2011 Hyundai Accent: Tour & Overview



icantw8 says:

The only 2011 with a $4000 price tag.

Sheyon Puvanesh says:

where’s the Fiesta?

mkm230 says:

Fiesta is at work in the shop getting a computer re-flash

KSI CrAzYxRAGE says:

Is it good for a first car?

dave11686 says:

What happened to the Fiesta?

xoquixxoqafxo says:

I hate this car, its vehicles like this that make me not want to buy a
Hyundai ever

WoZIMoo says:

Civics have gone to shit years ago, the last good civics were the 6th

0ffb3at0dd1ty says:

Holy cow, when I saw that steering wheel, I thought it was a 2001 Accent,
not a 2011. The interior looks nice on the surface but has no substance,
and the start-up sounded ugly. While Hyundai is improving a lot with each
year, it shows that they still aren’t quite there yet.

talldude123 says:

I would SO prefer this back seat to the Fit’s!

oddferkout says:

It took only 6 months for my ’09 Civic to get those scratches from the
seatbelt. They really don’t make cars like they used to. While the Civic is
eons ahead of the Accent, I was still surprised to see scratches like that
coming so easily on a new car.

123chunhou says:

Lighted vanity mirror?!!!!!

motormusique says:

This is old Hyundai. New Hyundai is such a significant leap ahead that I
don’t see why it matters that you don’t like this particular car

thecarexpert21 says:

I had one of these as a rental for vacation. Lol the car itself probably
ruined my vacation, I should have took the cobalt instead!

123chunhou says:

3:26 that’s I small cupholder

123chunhou says:


Matthew Hutzell says:

@uakronsam116 Agreed :]

BluePancake1000 says:

I think the ONLY thing I like about this car is the door dinger

waikelejake says:

Too bad that same starting sound is in the veloster! 🙁

gil zur says:

That dinger make me nuts

mkm230 says:

Aw, thank you!

Steve Miller says:

no prob 🙂

bmwmsport11 says:

Ugliest Hyundai ever made since the hyundais from the early 2000s

WoZIMoo says:

lol the starter on my Kubota lawn tractor sounds better..

123chunhou says:

Only things I like in the accent, lighted gauges rear armrest,lit vanity
mirror that’s it

Steve Miller says:

I think the best part about this video was seeing your cute self!

Jakeman21642 says:

Crank windows and nothing soft other than the seats but XM and a fucking
iPod jack! Nice to see where Hyundai’s priorities are.

dave11686 says:

Wow I hope it’s ok!

MrMK94 says:

the grey exterior looks at lot better than the silver thats a lot mroe

Pappa Nikko says:

The new style 2012 Accent is night and day difference IMO

xoquixxoqafxo says:

bc it leaves a sour taste in my mouth, since hyundai let a vehicle this
mediocre out into the market, its one of the reason why their resale value
was terrible back then

talldude123 says:

Same size tires as the 1st gen Fitty! Its a cheap runabout….not really
made to be special, well-built, or fast. Well, at least its better than a
Yaris or Corolla.

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