive

2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test Drive

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cathie b says:

your pants are too tight and they look goofy.. It is not a good look on

tj bach says:

Soo i took my grandmas sonata out for shits and gigs… it was alot faster
than i thought and i ended up driving it through a chain linked fence…
angry grandma is not a fun time…

Daniel Sobirov says:

I simply disagree with this dude. In my opinion Sonata is one of the best
one in its class. Numbers show it too. Sonata second best selling in its
class right now after Camry, so no offense but to me it’s way better than
Fusion, especially better than Altima. Accord is new because it came out
after Sonata so it’s kind of little unfair to compare latest features
between these two cars. I own 2012 Camry SE. Toyota makes good cars, but I
think Hyundai is gonna take over from Toyota if they will keep this phase.
Thus, I’m already thinking to buy Hyundai next time.

Cesar Torres says:

How many times do you need to say “swoopy coupe like styling?” LOL…

Jonathan Washington says:

As low as 14.5k for a loaded 2.0t model including panoramic sunroof

drsnowmon says:

This guy is not good at what he does, obviously not cut out for a reviewer

Irvin Romo says:

Very Biased review ,you keep comparing it to a Ford! No!

jamalgoodz94 says:

Best car I’ve own used to have a 06 Hyundai azera. They are not cheap cats

diego bravo says:

This guy makes me mad lol i should be getting mad, but damn this dood has
nothing but negative things to say about the Sonata. I have a Ford fusion
and the sonata has everthing over the Fusion. If ur trying to make people
go and buy these cars u can’t say nothing but negative things dumb ass

sushant635 says:

hyundai should do this,,do that…
buddy your review sucks a big time…i dont care what YOU like…give a
damn review

Joe Wilson says:

This is an SE not a Limited. If it was a limited there would be a limited
badge on the back of the vehicle.

icantw8 says:

This car is getting a redesign for 2015 :> Can’t wait to see it.


Why does this goon keep referring to it as a Limited model? It is the SE
Turbo that he is reviewing. He keeps knocking off points for things like
cloth/leather dual tone seats and the steering wheel not being full leather
wrapped, but all of those gripes are fully leather in the actual Limited
model. He just really consider putting up a disclaimer or just removing
this video and doing a new review with a legit Limited. 

faceboock1 says:

I really like how you give your opinion in your videos!!

quietguy1948 says:

Not an objective presentation…
Should not influence audience with your own personal preferences or

Just my take…

motormusique says:

Hyundai really has not figured out steering and suspension tuning..it’s
getting to the point where it seems like they really don’t care and would
rather spend the money on their designers

kamui4697 says:

you cant please everyone.the rest of us appreciate the great work

Santiago Figueroa says:


techdude6693 says:

Yea that’s definitely an SE. I’m not a fan of the Sonata Styling, but The
SE Trim isn’t half bad. And yea, the 4-cyl Kia/Hyundais sound weird stock.
I did an intake swap on mine and it sounds pretty sweet.

DevPack says:

A 2012 Fusion sport will hit 100mph in 18.7 seconds and a Hyundai Sonata
with 2.0 will hit 100 in 18.8 sec. This is from motortrend. Even if the
sonata slightly faster there is no way it can out perform the fusion in the
corners. Also the Fusion is a much better car anyway.

kingcharming says:

Sounds like he doesnt want to like it.

tionicho says:

The Sonata/Optima still lead the class in price/content and overall value.
The 2.0T SE as shown is 25k as a 2013..In the mid-range Hyundai’s 2.0T is
very strong..In late 2010 at its introduction no other manufactuer had
anything like this or it’s sister Kia Optima. Im glad for the opinions. But
two years of strong sales with value pricing can’t really be
ignored..IMHO..2013 model cars are expected to have new tech options..I
applaud Hyundai/Kia great 1st effort..Time will bring more progress.

RayzaBlayz says:

Veloster turbo please

Ansett76 says:

when they supply them with sick bags……..anything that ugly would make
you very queazy.

Glyq says:

From the very beginning you can tell he is biased against the brand, he
seems unenthused. Hyundai have come a long way and now fiercely compete
with the Japanese giants, offering outstanding reliability (7 year
warranties) .

2theRedline says:

We are not sure what the customer bought, but generally people trade in
cars earlier for a few reasons, they hate the car, they needed a bigger or
smaller car, or they just got bored of the car and want something different

Ansett76 says:

Hyundai hate comment i think, I couldnt disagree more…..I work with a
fleet of over 3000+ vehicles of ll brands, Hyundai/Kia are the most
reliable, and popular with customers (over Toyota even). Yes Honda is good,
but now the bulk of them are built inThailand, the standard feels cheaper,
so they are no better feeling then the Hyundai. Honda has yet to produce a
turbo diesel engine anywhere near as refined or efficient as Hyundai’s 2 /
2.2 Litre diesels.

sneaky lemony says:

I really don’t know what to make of what you said at 10:20. It’s called a
seat because u sit ON it..or were you expecting full on bucket seats in a
family sedan?

2theRedline says:

We had a feeling it may be an SE, the used car window sticker said Limited
but it’s probably wrong, thanks for letting us know!

Ansett76 says:

yes, rental cars these are kept for up to two years or 60k….

CrazyGaming2471 says:

my 2011 sonata turbo had the steering fixed feels alot better now

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