2011 Hyundai Elantra Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test Drive

2011 Hyundai Elantra Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test Drive

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rick pettry says:

after reading some of the comments below I think some of these people work
for Hyundai. or are affiliated with Hyundai. Do yourself a favor I fell
into the Hyundai hype. go talk to their dealers and drive all of the
comparable cars.. these people saying they want to trade in their Corollas
for a Elantra. The new Corolla is a lot cheaper and will last longer.
Hyundai offers the 100,000 mile warranty. you will need it. and the
electrical warranty is only good for 50K. so you will have to pay $2,500.00
for an extended warranty per our dealer. Or you could spend thousands on
repairs. also note the interior is poorly made

Stephy Kinss says:

This car is sooooo sexy. I drive a Corolla and I hope to save up enough
money so I can get this car.

rick pettry says:

Hyundai marketed the Elantra at 40 MPG’S> when In reality it gets about 35
MPG”S. I bought a 2012 Elantra based on the 40 MPG”S quoted. this car was
suppose to save me up to $120.00 a month in gas. my last car cost me $58.00
a week to drive and so dose the Elantra. it is uncomfortable loud poor
handeling. and has a poor stereo system. you can also find other poor
reviews on Edmondson.com. facebook, and other sites just type in Elantra
reviews.. Hyundai compairs the Elnatra to the Honda Civic. at a higher
price tag than the civic. after resently driving other cars I found the
elantra to be in a lower class such as the Mazda 3. the Corolla. and the
Dodge Dart at about $16,000.00 which is a lot lower price tag of the
Elantra. try driving each of these cars first. Hyundai dose offer the
100.000 mile warranty. you will need it. as where the Corolla dosent need a
big warranty because it will get you up to 250,000 mile on that car alone .
if you want a more comfertable car at the price of the Elantra . Drive the
Subaru Impreza. at about the same sticker price, and MPG’S. The Impreza
also is a all wheel drive and has a lot more features. like a awesome
stereo system. and a great ride. don’t just take it from me. Do the
research and drive a few cars. take your time. Also talk to some other
dealers about the poor trade in value of the Hyundai, They all told me that
because the car is made in Korea the car has no real trade in value. My
Elantra is only worth half of the sticker value. at only 2 years old and
only 25,000 miles on it. AND REMEBER Hyundai LIED ABOUT THERE MILEGE. SO
WHAT ELSE are they lying about.. I have over 15 years in the automotive
industry and I know cars’…..

1quickster says:

I drove the elantra, focus, cruze. It seems all three have no steering
feel. The materials inside feel pretty much the same. They all have plastic
feel to them. I notice that the transmission on the focus, elantra has a
tendency to shift somewhat have that lazy feel. The Chevy Cruze has this
weird way if you make a sudden U turn. the transmission have a lazy way to
catch up. it’s like Oh its time to go. then it goes. Focus has the HP,
Elantra has the interior, Cruze just average.

DAVID Y says:

The only thing I didn’t like about the Elantra is the front hood isn’t
visible from the driver’s seat, which makes it more difficult when parking
in tight spots. The GT hatch is more to my liking, but still has the front
hood issue.

newkiaftw says:

Do u lik this car

Henry Rieken says:

I actually got 40 once. Of course, I’ve also gotten as low as mid 30s on
the highway, but that will happen if you are going over 70 mph, on hilly
terrain, and/or if you have a strong headwind. I also have a feeling that
these engines don’t really like the gasoline with 10% ethanol.
Unfortunately, that’s all that’s available around here. While Hyundai
goofed on the mileage label, I’m content with their reimbursement program.

123chunhou says:

Do a 2012 or 2013 sentra/altima/versa

2theRedline says:

We’ve noticed that, but we always thought it was because the vehicle needed
an alignment. We’ll have to see if a new 2013 model is like that to find
out for sure.

Benjamín Valenzuela says:

The car in your channel is a toyota auris (the hatchback version of the
corolla) i would not be surprised if the new corolla is an stretched auris

Wolffie LC says:

To make a summary……. IS BETTER THAN THE COROLLA… haha

F22Raptor2266 says:

to answer your question, yes the limited does have an auto up/down driver
side window.

Ascot Shark says:

Haha you can keep your 328, after the 2 pos 3 series we had bmw can shove
them where the sun dont shine 😀

FocusFord15 says:

In Australia I can assure it is called a corolla in Europe they call it the
Auris. We have the older sedan or this new one. The BADGE ON THE BACK SAYS

rommell83 says:

Be careful, check with other owners of the Elantra like myself. These cars
do not deliver the 40 mpg claimed. In fact every owner I have talked to is
getting in the 33/34 mpg range on the highway. If I had known that I would
have gotten another vehicle like a Honda or Toyota.

2theRedline says:

Well, the usual route had quite a bit of traffic from construction.

veedubbcubb says:

Why a new driving route?

Raymond P says:

Also, the Limited model does away with that fugly key, and gives you a
proper switchblade proximity key.

123chunhou says:

The 2007-2012 sentra has the biggest glovebox in the compact class

FreshMotion1 says:

do you do your reviews in Miami? its always so hot there!

CHANNELgr says:

Finally a reveiw even tho the car is not that interesting i love ur reviews

Ali Koray says:

hyundai sux

Moby Dick says:

My dad is most likely going to buy an Elantra in a few months. His current
car is a Corolla. He loves the Elantra.

dave dunn says:

I admit hyundais look great but they are still sloppy to drive, unrefined
and bland. Its ashame!

bmwmsport11 says:

Did you notice that the steering wheel was always tilted at an angle when
you were going in a stright line? Sonatas and elantras along with acouple
of other models have that steering problem. Atleast a corolla doesn’t have
the problem. IMO the Corolla is amongst the best. It’s quiet, looks decent,
rides decent, and gets decent MPGs.

Mrindescribable18 says:

love those tail lights if it were mine I’d go for the red color.

f181234 says:

the car looks really tight your head is almost touching the headliner do
you think a person 6ft can fit

xSubaa says:

Woops I mistyped more torque (131 to 125).

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