2010 Toyota Rav4 V6 Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test Drive

2010 Toyota Rav4 V6 Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test Drive

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XxMetalGorxX says:

This guy is a clown with his obsession for soft touch and his laughable
appearance. With the V6 engine (269 HP) and its incredible MPG that comes
with it, its the best performing cross over EVER built. This car is too
good for this kid to review it. BTW the RAV4 came out in 1994 and not
1996… the back door opens to the side for the driver preference and
because its a Japanese car and they drive on the LEFT side.. And finally
its NOT AWD its 4WD. All 4 wheels can only be used when the vehicle is
traveling at speeds under 25mph. If you want AWD, this isn’t the car for
you.. buy a Subaru. Love my 2011 RAV4 LIMITED (y)

Jerome McClendon says:

Nice review, I love my 2010 Rav4 V6 Limited. Only bad thing is the factory
nav otherwise perfect, much nicer than the newer models.

megamike317 says:

Have a 2013 rav4 wish it had a V6 :(

Travis Cyprien says:

Thanks for uploading I have been waiting for a RAV4 video. This is what I
want for my gad gift.

CWRT says:

In case? lol. If there is a third-row, it would be awfully small.

n777ua says:

True, the interior of the Rav4 (and Camry/Corolla) is easily the cheapest
in the class, but I don’t think the CR-V or the older Escape are that much
better. The only entrants with acceptable interiors are the Europeans –
Ford Escape and VW Tiguan, both based off the Focus and Golf, respectively

Chris Anderson says:

That’s just a normal feature. Our RAV4 only seats five, and there are still
cupholders in case there is a third row.

DeadofWinter321 says:

This is a nice car. I’d take it over the CR-V

Ajeeth Uthayakumar says:

CR-V with a V6 would be nice

1bentley4ever says:

I agree with Sofyan. The 2014 RAV-4 is hideous. This one is much better

TheK24Kyle says:

…it’s a 2010 id expect to see some form of advancement in this car seeing
thats 4 years after my 2006. the 4 cylinder came with a 4 speed automatic
how can you possibly say that the technology was the same in 2006 as the
cr-v had a 5 AT. there is no excuse for a car to be milked for going on 7
years with addititon of tech stuff that a civic has standard. i know what
you mean, but.., comeon this design lived through 2 cr-v gens..

talldude123 says:

What about Saabkyle04?

Elijah Georges says:

Half the card that you get in are hard touch plastic… Why don’t you just
accept that, that’s how most card interiors are?

Jay Santos says:

The CRV is simply an ugly woman’s car. If I want a real off roader I would
get a 4Runner. Body on frame is always superior to a honda shitvic on
stilts. Wake me up when Honda makes a proper “truck”.

TheK24Kyle says:

know what else is worthless? your sad excuse of a fucking life and channel.
lets see… how long has the honda cr-v had a faster 4 cylinder engine and
5 speed automatic? right since 2005. standard XM radio on ex and above
since 2005 also. how many cr-v’s have sold since 2005?a fuckload. so they
did something right. how long has the rav-4 had an anemic slow peice of
shit 4 cylinder? forever. how numb is the steering? number then your
grandmas saggy tits. want a lockable diff? get a pilot fuckface

crackaddict444 says:

The 2GR-FE is such an impressive engine.

Vancouver Supercar Shows says:

The clip where you are introducing the car, you are talking way too quiet,
maybe try a handheld/clip on mic next time?

BluePancake1000 says:

It’s mostly car enthusiasts who say that. To most people, Toyota makes
great cars. Mechanically, they’re very reliable. It’s just some people
prefer a more engaging driving experience. For 95% of the population, this
car would suit their needs.

Biyi Zhang says:

Please do a review on toyota highlander 2.7 thank you

Chad Qualls says:

You are the only car reviewer I even care to watch on youtube! Also, being
in a big mess of cars, I may try to buy a Rav4! lol

90Mrknowitall says:

front end looks like a product of GM lol

TheK24Kyle says:

the only strong suit to the car IS the v6 engine. honda bothered to refresh
the 07-11. you still got a fresh interior, better quality materials and a
decent navi/bluetooth system. hondas packaging is always like that. back in
2006, EX and above cr-vs came with XM, 6 disc cd, sunroof 5AT and the K24.
i know what you mean but i was trying to makw a joke that a car thats seven
years old seems more up to date and fresher to look at. and for 2014 they
killed the one strongsuit.. the v6 option.

dave dunn says:

Can u do a review on a loaded Toyota venza?

Jake Da Snake Productions says:

Everyone’s got their opinions about certain vehicles… I won’t tell you
mine about that one 😛

Jakeman21642 says:

I know many people who own these and I just am not a fan. The 4 cylinder
models are absolutely pathetic on power and they look cheap and ugly no
matter what trim you buy. Really these are the epitome of cars made for
people who absolutely hate driving.

bswizzle967 says:

Although I never cared for it, this design is still better than the fourth

Chad Qualls says:

@talldude123 He tours them, not review. I have not watched him for a year
or so.

dave dunn says:

Sofyan. I just got rid of my modified white 08 accord v6 sedan for awhite
venza v6 limited. It’s my first Toyota. I love it but ill miss Hondas
sportiness. I needed an SUV and Hondas crv is ugly and the pilot is too big
n ugly.

bmwmsport11 says:

And to the people who say toyotas are shit. If they were, how come their
the #1 automaker in the WORLD? And then you dumbasses would say people only
buy it because of its name and reputation behind it. It’s a reputation
other car makers DON’T have. Most of the people in the world would take
cheap plastics than a soft-touch dash ford that won’t do 300k+.

Dunoj says:

I’d get the CR-V. Nicer interior and when I drove an older V-6 Rav4 Sport a
few years ago, I felt like it was too long and the V-6 seemed to be too
much for the car. I also hate the interior.

Yori Basavatch says:

I like the new rav4 but why did toyota get rid of the v6? 🙁 I guess its a
good thing because they have too many suvs and options for them.

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