2010 Kia Forte Koup SX – Drive Time Review

2010 Kia Forte Koup SX – Drive Time Review

Drive Time review of the all-new 2010 Kia Forte Koup SX by auto critic Steve Hammes.



jacob richy says:

my brother bought one and he loved it but ho only god it because he had a
baby before that he was ready to go buy a full package version of this car
so if you dont have alot people to be driven around i would get this both
verynice cars to though

Dhruvil shah says:

@stevehammes dud i m in same thing i like kia looks and i hate mazda 3
smile face. but mazda has 4 door and so much fun to drive. which one do
think i should buy?

techdude6693 says:

@eclipsetuner99 yea, that’s why they changed them.

TJC450 says:

love the 5 door.

megusta255 says:

Yah and what do you drive?

thedefinitive says:

@LeastOfTheMajority Very good, as I understand. I think the car weighs just
under 3000lbs. it’s like 2900 and some change. that coupled with almost
180hp makes for a pretty quick car. I’ve seen 0-60 vids of this car with
the auto in the 6 to 7 second range.

luc poirier says:

@jamali99 my kia is 100,000km or 5 years

snowysnowcones says:

Good review. Seems like a nice car. I don’t like the red gages though, I
think white or a silver-blue still gives off a “cool” look with being more
mature and sharper.

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@Vachowski Excellent question and one I’ve pondered myself. I probably
would buy the Mazda3 over the Forte Koup BUT that’s because I have a family
and would prefer the 4 or 5-door style of the Mazda. All in all, it’s a
close call but the Mazda3 is awfully hard to beat for the money.

Marcus Lamp says:

The wheels look like shit

Mazin Mohammad says:

@poirierluc19 yeh dude n they also give 100 000 km warranty not bad n if i
got it ill probably use it for 4 yrs so i dont think tht reliability will
matter cuz any new car will run good for 4 yrs 🙂

pack13sheet says:

can you get an SX model A/T without paddle shifters? thanks…. and by the
way “nice review!” 🙂

sid203 says:

front wheel drive ? Give me a break 173hp – joke

hup53 says:

@Bearnub LOL!!!!! Suuuuurrrreeee it is…truth based in nothing.

techdude6693 says:

@subyrockz4 Get It! I have the SX Hatch and I love it

utubeyaw says:

Steve really showed himself in the review.been a longtime

luc poirier says:

@jamali99 depending on the model.. Si are expensive.. go in the ex or lx
and there not…

thirentpx says:

people should stop complaining about the power….if this car had like
300-400 hp….then you would need 300-400 hp money to buy it….by lowering
the power and thus the cost…one does not have to dream about owning
one….I have this car….and 154 HP is more than enough for me…plus with
the fuel price being so high…its not so hard on the pocket….Whenever I
drive my koup…people always turn and look….its a real eye
catcher….This car attracts more ladies than those luxury german cars

simpsonfan13 says:

@stevehammes Today, would you buy it over the 2012 Focus? Im considering an
SE sedan manual. The Koup sounds like a decently fun car but I’m worried
about resale value. I know Kia has come a long way recently but it’s still
a Kia. Any thoughts?

Montague says:

im actual rather impressed with kia’s new cars , comfortable , fun to drive
and they are also good looking .. unlike a lot of other new cars its got a
simple look to it instead of a jagged and swoopy “futuristic ” look .

eric ngo says:

i would get the tc

Jacob Evans says:

I made that comment 2 years ago, but if you must know. I’ve gone through a
2005 Porsche Cayenne S (hand me down), a 2002 Cavalier, and recently bought
a 1993 Accord coupe with plans to do an H22 swap. So with that being said
My Cayenne would happily beat any economy car INCLUDING this Forte Koup in
a race, and once my swap is done in my CB it’ll walk any Kia Forte Koupe.
How bout them apples?

Ge0vone says:

Torsion beam…ew

DatTriple says:

Looks so much like a Civic, but I love it.

Jacob H says:

It just looks too much like a Civic for me

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