2010 Kia Forte Koup Review – A stroke of Korean genius to fill a sport compact niche

2010 Kia Forte Koup Review – A stroke of Korean genius to fill a sport compact niche

Kia’s new Forte Koup isn’t just a step in the right direction for the Korean automaker; it’s a stroke of genius. Created to get young men in the door of a Ki…



harris3693 says:

This car should have been RWD, heck, they make these cars partially in
China. I think if they can make it there for a profit, they can make it a
transverse RWD koup, then we got a deal. Or at only 175 HP? Screw that,
I’ll drive my dad’s toyota RAV-4 instead, got RWD and pumps out 240 HP!!!

Josh Oconnell says:

man… this is porno music!!

DtorBill says:

@CHASE06051990 Anti-Korean? My friend, you are not so intelligent, right?
You are who is writing rubbish against Japanese people as an obsessed (and
I’m not even Japanese). I’m just talking about the car and I just answered
ridiculous comments made by people; read below if you are smart enough to
read my previous comments, ridiculous and obsessed fanboy

xclaimer365 says:

The guy’s name is Colum Wood, what other kind of music would you expect

Connor Olivardia says:

This competes directly with the TC , so yea , it does have competition

DtorBill says:

@CHASE06051990 And… Unlike you, I’m not who is writing rubbish against
everybody, calling everybody ‘japanese’ just because they don’t like
S.Korean car makers. Don’t be complexed my friend and try to respect. This
care is a mere copy believe or not and that’s another point of how
dishonest is Hyundai. SORRY.

Giot Just says:


Eslam Tolba says:

it has a start/stop engine button … YES

DtorBill says:

@CHASE06051990 I look ‘anti-korean’ because of your obsession. Your
dishonest companies are not my problem. Anyway, I will also upload a few
videos about another car maker which betrayed a lot of people in 2009
(different European Stock Markets).Try to respect my man. Ok?

Paulo Melo says:

Honda Civic ??????

consumedbyfire13 says:

@Warpath2198 I suppose you’re right. They make great Anime, but however,
when it comes to music they really aren’t very innovative. On the plus
side, Asians are almost indisputably the smartest people in the world.

Cruzan9 says:

I need an affordable car in about 6-9 months. I would go with the Civic if
I could afford it but this one is so much more affordable. I think it’s a
smart move by Kia. I would need to test drive this car (sedan not Koup)
before I make my decision though. If it drives well I’d go this route.
Worse case scenario I’d settled for a used Civic. Preferably one whose
previous driver leased the vehicle.

Koala A says:

So this car is attractive to people who can afford a Subaru WRX STI, Honda
Civic SI, Acura RSX Type S, Chevy Cobalt SS Superchared or even uhh…
Saturn Ion Redlines and Dodge Neon SRTs?

fearthetruth580 says:

the front end looks exactly like the new civic coupe

Bill Smith says:

@ArmadaAsesino I test drove one, and it was rubbish.

DtorBill says:

@CHASE06051990 See your comments, think about your behavior little flower.
Respect, ok? And lets talk about the cars.

BrantFortunate says:

what a name! colum wood. lol.

Steven H. says:


DtorBill says:

@pongdadong You said ‘Mercedes Engineers’ <-- Not designer. Anyway, it's ok... The design believe or not comes from Honda (same as Kia Optima (terribly similar to Honda Accord 09)). Anyway, it's ok. I don't want to talk anymore... I feel tired of this arguments, sorry if I bothered you.

mountiansnoceans says:

big black…… air intake lmaoooo

DtorBill says:

@CHASE06051990 Yes, my Spanish is much better, hehe, sorry, but I try to do
my best and I think it’s not that bad (hehe). About the headlights I don’t
agree with you although I agree about the rest of your points. In my case,
I would buy a Civic, the engines are impressive. Well, that’s all for
today… Sorry for my English, really.

TheeDevilWearsPrada says:

Civic Coups are actually really nice. I test drived one. It handles superb.
But the bad thing is that it only has 140 hp…

pongdadong says:

@DtorBill Mitsubishi has always made there motors but I am talking about
design like the exterior and interior. Where is this motors thing coming

rearnakedpoker says:

The Forte Koup reminds me of a white girl witha black ass. Whenever I spot
one, I gotta take time to appreciate it

chiefdarklord69 says:

@ArmadaAsesino or look at the hhr and pt cruiser 😛

SauceCaptain says:

It looks a little like a civic/focus RS/Jetta all in one. Great looking
little car. It’s nice somebody is making a sporty car for under 20,000 too.
For the money you would save why would you get a civic?

DtorBill says:

@CHASE06051990 Ok my friend… See you my friend… Did you know what’s
recently doing GM? Not, right? And what’s wrong with my videos? Not real?
If you can’t accept it, sorry,… I’m also uploading videos about economy
(Spanish, for example). Don’t try to avoid the ‘meaning’ of those videos
through your bad education.

afghanakk says:

why i think they copied the eurporan speack civic ….

Chickencheese says:

Your review is terrible. For more reviews on your reviews, see my comments
on your other terrible reviews.

Bryant Dela Cruz says:

the front end of the car just screams “i wanna be a civic!”

Magnolia318 says:

that music is bangin. love it.

Paul Revere says:

The Civic SI only comes with a manual transmission and only drinks premium
gasoline. The Koup is either manual or automatic and runs on regular gas !

DtorBill says:

@tamildodge Sorry I was wrong… but it looks a Honda (too much). 0:31
(Competitor of Honda) <-- He is also talking about Honda, sorry. See you

TheDoubleDoubleyoo says:

WHAT IS THAT SONG ?!!?!?!?? It’s so random !!

DtorBill says:

@CHASE06051990 TAU Engine is an engine based on D-CVVT technology… that’s
basically pathetic. Sorry. I have a question, who is the idiot now? And
more: GDi engines are enterely based on Mitsubishi engines, that’s why they
didn’t change the name (Theta). Can you understand? If they develop a new
engine, the name would change, right? Or not? Besides that, that company is
dirty and dishonest.

Guillaume Lavigne says:

The guages look practically identical to the first generation Mazda 3

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