2010 Toyota Prado & Mitsubishi Challenger Comparison Car Review and Road Test

2010 Toyota Prado & Mitsubishi Challenger Comparison Car Review and Road Test

Join Tim Pomroy and Jaedene Hudson from NRMA Drivers Seat as they take a close look at the new Mitsubishi Challenger and Toyota Prado along one of Australia’…



The4x4offroader says:

Its weird.. In India this model is sold with name PAJERO sport.. & higher
model is named MONTERO (which is known as pajero in other countries)

maxthehulk says:

you are coping this from wikipedia and putting it in every video of cars
like jeeps,toyotas,lexus,and even mahindra scorpio the question is why

ichthusguy211 says:

Compare Mitsubishi Challenger(aka Montero) to Toyota Fortuner; While Toyota
Prado to Mitsubishi Pajero.

chris pease says:

I would have thought the Challenger would be more capable than the Pajero.
It has a live rear axle unlike the all around independent suspension of the

ijackrabbits says:

i have no problem with this review. i do own a new mitsubishi challenger
XLS. but in regards to the comparison. the challenger was not brought out
to compete with the prado. it is made for familys that like small car like
a ford territory but can go off-road. the Prado on the other hand should be
compared with the pajero because it was brought out to compete with it on
the car market. that is why early prado’s looked like pajeros. no offense
but the prado should go against a pajero

Dmitry Kolpakov says:

MC is for real offroad beating. It’s much cheaper and hard as nails. One
doesn’t buy Prado for that.

danamanda81 says:

You have no idea what you are on about….. The Pajero’s ‘crappy sports car
type chassis’ that you talk about is significantly stronger than any ladder
chassis out there. Ladder chassis are prehistoric and will disappear in the
next decade. Pajero also still uses a 4 Cyl diesel too…..

maxthehulk says:

there is wrong they should compare toyota prado vs mitsubishi pajero and
the other comparison between toyota fortuner vs mitsubishi challenger


With all respect i agree with the others the Toyota Prado is not in the
same class as the Mitsubishi Challenger. The Toyota Prado is a bigger, more
capable off road and on and a more luxury 4X4 which is why it is more
expensive. The Toyota Prado needs to be compared with the with the
Mitsubishi Pajero and the Mitsubishi Challenger needs to be compared with
the Toyota Highlander.

James Gellatly says:

From experience. The challenger should be compared with the pathfinder
whilst the prado should be compared with the pajero. And for that dude who
sed it should be compared with a highlander. Wtf mate. Highlanders are sh*t
off road. Compare a highlander to a ford escape or a Subaru forester

azizonov says:

you have to compare the toyota prado with the mitsubishi pajero the
mitsubishi pajero challenger with the toyota 4runner

sm2by says:

This should be compared with the Toyota Fortuner, which is it’s exact
Toyota Rival… Oh wait its so crappy Toyota doesn’t even dare sell it in

James Gellatly says:

And mate the challenger isn’t as good as the pajero as it is based in the
triton chassis which isn’t really made for off road

maxthehulk says:

no no it should compared with toyota fortuner

loafers609 says:

I believe Challenger vs Prado was a good comparison. Both have ladder
chassis, solid rear axles and independent fronts, 4cyl diesels etc. Would
have been nice if they used the model of prado equal in price to the
challenger though. The Pajero (which many are complaining should have been
used) has full independent suspension, the chassis is that crappy sports
car type one, and has a bigger 6cyl engine, which would be much better
compared to a Pathfinder as it has such similarities.

Dale Ryder says:

Thanks! Very informative & honest review. Good to see equanimity regarding
having a woman also being able to express her view on cars. Only in

TheCarArchives says:

the engine on the 2008-present Mitsubishi Challenger/ Mitsubishi Pajero
Sport/ Mitsubishi Montero Sport/ Mitsubishi Nativa/ Mitsubishi Pajero Dakar
Engine 6B31 3.0 L V6 6G74 3.5 L V6 4D56 2.5 L I4 TD 4D56 2.5 L I4 VGT
2011-MY (4D56 2.5 L I4 DI-D Hyper Common rail VGT w/ Intercoller, I4 DOHC 4
Cylinder, 16 Valve) 4M41 3.2 L l4 TD

prosurv123 says:

@jgellatly22 beg to disagree mate, the Challenger has proven to be
excellent offraod in all the reviews..

Николай Юхно says:

Pajero sport “РУЛИТ”

MrKostasnn1 says:

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport дешевле на 400000 рублей! А offraod- великолепен!
TLC Prado удобней и престижней. Но цена… =(

trippllyndaw says:

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