2011 Dodge Charger vs KIA Sportage Mashup Drag Race

2011 Dodge Charger vs KIA  Sportage Mashup Drag Race

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2011 HEMI Dodge Charger R/T has 370 horsepower and enough grunt to stop the earth’s rotation. The 2011 KIA Sportage Turbo has 2…



Matthew Decker says:

How do you screech tires on dirt?

Gary Shook says:

@nate416 that wasn’t a v6. That was a turbo’d 4 banger. Vs a hemi, I’m
pretty impressed. 

TheRichardc88 says:

I got to give it to the Kia… Really shocking that it was able to do so
well against a hemi charger. I thought it would be a straight murder but
not really so.

Mat Camilleri says:

what kind of comparison is this? 

Jake Carey says:

my dad has an 06 dodge rt and has a cold air intake and has about 361

89Carfreak says:

AWD they say, eh ?……this calls for some offroading, take them both
rallying xD

Nate den Hollander says:

if this is on dirt then why did the tires squeal?

patrick jackson says:

i agree if the sorento has a v6 turbo and it was at altitude then maybe it
has a slight chance

mark hammel says:

There is one more thing we don’t know: how did you make tires screech on a
gravel road?

xNate416 says:

hahahahahaha your foreign junk with a v6 cant beat a hemi charger.

jack5001ful says:

lol that was a really weird match up

nathan adlen says:

@romanmicagearguy Yay…

hyper_ali says:

damn im so disappointed. I thought the sportage would win this :/

yougotservedyo says:

240sx.. no one cares about a soap box ricer

Anthony Powers says:

I’ll tak the Kia sportage sx 🙂

Jack Gray says:

what kind of drag race was that? first off i have an 07 charger and it
would run rings around that stupid kia. and on the dirt? i dont get it

a says:

@chryslerfordchevy Well.. I accept that American cars are maybe better in
terms of speed or power. But comparing American car with German car is
insulting for Germans…

QuinnsTheBest says:

Can you guys do an explorer vs Durango comparison?:) thanks

WilliamSim92 says:

and, why Kia Sportage look so tiny when its beside the charger?! OmG!

raad2555ify says:

الى الامام كيا انا من عشاق السبورتاج

whazmanameletsgo says:

Please do a 2011 Optima (sx or regular) vs a a4 or a6

1waffleiron says:

It’s not slow, it’s just slower than a Hemi. Apples to oranges…

Tyler Kovacs says:

third comment yay!

The Fast Lane Car says:

@seaboo143 FYI: That’s why it is called a Mashup.

Ascot Shark says:

I still think the kia did pretty good 🙂

Isaiah Lawrence says:

That’s kinda stupid… those cars aren’t even in the same class

chuyjesus1018 says:

why the hell did you put a charger vs a kia wtf is wrong with you put it
against a mustang!

axlplayer14 says:

First comment

Thilindel says:

What is the 0-60 on the Sportage turbo?

Elegantbutt says:

lol American muscle.

lg68jcu says:

I own a AWD RT. it does 0-60 in 5.2-5.3 seconds. No wheel spin in AWD mode.
0-40 in 2.9 seconds. It’s a rocket.

The Fast Lane Car says:

@seaboo143 1000 pounds difference between the two cars plus a turbo vs
non-turbo at altitude…not so stupid as the results clearly show.

patrick jackson says:

a dodge charger is not a family car

FuckinMetal3694 says:


2007Escalade says:

Random. But funny.

Sistemas Normales says:


Moparman58 says:

great video, i like these kind of mixups of different types of cars.

Hunter Thompson says:

Charger is a family car too.

David Vanderwaal says:

My Kia Sorento V6 would kill this charger

zungaloca says:

Perfect ingeniring vs brute dust force

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