2010 Hyundai Tucson GLS AWD – Drive Time Review

2010 Hyundai Tucson GLS AWD – Drive Time Review

Drive Time review of the all-new 2010 Hyundai Tucson GLS AWD by auto critic Steve Hammes.



Alfredo Burger says:

The2011 tucson volumes and design seems like a fly

ferdinand bernarte says:

@Silvertrine Ok smart guy! What you nedd is you need to get a life.

wtrdogg20 says:

@Theobieze They are pretty much the same….but with different skin.

palebeachbum says:

Am I missing something here? Why did Hyundai not drop in the new 2.4L GDI
engine? It makes more power and is better on gas. They instead used the
old-ass 4cyl. from the last generation Sonata. Uh…why?

ferdinand bernarte says:

@Silvertrine also what did I wrote that was disrespectful?

TheNewMrCool says:

So Steve, it wasn’t as engaging and sporty as the Mazda, but was the CR-V
or RAV4 a better drive in your experience? If it’s about on par with those
two, its equipment and style should elevate it above, but only if it’s

ferdinand bernarte says:

@h4h4h4 Dude, you probably need a pair of new glasses, look again!

Imad S says:

@Hughesburner Are you serious? No offense but why? Just because of the V6?

lamename says:

@carsaregood911 Not really because of the V6, it’s comparable aside from
the better highway mileage of the new model. It just seems as if the only
advancements have been cosmetic. I just hit 65k miles, original owner and
only have had to change the battery and brakes all around. I just don’t
trust the inline 4 yet, my model has proven itself over the past 5-6
years..unlike my friends newer Sonata that has been back to the dealership
3-4 times for electrical problems. No offense taken BTW..

maikumaku84 says:

I’m glad you pointed out the driving dynamics. Driving pleasure seems to be
the only thing missing with this one, but Hyundai is definitely on the
right track. – Stylish, light, good power-to-weight ratio, and
well-equipped while still offering good value for money. Just needs to be
more fun and involving to operate. Like always, Great review!

Rabscallion69 says:

hey i am jsut wondering if this car can tow an atv in a small trailer such
as the SnowBear 4½-in. x 7½-ft. Landscape Trailer ? I need to tow my atv
around which is around 350lb hope for a response, would help alot thanks

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@TV843 Other than the CX-7, none really come to mind. The CR-V is still
pretty impressive.

kicksoffs says:

CRV sucks

steve9509 says:

@kikinisyun what do you mean escape tranmission problem? my parents just
bought one.

Keith Webb says:

hyundai is getting better at designing there cars this just shows us there
improving this tucson is a lot nicer i mean A LoT haha but this design has
to grow on me but the cars interior has really improved.

harrygoozee says:

its pretty much same as santa fe

Imad S says:

@Hughesburner Damn that’s a bummer, but don’t you think you friend might
have been unlucky since the newer Hyundai are reliable as any Toyota? But I
see what your saying, and I agree with you actually. My mom wants this new
model or the new Sportage, we’ll see what happens.

lamename says:

I currently drive an V6 FWD ’05 Tuscon and am not sure why this guy think
it’s forgettable compared to this model. I would take mine over this thing
any day.

rg0r says:

Looks actually pretty good… Impressive Hyundai.

Theobieze says:

is this or the Sportage a better car?

Silvertrine says:

@kikinisyun Disagreeing with someone and telling them ‘they dont get it’
are two different things. Your point really doesnt make much sense at all
as you immediately dismiss the reviewer and then try and unsuccessfully
twist the argument. Show a little more respect next time.

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