2010 Toyota Prado Video Car Review – NRMA Drivers Seat

2010 Toyota Prado Video Car Review – NRMA Drivers Seat

Join NRMA Drivers Seat’s Tim Pomroy as he tests the new Toyota Prado ZR 3 door. Visit http://www.mynrma.com.au/nrmadriverseat for more. For any of your Roads…



NRMA says:

Autos in all the 4WDs that I’ve driven oever the years are pretty
agricultural, , except for the box in the Discio 4, thats a better piece of
kit.. autos and diesel engines from the japanese brands have been of the
mark for a long time. With the new generation of dual cab utes coming to
market theres been an improvement in autos,The six-speed in the new ranger
is a good example.

tunin111 says:

All gen. lc/Prado are available in 2/4 door ver. in Europe…

polo54100 says:

i fell asleep

mladen7210 says:

Това кола ли е лада е два пътни по добра!

Guille de Pool says:

put some M/T BFG tires and u got one of the best off road vehicles, i got
my self a 5door 2001 model. Venezuela

mountainpro1 says:

@yourwifecalledagain No, the Lexus is based on the Prado. Toyota owns Lexus.

shuffle953 says:

@jamesjr934 toyota have just only started making 3 door 4WD again i think
it will be in the states soon idk

SOT03Y says:

Cant believe nothing was mentioned about how awful the automatic gearbox
is! we have them for work cars and they have to be the most horrible
gearbox that I have ever used. It is so hesitant and can never decide what
gear it wants to be in.

DougTeg says:

I was thinking of getting one, but it doesn’t have the KDSS active
suspension of the 5-door. Do you think that matters much or does the
lighter weight make up for it?

suzukiaddress125 says:

@jamesjr934 I guess you need to import it. Even in Japan, they dropped
3door models since this 150 series Prado. We didn’t even get FJ Cruiser in
Japan till last December!

Trevor Y says:

for 65k?! I don’t think so!

millabry says:

Just an FYI, they have a learning gearbox, so they learn the way people
drive and then adjust to suit. It takes a couple of days to respond, so if
they are work vehicles then it is likely it is constantly trying to learn
what the driver wants.

steinwaygrande1 says:

All the specs should be in the drivers hand book.

Jason Carpp says:

Sweet looking Land Cruiser. Toyota should definitely offer this here in
North America. It has been a while since Toyota offered a 3 door Land
Cruiser for North American Toyota owners, and I’m sure there are plenty of
people who would appreciate a diesel powered Land Cruiser.

damefaso says:


SOT03Y says:

I cant speak from any other experience, I have only driven this model Prado
with the diesel automatic combination, and like I said, I just found it to
be woeful, its so hesitant, when you give it about 50% throttle it just
cant decide what gear it wants, it changes back one then accelerates a
little, then changes back another gear, then accelerates and then changes
back up a gear. Its frustrating when you see a gap in the traffic and you
got no idea what this thing is going to do!

NRMA says:

I will be driving one again in Nov for our Aust Best Cars awards and will
take your comments on board.

TheHobieBoy says:

lexus is owned by toyota, or should i say lexus is the high end for toyota

jamesjr934 says:

Can this be bought in the states? Never seen the three door before…


Gee, Toyota really did beat the crap out of the zr with an ugly stick. The
exaggerated styling, desparately searching for any sort or character it can
find. It’s just the vehicle you’d put behind the (flaccid) Meat & Potatoes

Erick Paredes says:

they have it in the dominican republic so there they dont have the lexus

act2335 says:

Is this 4×4 and D4D engine or gasoline?

killerssv1 says:

Wonder where they got that camera option from ey, range rover have that out
way before Toyota

maxxbad17 says:

Your Prado sounds like Prada…:)

Mohammed Mokashen says:

Its amazing offroad car

pimpninja1985 says:

@mladen7210 много си тъп Cаше.

TjMagnaSi says:

@act2335 It has a d4d on there so i guess it the diesel. not the petrol

Abdullah147369 says:

heyy can some1 plzz tell me how cud i find my prado’s engine details.I have
an automatic TX prado 🙂

guille212 says:

tengo la 3puertas 2007 es buenisima en condiciones offroad- Colombia

juan perez says:

UAZ 469 IS BETTER!!!!!!!……….XD

bigbad1000do7a says:


5150VanAlien says:

I like it! It’s not too bulky for the city but still offers off road
ability. Also a good family car as there are no rear doors, instead fixed
pillars making side impacts safer…I like it but that’s just my view.

ps3bigboy320 says:

my neighbor has a 3 door 2008 prado land cruiser? lol …. its not good to
lie -.-

Noura Ebraheem says:

very nice

cjsanchezch says:

y yo una 2005 manual en venezuela 3 puertas

The JHenry says:

that prado is ugly! ew wtf is that thing

Bruno S says:

why doesnt toyota brings this shit to the US!?!

yourwifecalledagain says:

Is this related to the Lexus GX? If it is, then Toyota sure figured how to
make it ugly.

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