2010 Toyota Prius Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

2010 Toyota Prius Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

FOR PRICING & SPECS ON THIS CAR VISIT: http://www.kbb.com/toyota/prius/2010-toyota-prius/ Back in 1997 when the Toyota Prius first went on sale in Japan, it …



Manu77 says:

2010 and later models of Prius are great vehicles, BUT they suffer from
poor driving ergonomics and poor posture. Sooner or later the driver of
the Prius is going to develop back problems.

Desmond Law says:

singapore use this for taxi and commercial vehicle

Piotrek Filocha says:


Desmond Law says:

singapore use this for taxi and commercial vehicle

weirdcanbgood2 says:

@ColeFilth just regular unleaded 😛 isnt it amazing?

Haradrim Tle says:

looks like “wish” with shorter body

BobbyHaet says:

Nice car. But how does it get slightly higher mpg in the city than the
highway? Also the only thing holding me back from buying a hybrid is I do
not know how reliable electric engines are. Im sure they cost a lot more if
you have to make a trip to the mechanic for something because they are such
new technology.

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

take a look at BMW M3 vs toyota prius at top gear, you’ll be surprise how
shitty, liar, stupid, and uneconomical this car is,

TheMichaelRN says:

at least toyota have already moved on to the future unlike other automakers
which are still stuck on gas/diesel-powered engines. So haters, wake up &
feel free to join us in 2012.

ColeFilth says:

what gas does the prius use

goodcheesema says:

you talk about the pro-enviroment image. so ugly is the new image of
eco-friendlyness? and did i hear somone say sleek look? it takes styling
cues from a pontiac aztec. didn’t the old fieros get 40 mph? i’d rather
have one of them.

toyotaprius79 says:

@whalekiller11 Right…. That was almost believable.

Yozer245 says:

interesting to see everybody here is against this car Im 15 now, if i was a
little bit older with a job and money, this car is my first pick

MrColdStove says:

@Yozer245 I agree!

cubanboy740 says:

@bosanaczauvjek well i cant disagree with that.

cowboyznindianz says:

people who drive these just have no shame in what they drive i guess :/

FDD2012 says:

@D1sepuku i agree. Any man who respects his own testicles would never drive
a Prius.

Geniusboombox says:

im sorry, but the prius isn’t enviromental so shut up about all that. its
only economical

misterbear1984 says:

@renefern and what?…be left stranded on the side of the road because of
volks poor reliability history?….sounds fun sitting in a “real car” while
broken down in it lmao…

dortmundpls says:

I bought a 2010 Prius II for 22,800 bucks back in September and now have
19k miles on it. I’ve got no complaints, everything still works as new and
getting 48-52 mpg depending on conditions. I recommend this car highly.

MsElly101 says:

Gosh people, A car is a car, There is nothing wrong with this car, But I
don’t drive one but i know damn well i don’t want to be at the gas station
all the time.

tven99 says:

i want to have a cup of coffee now, i really like this car but i would
never buy it

jjy33p says:

this cars LEGIT ! ! 😀

Anus says:

the problem is kbb does not know how to spell the word “Standard”

Official_Spidey says:

@DCsniper207 wow!

Pollex Pastor Ostermann says:

@Tbolt1000TForLife yeah!!! the globalwarming kind of peaple like you,
fuckin bastard!!!

MC Taipan says:

Hmmm, I think this compeauter is trying to look like some sort of vehicle.
How many megabytes does it have?

label1877 says:

I drive a lot and I could save cash with the Prius… but the
pro-environment- bullshit image this car has… scares me away. It would be
embarrassing to be lumped into the same crowd as the idiots who actually
believe in global-warming.

hms888 says:

@piano1324 Fusion? Honda Fit can beat its MPG and Price.

AirwaysProductionsTV says:

no offence to da japanese, but i think chevrolet suburbans shit these cars
outta their tailgate 😛

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