2011-2013 Kia Sorento Review from Consumer Reports

2011-2013 Kia Sorento Review from Consumer Reports

The Kia Sorento is just the right size for many families. A third row seat is optional. It drives well, but the ride is stiff. Find out more about the Kia So…



kickey kofi says:

Nice car

SentraSER08 says:

Really like that new Sorento. It’ll be on my short list in the next couple
of years. Kia and parent company Hyundai are the most improved auto makers
in the last few years. They’re really putting out great stuff lately with
standard features usually found only in higher trim levels from others.

tomreeny says:

I’ve just had a 2012 Sorento for 2 weeks. Everything is within my
expectation except for one thing: every time I come to a complete stop,
there is excessive vibration (apparently from the transmission). It makes
me feel like I’m driving a 30 year old diesel car! Has anybody else
experienced the same thing? I am going to go to the Kia dealer to get it

gazzxr says:

I think il go with Chevrolet Captiva 2011 2.2 diesel 184hp

maxthehulk says:

weak paper suv

jimmyhoffa9 says:

it says he’s an automotive engineer, I can see why he’s doing reports here.
he’s so damned whiny and picky who’d want to hire him to make a vehicle?

ConceptVBS says:

Good review. And great SUV

hehh543 says:

1:37 looks like he’s stunned by fuel economy and horsepower. Like it’s all
new to him.

Jeff Greenwall says:

@friend5001 No one in North America really care that our cars are bigger.
Most people would rather have a larger, comfortable SUV instead of a tiny
European can opener.

Alex Yarnell says:

Just got a 2011 LX 4cyl we swapped our 2003 Liberty for. We can fit three
kids in the back seat. Granted, we lost two cylinders in the swap, we
gained MPG and the four banger does not FEEL that much slower than the 3.7l
jeep. As for standards, lol, BIG difference. The ONLY things the jeep had
were two air bags and abs. lol. The kia, wow, 6 or 8 air bags, cant
remember, abs, tcs, down hill, stability control, etc. The wife, really
noticed the extras in the rain, she felt safer.

TerryFilming says:

All you comment is how Korean automakers are bad. LOL. Or how you wouldn’t
buy a Korean car.

Kilian Loundy says:

can different tires change the ride quality ?

simplyadiktive says:

@MOONiE2k6 Consumer Reports always gripe about unnecessary things, thats
why i only take their reviews for face value. Steve Hammes and Myride.com
does a much better job of reviewing on things that actually matter to

mx4life248 says:

@tomreeny Hi, We got a used 2011 Sorento EX 4 cyl with 14,000 miles on it
and have the same noise from the transmission,dealer said trans is defected
and its bean replaced,now it just doing fine,have one of the tech sit next
to you wile YOU drive your car,I have my car drop off the dealer for more
then a week on the first time and did not find any problem after drive it
more then 150 miles,it take me 3 minute and drive two block to show them
the problem.

Joshua Sasso Kane says:

@amazonrush5 zi told my mom to trade in her 6.0 esclade for sure for this.

vjatk says:

i think sorento is better looking and better price

shoegal330000 says:

Can someone compare this care to the Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Sonata and Ford
Escape? Thank yoU!! : )

Raj Babbra says:

Sylar’s wimpy brother?

Andrew Brierley says:

@MOONiE2k6 This wiper button location perplexes me, I have a Korean Built
2011 Sorento here in Australia and the Rear Wiper control is part of the
normal Wiper stork?? Why was it built differently in the US built version?

MOONiE2k6 says:

The rear wiper buttons are very obviously located, how could you miss them?
Please don’t jab at unnecessary things just to fill up a review with

DinKnight says:

Why is dashboard material so important that it needs to be touched. How
often do you touch your dashboard like that?

flexor212000 says:

I hate this douchebag

TryHardProductions ™ says:

if the rear windshield wiper controls were located on the stalk they would
complain about it being confusing and difficult to control.

Humbert Melendez says:

@maximumvalues 191hp d.i.

SUV7777777 says:

My dad is looking for a new car and he likes this and the honda crv.
Personal thoughts?

rich young says:

the 2012 4cylinder is a huge improvement at 200hp

xxnissansilviaxx says:

did u see that the non infinity sound system sucks my girlfriend has the ex
i dont know if its v6 or not…but she doesnt have the 10 speaker set up
and its not loud at all and the speakers sound muddy and welll kinda
shitty…did u guys notice that?

labellt says:

I test drove a sorento and the outer body is nicely designed, very
attractive and modern. When I drove it I found the power train to not be
smooth enough for the price listed. At 28,000 – $29,000 it should not be

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