2010 Hyundai Elantra Review After One Year

2010 Hyundai Elantra Review After One Year

I bought this car in December of 2010. This is a video of the car after one year and nearly 28000 miles.



Samthebam4044 says:

Hey Bish, have you ever had a Nissan Micra seeing as you’ve had many Nissan
vehicles, just wondered, I dunno if they ever sold the Micra in the US,
great little cat, well the first two models before 2002 which I think is
when Renault took over, not saying modern nissans are awful, I’m not a fan
of Nissan per se but I do respect they’re older models a lot.

blue222blue says:

I’ve had the 2010 GLS for six months. I love the car.

Your reviews are spot on. Thanks for taking the time for such a thorough

I also invested in snow tires, and the car made it through a rough winter
with flying colors.

The seat is on the firm side, which I like, and the cabin is very quiet.
The “eco” light is just a monitor of how conservatively one is accelerating
and braking. Unlike in some other models and makes, it doesn’t modulate
engine performance.

Really a good value car.

da detailist says:

I bought my GLS in April 2010 and since then the rattling/clunking noise
from the rear is driving me crazy! Have take it numerous times to the
dealer with no success. Do you have the same problem too? In Hyundai forums
everybody talks about struts, as a matter of fact, the front “driver side”
has been changed because it was doing the same banging/rattling/clunking
noise. Now, the loud noise from the back is insane! These cars are okay but
very noisy.
PS: I had a Nissan Maxima and was looking for some saving in price and

ajaugenti says:

What do you actually think about todays cars that have electric motors
like, the Toyota Prius etc?

chris m says:

I love my 2009 elantra. preforms even better with bosch iridium spark plugs
0-100 KM/H in 7 seconds. recommended 11-12 seconds. And i get 700-800 KM
average out of a tank of petrol.

CSM1470 says:

My 2013 Elantra is a night mare on snowy roads..I already spun out once.
Fortunately no one was behind me or coming the other way. I was like wtf.
How did that happen. I shouldn’t have to buy new tires after a year and
only 22k miles on them.

Nick Sircar says:

Im surprised you dont do your own oil changes since your mechanically

noahre86 says:

My dad a 2011:) I really like the elantras!

nerakairotciv says:

Ah!! Ok, thanks for the explanation! I think this is a great value car…I
just hope I can get close to the 40 mpg on the hwy as a lot of consumers
are complaining about not getting even close to that figure! Wish me luck!

Nate Taylor says:

@WinbookXL3 You should start a camera fund if it’s that serious for you.

gmcnewlook says:

lol my dad bought a benz, has no interest to pay for satellite radio,
enjoyed the trial that came with it but didnt renew. however they keep
sending him offers,

Show Me What I Need To Know says:

I have a 2002 Elantra. It’s been the most reliable car I’ve ever owned and
I beat the crap out of it. I’ve been a big fan of Hyundai and many people
have purchased them because of my experience and recommendation. The
current models are quite exciting, but they don’t drive any better than my
02, and the ride quality, handling, and road noise could be improved with
most models. They are reliable though. And at least Hyundai hasn’t switched
to CVTs yet. I hate CVTs.

Erik Oldfield says:

A friend of mine’s dad bought a brand new Kia Forte Koup about 6 months
ago, and JUST got the oil changed last week at 14,XXX miles. I just know
that car isn’t gonna last more than 150,000 Miles :/

vwestlife says:

@WinbookXL3 His latest videos are all in 480p, if anyone cares. I have to
watch everything in 360p anyway, because my DSL Internet sucks.

Show Me What I Need To Know says:

They took the temp gauge out partially through the 2009 model year, which
totally sucks. I like having a temp gauge, even if the factory ones are not
that accurate.

Jayar Flores says:

Why do u render your youtube videos in 360p only?

Fuzy2K says:

Wait… Deja vu… I could’ve sworn I saw this video a week ago! :O Did you
delete it and re-post it, or am I going crazy?

Gibson299 says:

I purchased one of these recently. a 2010, Exactly like this one, but a
Canadian Model GL. PL, PW, Cruise, Tilt, AC, Heated seats. Were in Kms,
just under 57,000 Kms much better then the cobalt i was looking at before.

talldude123 says:

@WinbookXL3 Its 480p, VGA.

ThePariss333 says:

I get 40.08 MPG on hwy way at 60 miles p/h with cruise control, regular
gasoline, 33 psi tire press, 3000 miles oil change

Andeson says:

Going to get that new 2012 Hyundai Elantra with the 40MPG?

Ascot Shark says:

DId you ever own a nissan stanza 😀

nathan middleton says:

yeah i believe that. idk maybe it’s different in texas, even though i would
think that the rule would be the same across the board. i bought it
non-certified at a ford place, then went to hyundai to ask if the warranty
was transferable. maybe they just said yes to make me feel comfortable
bringing it in so they can charge me ha.

Jayar Flores says:

@bbishoppcm I don’t want to be rude I was just wondering because I like
360p because my old laptop I use is for only playing and watching YouTube
videos because the screen it nice and crisp! & It makes it easier on my
laptop so I thank-you! You do great wonderful video BTW!

BBISHOPPCM's World says:

@CompaqCQ5504 I’ve owned a Mazda, and you really don’t want to hear my
opinion, TRUST ME 🙂

Nathan W says:

I remember Ames! The former Ames building in my town is now a furniture

Samthebam4044 says:

Hey bbishoppcm why do alot of cars these days not have oil pressure guages
on the dash just a warning lamp, I noticed my aunt’s BMW X5 doesn’t have
one yet it has an oil temp guage, isn’t it better to have a pressure guage
or both? I thought u could tell more about the oil from the pressure rather
than the temperature. Cheers

MacintoshUser1986 says:

I’m so glad to see someone on YouTube that shows concern about other people
not having much work. That’s a sign of class and I thank you Brandon for

BBISHOPPCM's World says:

@Danny77uk That’s how it’s pronounced in America… how do you pronounce it?

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