2011 Hyundai Elantra Review

2011 Hyundai Elantra Review

This is a review of the 2011 Hyundai Elantra by Ron Doron of Autotoob.com.



Teo Zhan Yuan says:


bowlofarthritus says:

I bought the 2012 Accent. I like small cars, and the new accent is pretty
big.. Smaller than the Elantra, obviously, One of the greatest things about
the new accents, it doesnt look like ass

Carlos Augusto Galdino says:

Americans give thanks for the privilege of being able to enjoy cheaper cars
in Brazil since the price is absurd. Hyundai is a luxury in Brazil is not
for everyone because it is very expensive cars in Brazil

TheLostClock says:

Hyundai bought Kia in 1998.

NICKGARCIA7702 says:

@mrzack888 Germans vs. Koreans? BMW vs. Hyundai? Really? BMW FTW….

Z A Mubashir says:

Thumbs up if you dont hav money to buy this car

GreefStorm says:

in my country is 80k ;x

FiredEmpire says:

you liar stop spreading bad fake stories about Japanese cars on youtube.
lexus never ever does such a stupid thing unlike shitty hyundai kia dealers.

Robson Maya says:

In Brazil this car costs $ 41,000 manual transmission. The top model in
Brazil costs $ 48,000 Taxes absurd! Thank your country!

ceekaymoo says:

Automatic? Fucking pussy.

kittycatdog says:

it’s honda civic’s sister

BenOmarbaOmar says:

The style looks cool and I like cars that look odd :p

George Mantzaris says:

i have the 2012 model i love it cheers from australia .

TerryFilming says:

Stupid Arab, Hyundai and KIA get higher safety ratings then most of the
Japanese and American models. They can’t “steal” your money at a service
center. If anything, Toyota/Lexus does. Lexus dealers use low quality oils,
which is second hand quality, but charge nearly two to three time mores
than other dealers.

2741718 says:

This and the new Ford Focus is my pick

Abhinav Mishra says:

I am pissed. My dad was finally ditching his 1995 Nissan Maxima for a S, 7,
LS, or Porsche Panemera. Then he jsut had to visit a Korean friend with an
elantra. Since my dad is Indian. He thought, why spend so much for a car,
when you can get this. I am not being humorous at all. Just wanted to see
what he is deciding to get. And I am not liking it. He gave up 550 HP, 9
speed dual clutch auto, etc., etc. for this pile of %$#% It’s a great
compact car, but ty for ruining my day.

PreYeah says:

@13andincradiblycutt I say do it. I know I did. I’m so grateful that
Hyundai released this just in time to make it my first car, and I’m 23 no
lesss. I was very close to buying a Civic–and I definitely considered it
because some of my extended family are Honda fanboys. But honestly, this
such a good deal that even Honda’s label can’t overshine the bang-for-buck
the Elantra offers. I can’t be more pleased. It’s such a joy to look at
(inside and out) and especially to drive.

dadamichiko20 says:

It’s the same car, just hatch. called Elantra GT here in the US. i40 in
other countries.

fire1202 says:

@alloroCrofatoyoT Why do you look at reviews of your own car? lol

drsnowmon says:

You’re obviously too young to know or you didn’t actually drive your dad’s
Maxima, but Nissan Maxima has problems with transmission. I’ve owned 2001,
2004, 2007 Maxima’s and they ALL HAD PROBLEMS WITH TRANSMISSION. I will
never buy Nissan even if my life depended on it.

AMDX1325 says:

This IS i40 in America.

drsnowmon says:

wow Brazil sux when it comes to buying cars

justthebestgolfer says:

@Strangephenomena1 Yea I know Hyundai & Ford SUCKED back then.But U should
have waited 6 yrs..lol.15 yrs has changed,so Toyota & Honda better watch
out cause the competition is catching up BITCHES=) I think Honda is still
doing ok.But Toyota is doing awful..lol!!!

Daniel J Bacher says:

My 2011 Elantra Limited only gets 20mpg. The elantra is go in a lot of
regards but don’t buy it for the gas millage because real world gas millage
is not there

starview1 says:

Problem is Hyundai has paint issues, the clear coat starts to peal and spot
off. I have seen this on used elantras on the lots. Googleing this issue
further demonstated a significant problem, so check it out yourself also
check out parts replacement costs after warranty,like the exhaust pipes, as
they cost alot more than comperable cars, just saying–be informed

MrDaniel1086 says:

Quiero que venga a Venezuela, el unico que e visto por ahora es la nueva
versión del accen´t. soy un admirador y fiel a la Hyundai. tremenda marca y
como dura el motor de los mismos.

عبد الله الغامدي says:

شي واضح تقووول هونداي زباله وتقليد ارد عليك بكل بساطه تحدي وتهجيد شف الكوري
وين وصل في موديل واحد الي هو الحالي وشف الباقين وش تفحيطهم يابو غير
1:الالماني 2:الامريكي3:الكوري لاتدور خلاص انتهى النقااااش تحيااتي الغامدي

Wolffie LC says:

Is only me or always that I read the logo Autotoob y read autoboob! haha

CyberPunk733 says:

actually look this up, the new camaro was the first car ever in history to
get a perfect safety rating in every test. look it up

ROBBY639 says:

blah blah…fucking economy cars….only teens drive that shit, get a real

mrzack888 says:

@NICKGARCIA7702 you play basketball?

TerryFilming says:

1. You seem to know a lot about me… You should know that prior to the
release of the YF Sonata, I did not pay attention to KIA or Hyundai. In
fact, I really couldn’t find anything to like about them. 2. I haven’t been
speaking ill. I like/dislike a car. I’ll admit I didn’t like the previous
generation LS, but I like the refreshed one. I like the GS, and the IS. I
don’t like the ES, nor the RX. 3. Liking a car company =/= Being a person
of that origin. I’m American. I own a 545i.

sireartem says:

you copy paste this in every Elantra video ? lol

SupremeFL1P says:

@ROBBY639…and whats a real car?

Krizzia Lor says:

an elantra just passed at 1:57. haha

flyaboveothers says:

@ENobali you need money for grammar classes man.

mattsee45 says:

so bad

Eduardo Chueri says:


Mark Twyford says:

so you would pay 20k “for crap?”

محمد ابراهيم says:

is betar than corolla but stel good corolla

kingdarius5252 says:

Love how you can see the gaps in the body panels…I mean that’s just nuts!
This kind of cost cutting seems to be getting way more common with pretty
much every type of car

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