2011 Hyundai Equus vs 2011 Bentley Mulsanne

2011 Hyundai Equus vs 2011 Bentley Mulsanne

Executive Editor Edward Loh and Senior Editor Jonny Lieberman find out if the luxury of Bentley’s Mulsanne is worth the $330000 pricetag compared to Hyundai…



ILoveBreakfast671 says:

Why do Genesis coupe owners replace their Hyundai emblem with the Wings
emblem? Because they’re ashamed.

It’s like the Bentley wings emblem, but its Hyundai copying because they’re
not innovative.

BCH37501 says:

When it comes down to it though, you’d rather tell someone you drive and
S-Class, S8, 7 Series or even Bentley or RR, than bragging about your 70k

ILoveBreakfast671 says:

Would rather be seen in an AMG or ///M.

Even Infiniti Q60 IPL is more nicer than that Hyundai for a better price.

I can’t justify spending 70k on that. Even if I was only paid 50k a year, I
wouldn’t want to be seen in it. Sure the average Joe will think its nice,
but the car guys and luxury owners will know its actual emblem is that
sideways H that looked like the Honda emblems retarded cousin. Would rather
drive a more boring looking car from the Acura line honestly. Crazy? No.
Crazy is spending 70k on a Hyundai.

alban says:

The 2014 S-Class is better than both these cars. Mercedes is the winner…

Peter Lim says:

I’m being offered to be chauffeured by my hotel from the airport with an
Equus for $100 in Conrad Seoul. And I’m asking to myself.. sure it’s a 40
minute drive but is it worth it??? I mean I drive a Lexus IS250 F back
home… I could just spend 20 bucks riding the bullet train. But it seems
less stressful taking a ride to a lower end luxury sedan to my hotel. Still
can’t make up my mind.

MRDKastel says:

Bentley relies on its image, Hyundai has to build more for less to get into
the market, and in achieving that with a great car they have knocked many
luxury brands off their pedal stools. This is what gets Hyundai haters in a

Junwoo Han says:

Don’t even talk abt cars if you can’t build one!!!

hms888 says:

Ok, Ill buy Equus + Boxster + Prius5 + Cadillac Escalade + Jeep Wrangler +
Ducati Diavel for that Bentley money.
The list of cars will fulfill any condition or purpose of usage.

Shan Choudry says:

I can get fucking mercedes amg class for 70 fucking g’s why would i pay for
the fukcing hunday

Greg Self says:

You really can’t appreciate a Mulsanne until you’ve stood next to it,
marveled at it’s mammoth size, and smelled the many bulls inside who have
sacrificed their lives for the few who ride in them. The first time I saw
one was at an antique car show. It was parked in the middle of a green
pasture, along with other pricey dealer cars. My partner stood next to it
and looked like a dwarf. Peering down in through the windshield I saw it
was around 400K and began giggling like a little school girl. I can’t think
of a better car for a hypothetical ride from Wall Street to the Hamptons.

whzpdlsWkd says:

Equus is a luxurious car, yes, but if any of you really did have enough
money to cover 330k plus insurance without batting an eye, you’d all go for
the Mulsanne. Lust for class and social status will kick in before you even
know it.

Peter Németh says:

how the FUCKS SAKE can someone compare a handmade Bentley with a koran

Shim Jangwon says:

Is the man who own his Hyundai Equus, is he Korean? 

AbleToCum1 says:

If I had 330k, I would buy lp560-4, and Equus then modify Equus with left
over budget of 330k

Tom Crisp says:

Interesting to see this – Hyundai and Kia have both moved so far beyond
their product of4 years ago. For one thing, they’re actually each BEGINNING
to get some of their own identity, and don’t look quite so much like
they’ve cobbled together recognizable features from half a dozen more
established (and usually high end) makers.

bowlofarthritus says:

Okay, the Bentley and Equus, completely different catagories. You cant
compare the Hyundai to the high dollar Bentleys. At all. When you pay 350K,
you DO see, for the most part, where that money goes. And it’s only real
fival would be the good ol Rolls Royce. The Equus, the only real rival
would be Mercedes. I work for a Hyundai dealer as a 2nd job, part time. The
Equus IS a nice car, don’t get me wrong, its not really worth the price
tag. You can get the Genesis 4 door that also has the 5.0 Engine (which the
Equus has now) with a lot of the similar features, 30K cheaper

Daniel Roberts says:

How other car companies marketed the LUXURY brands:

8150shaf says:

Woah I’m actually surprised by the Hyundai, looks like a good car!

Santiago Zuniga says:

I love my Equus…haters …..everyone and I mean everyone asks me what it
is…and comment on how beautiful it is. The ride is impeccable compared to
my 11 5 series. 🙂 

Morrie's 394 Hyundai says:

Check out this funny comparison between The Hyundai Equus and The Bentley

Miles Asare says:

People don’t know what kind of car it is and the Hyundai dealer gives us
top service, we were in the market for a Maserati before we met the equus

naireland says:

Point of this video is a tongue in cheek approach to comparing two
different cars. The joke is that the reviews are done entirely from the
backseat and comparing passenger amenities. It’s satire done in the guise
of vanity and elitism. Regardless of both, they are very refined vehicles.
The Equus was a top notch test drive when I drove it 2 years ago, so long
as you aren’t a badge snob the thing is a hell of a value. 

Truman1201 says:

For 300k I’d get a 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith!!!

Miles Asare says:

My equus is awesome I don’t care what that dude had to say about. It we
have a 2014 and it has improved. We also have a 2014 range rover and the
equus beats it

James Crabbe says:

I’d take a white Equus Ultimate with 22 or 24 inch rims/wheels. The
Mulsanne is nice but I don’t have nearly $400,000. I could afford the
$3-$400 a month for the Hyundai.

luis De Jesus says:

Ok if i have the type of money to the buy the bentley I would I mean the
equs is just the bootlegged version let’s see here to 5 years how they look

Thinkpad Power says:

It’s like comparing omega to patek philippe.

TheAutomotiveMan says:

Nice comparison. Obviously these two cars don’t compete. Even the last
generation S class can’t compete. Now, the Equus vs a 7 Series/A8/Jag?
Maybe. Awesome part is the Equus is an 7 Series/A8/Jag without the
expensive badge.

Scally Lad says:

You guys should be wearing seatbelts!! Why does noone ever wear buckle up
in the back! So frustrating!! Get your belts on!!

Oli T says:

Of course the Bentley isn’t worth its price-tag, but do you buy a
Lamborghini wondering whether it’s worth its price tag compared to a Nissan

bmwgirl553 says:

The bottom line is KOREA VS GBRITAIN, there is NO comparison, yes the
koreans have produced samsung, lg, and other TECH companies. However, korea
has no where near the pedigree, history, and prestige as Britain or any any
Western European nation and therefore having a oddly shaped H on your hood
will never, at least in this world, have the same prestige as a 3-pointed
star, or flying B, it’s harsh but is the truth, sorry KOREA not going to
happen no matter how much you envy and copy white european culture and that
goes for the rest of the orientals as well…..

Koushal ram Kumaran says:

Bentley mulsanne is costly but its looks are bad,
Hyundai Equus is cheap and looks good,
My choice is Hyundai Equus

Trace Mann says:

HMMM. I found both cars rather ugly and overpriced!

hankyeal kim says:

cause bentely costs 5 times more than equus

Faded Minecraft says:

Bentley wins

sierre00 says:

Waste of time! No real comparison about the ride quality, body roll,
performance, noise level, speakers…motor trend bs

MrCTruck says:

More videos like this would be cool!!!

Danny Colanton says:


money says:

Wow this is funny.and also hyundai has built a wonderful machine that is
great in value for what you get but it still can’t beat the kings of
luxury…Bentley and rolls Royce..I still don’t think it could beat the s
class 7 series and the a8 just yet…but it did beat Lexus.

vr43000gtkid says:

Once again hyundai making a fool of their competition <3 hyundai <3

A Ec says:

I prefer Equus. 

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