2010 Hyundai Accent GS 3-Door Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour/Review

2010 Hyundai Accent GS 3-Door Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour/Review

In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2010 Hyundai Accent GS 3-door. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car …



Michael Manza says:

Why does it got oldstyle steering wheel it looks like off a 2002 Accent

Isaack Trigueros says:

thast a good car, you +Saabkyle04 sound like you´re disaponinted xD

podmuse1994 says:

I really like this car as it has a lot of good features for its price but
that chime would literally drive me insane… My cousin had a 2002 Sonata
with that chime I figured it would have changed by 2005 at least.

Joe Zhang says:

my 2007 Hyundai Accent (almost no different than 2010) run so great !!,
already pass 120K mile. The car never have any problem. Hyundai really
spent the money on the right parts(Engine and the transmission). Only one
problem is the MPG, i only got average 27 – 29 MPG (half freeway and half

Jay Holmes says:

Bought the manual version of this last year, never liked it much but was
using it as a way to help build credit. Put 35000km on it in the past 11
months, never had a single problem, somewhat won me over, but not enough to
keep me from trading for a 2014 mazda 3 last week. 

John Gustafson says:

this car sssssccccccrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmssssssss

xptunes says:

did anyone have any problems with this car?plz tell me your experiences
because I thinking about buying one these

Tim K says:

My mom bought the car I still have to say besides the modern type of look
and built in USB and aux the 97 Chevy cavalier she had before rode much

StarshipNormandy7421 says:

My left front wheel bearing went bad at 70k hopefully its covered or so
thats what I’m getting from the dealer lucky me I got it new they will try
to get something out of me I just feel it don’t trust dealers but there’s
no excuse for a bearing failing after 70k most go well past 100k my opinion
of hyundai is a bit indifferent right now since its nearly winter and I’m
forced to drive my 1970 chevelle ss 454 clone as my daily driver 

Lambda Lifts NZ says:

That door open chime sounds a bit like the reverse chime in my cousins old
’93 Honda Civic Ferio.

Ayako Tami says:

I am in LOVE with this little car! 😀 I absolutely love the thing. It’s
well worth little car to have especially if you are a new driver [like me].
Beautiful car to drive and so darn easy to use. It gets up to speed quickly
and doesn’t take long to warm up during winter time. It’s so well worth to

icantw8 says:

Bubble car.

xoquixxoqafxo says:

@takerisen18 The Aveo is literally the WORST new car you can buy on the
market today.

Marcelo Fraga says:

Could anyone tell me what price is that there Accent in the U.S.? Here in
Brazil, just to compare, a Toyota Corolla costs on average U.S. $ 35,000.

takerisen18 says:

@saabkyle04 I agree with you on the Accent looking a bit plain and bland.
But it definitely looks better than the yaris ever will! and the chevy aveo
really doesn’t have of anything on the accent either. But that’s just in my
opinion. Yours is probably different haha. Awesome in depth review man
really appreciate it!

Tony Thatcher says:

this is to basic for me 0-o

david123321ism says:

Nice cute car!

123chunhou says:

how do u use the auto driver window.i tried it on my maxima didn’t word and
the button said”auto”

ladyyuna2000 says:

Thanks for the review Kyle I was thinking of buying this car. ^_^

MizzFashionQu33n says:

Beautiful car

raul calderon says:

@quirkychic1984 don’t worry i am 5’10 too and i weight 300lbs and i fit
very well in my 09 hyundai accent gs. and also my friends that are little
taller than me said that the car look small but it is impressive how
comfortable and spacious is.

Richard John says:

start up sounds like a riding lawn mower. lol my mom just bought one of

JBodine67 says:

No cruise control?

xoquixxoqafxo says:

@Jakeman2164 You still can’t drive legally dumb ass. Go ahead and drive
then but you’ll be thrown in jail when the cops catch you.

WarthogRacer says:

@chickenfarm09 My grandfather had a Nissan Pulsar NX and it had some exact
door ajar buzzer.

Rickyjunior12 says:

@ahmy2000 SAME HERE MAN 😀

Greig300 says:

Hyundai Accident!

xoquixxoqafxo says:

@foxboy1618 yes they still stink… especially this model. Newer ones are
as bad.

vwestlife says:

Nice shorts 🙂 But I don’t see the point of anyone buying a “fully loaded”
Accent with automatic, power windows, etc. — for the same price, you can
get a MUCH nicer used car.

Brady Allan says:

I’ve got a 2008 GS hatch in Tango Red. It’s got its share of problems, but
that’s only because it wasn’t as well maintained when it was my dad’s >.>
But it’s mine now, and I intent to make it last.

xoquixxoqafxo says:

@raulecalderon wow 25 in the city sucks ass. My bf’s 05 Civic with a stick
gets 34 in the city…

bster13 says:

It’d be much more helpful if you stated how tall u were,set the driver and
front passenger seat to a comfortable/reasonable location and then crawled
into the back for each of your cars to show how cramped you were….it is
especially important on smaller cars like this.

bleachatchatpark says:

Kyle, how does this car feel when u drive it.

braineyboy says:

this one has a radio wow

datboiwes3 says:

@Joseph9536 HAHA the United States’ automotive industry caused it’s own
collapse by making shitty ass cars and the labor unions. Also who cares
where a car is made just as long as it is reliable. Most of the electronics
in your home come from Asia so why not your car.

yourwifecalledagain says:

@10McKeeG 80s/90s Hyundai is completely different from the 21st century
version. My Santa Fe is a nice little car. I will agree with you on the
horn, though, it really doesn’t get the point across. And coming out of an
SUV it’s almost hilarious.

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