2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser first look review

2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser first look review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser is a big comfy go anywhere Rhino and this is an iPhone first look.



Ahmed Almoalla says:

There is only two problem with the FJ
1-Bad looking
2-Small gas tank
otherwise its one of the best 4×4 in the world 

bajabilly2004 says:

i own one and its a BEAST!!!!

Charles Beck says:

What trail was this that you were on? (i live in the denver area, and I am
look for some trails to get on in the summer time.)

ideaynojodas says:

OMG…Way back when. I was looking for FJ videos on your channel and came
across this. Awesome. Will you please re-do this??? We (fans) need more
about the FJ. Pretty please?????

pcbb01 says:

@bajabusta ignorant statement, fj is cheap so it guilt-free to customize
with all them bullbars and lift kits..well not all can appreciate this kind
of car, much like art…only those with an aptitude for it can feel and see
its meaning

bellhon says:

what’s the intro song?…

YeuLaKho says:

nice color………… 😀

LeonRFpoa says:

I bought one and damn if it isn’t the best car I ever owned. Durable as
hell, you can go anywhere you want, low low maintenance and the size is
awesome albeit it being a bit heavy. You have to learn to drive it but the
gas mileage is not horrible if you don’t let it drink too much.

YotaFan1 says:

I want one

Shuffle3956 says:

lol smart sucks

MrMrmoe19 says:

i know am waiting for my 04 camry to die! I take it off road, truth water,
bashed it in a wall and it does not die

decca111 says:

fucking shit car

The Fast Lane Car says:

Often first impressions are the most honest. This video review was shot on
an iPhone and represents an initial impression.

bajabusta says:

@pcbb01 i dont think it is cheap. And customizing also is not inexpensive.
My point was, people dont typically take their ‘brand new’ 4×4 off roading.
They use them as ‘all weather’ vehicles, and the people who DO go off
roading, have a dedicated truck for that purpose alone.

AutoJunkieMan says:

I recently drove a 2007 one of these 6 speed manual, was so much fun super
fast… For me any ways.

jamesjr934 says:

That “gnarly road” isn’t much worse than a paved road with a few potholes.

123Rosko says:

@92CamryLE it most certainly is…..

flyhpy says:

i don’t think you guys drove through that same puddle enough times

monkeyman307 says:

your favorite thing is…? 1:57

LeonRFpoa says:

picked mine up first owner, 120,000 miles for 15k and it runs like new.
Price of a new smartcar.

Johnny B says:

Would you say it is better than a Wrangler?

s25007 says:

That was a pretty wimpy road

LeonRFpoa says:

I know, right? why the HELL would you drive one of those coffins

Jake Soto says:

@yaga712 yeah, I found out a little while later, that’s awesome, I would
have never guessed

Kevitivity says:

@whitedogfive I’m not so sure. I take mine into the back country all the
time and see many other FJs out there. It’s become somewhat of a 4×4
enthusiasts truck. Head over to fjcruiserforums to get a feeling for FJ

Foreignguy22 says:

@moumoudz1 It was filmed with an iPhone…

theslimeylimey says:

hahaha well said. I drive my lowered Miata on rougher roads than this just
taking the dog for a walk. I imagine the dealer who loaned him this vehicle
wants it back without a blemish hence treating it like its made of glass.

moumoudz1 says:

what does this iphone mean ? i don’t understand? you want get more
attention? you have one of the best chanel with the best reviews 🙁

Jake Soto says:

@123Rosko Wow, I had no idea. Thanks.

bajabusta says:

Most people who spend the money Toyota wants for these will not and do not
take them off road, and the people who do go off road typically have
something either more capable, or a purpose built no worries if it gets
dammaged vehicle, well the true off roaders I know do anyway! IMO the only
thing that is nifty on this thing is indeed the triple wipers and they are
needed, as the height of the window is so short two would simply not sweep
enough glass to be safe! GREAT vid otherwise as always

neurotoksin says:

@MrBlayneRs Gratz to you. But look at it from our point of view. We don’t
live on a ranch and we don’t need the kind of truck/offroader that you
need. So to us, some of those ARE “gnarly roads”. Don’t be a wise-guy.

FreeMason34 says:

Ugly as heck!

Soj Ibor says:

So are you driving the Miata or walking with your dog? Which is it? You
can’t do both at the same time unless the dog walks along the car. In that
case, you are just a lazy asshole. Think then write. Try that next time.

Shuffle3956 says:

I doubt if your dream of your Camry acting up comes true

hornback86 says:

This video is a poor representation of what the FJ can do. I took my WRX
through worse.

italyanoQ8 says:

please dad ,, i need it

YotaFan1 says:

My 02 Camry just turned 200,000 and all ive ever done is routine
maintenance. My family needs a bigger SUV and for now my second vehicle is
a 99 Jeep grand cherokee but that thing has been a lemon from hell. So I’m
thinking as soon as the camry acts up or the jeep dies were going FJ.

whitedogfive says:

How can you be above treeline, as I see lots of trees?

dubcars101 says:

You keep going through that same puddle, DAMN!

yaga712 says:

@92CamryLE it does come as a manual, my 2007 is a 6 speed manual

itsallgucci says:

These “off roading” videos are starting to bug me. I live on a ranch in
Texas (no we aren’t hillbilly’s) anyways their “gnarly roads” are the roads
we have to drive on everyday to get to what we call our headquarters. Here
we call them dirt roads. To us off roading is when there is no road at all
no pavement, no dirt, nothing at all.

deliveryboy1 says:

i really like that color… that windshield is so shirt and wide, how do
you figure 2 wipers would clean it better than the 3. also good luck seeing
stop and go lights. but anyways, nice video!

jig dot says:

I thought Colorado was cold

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