2010-2012 Hyundai Santa Fe Review from Consumer Reports

2010-2012 Hyundai Santa Fe Review from Consumer Reports

The Hyundai Sante Fe is a pleasant and practical SUV. It’s improved by two revised powertrains. Learn more about the Hyundai Sante Fe and other SUVs on our w…



Cally Longnecker says:

I have the 2011 Santa Fe..I adore it. It gets the same gas mileage as my
Elantra surprisingly. I commute and it’s reliable and comfortable.
Hyundai is great. The warranty that came stock is a 10 year/100k
powertrain and 5 year 20 k on the other. 

NotARealUTubeAccount says:

@gamemasterzoomzoomom @atastymuffin LMFAOOO. But theirs is a 07-09 with the
older front end/tailights.

Kurt says:

SCARY! A female driver! good thing this was on closed roads, or many
accidents would of happened

Adarsh Sn says:

best suv ever. Doess it have a sunroof????

Jawad Ali says:

me to my father also has that i love it

Jawad Ali says:

this car is good

afrosheen6 says:

I just purchased one three weeks ago, 2.4 GL. Not sure what all the
bitching and moaning’s all about from these comments that i see on here.
It’s a great little truck with a surprisingly nice interior as well as
exterior and good road feel, as far as i’m concerned. The 5 star safety
rating and excellent fuel economy were the deciding factors for my
purchase. Hyundai’s been kicking some real ass lately. Everyone else is
paying attention now…

scottcwilson1 says:

hey dude you get the helicopter noise as you put in a BMW and any car. It
is from the well sealed vehicle. even my old 71 buick GS had that noise.
sheesh. People just don’t know what they are talking about. if you want it
all spend your money on a freaking PORSCHE or a highend Lexus and stop
making complaints about sub par vehicles that are for budget style people
looking to look good around town for a price they can afford.

TheCarArchives says:

the 2006-present Hyundai Santa Fe/ Inokom Santa Fe (Malaysia) is assembled
in Asan, Korea Montgomery, Alabama, United States West Point, Georgia,
United States Kulim, Malaysia İzmit, Turkey

PussMag says:

any taller cars/suv = will lean more when cornering, enough said, some
people just dont get it. ugly? well it was designed in 2005 so stop
comparing with 2011 at that price there are no such things

ConceptVBS says:

Also, its built in Montgomery, Alabama, USA.

W. Jones says:

@afrosheen6 I just got a 2007 with a V6 engine for a present yesterday.
Love it so far.

BusinessPrivateNet says:

No false language, please. You should understand that Westerners are not
used to that typical Korean design.

fire1202 says:

This SUV has a very good ride. It rides like an executive midsized. Very

nyak63RUS says:

That’s too bad.

Billy Sou says:

@ConceptVBS I think the Santa Fe is built in the Kia Plant in West
Point,GA. The Sonata and Elantra are built in Montgomery.

Nytherr says:

Before you say it is ugly, you might want to test drive it you bloody
wanking teens.

Adam Paulsen says:

I have a 2009 Santa Fe. I love it. Nothing wrong with it. I would go for
the V6 though. I have the 2.7. Nothing to complain at all! Oh and I’m a 17
year old boy!

BroScienceLabsCorporation says:

The Exterior kind of looks like TOYOTA RAV4

honestman777 says:

Fucking sterotyped korea car is quite good

btester1 says:

Why is Ford made in Mexico.

dejan pejič says:

No, not good — cheap “Korean” stuff.

patrick jackson says:

@TheLongfords yeah you dont live in the u.s but actually it gets 5 stars
second its quiet inside. and it looks better then toyota rav 4 and honda
crv and hyundai actually is green and dosent pollute the earthe like alot
of automakers do. and the cars are cheap but why would you wanna spend
thousands more for the same thing from another automaker nice going dick

MrRNDubleBarrel says:

im a 18 and i was going to get a truck and now i neeed something tha looks
goodd inside and out and its roomy in there and the cargo space is amazing
this car is great for the price and fuel economy

mubbsi says:

This is beautiful?

bladeslash4 says:

got the 05 so i know off the bat there no way in hell its burns the same
amount of gas as a 4 cil outher then that its nice ass ride

Jawad Ali says:

hey fucker u r a liyer

booksyn says:

Whoever thinks these new Santa Fe’s are ugly, you must not hav seen the
ones that were produced before 2007…I am seriously considering an ’07 and
up Hyundai Santa Fe. I love the Xterra, but gas prices are on the rise and
i still want an SUV so I have explored other options including Sorento,
Sportage Tucson, Escape/Mariner Hybrid…so many options to choose from!

Jake Soto says:

btw, I do think it looks good.

M1sterHamilton says:

@W4lly16 a PRESENT? wow

etoyotarockshsucks says:


PussMag says:

what SUV doesn’t lean when you corner? lol,

Matt0401 says:

@Jeffredo729 Hah, funny you mention that. I had to go hit replay. I never
heard an accent the first time I watched it. She sounded very normal. I’m
from the Great Lakes region. 😛

DudeWithaPage says:

my dad has this, its decent, but it is so poorley designed like the pillar
that holds the winsheild? nomatter where you are sitting its in your way.
and you get that helicopter noise with the window open, road noise is
horrible, but it looks good and handles good for its size, BUT if you buy a
Hyundai, you get a Hyundai…

DolceExcappare says:

i have a 09, recently purchase it, mid trim but im trying to upgrade it to
prob a 2010 fully loaded, i really like the power on this SUV. i was
considering the 2013 but im not to crazy about the 2.0T to have the same
guts and refiment as the V6. best gas millage yes but im not that crazy
about that.. ima stick w the V6

gamemasterzoomzoomom says:

CTFxC anyone?

Jikel032 says:

Good review 🙂

Jake Soto says:

test driving it won’t make it look better.

patrick jackson says:

@unknownstudd69 no it dose not

agovics1 says:

My dad has a such one… The first one within the test, it’s engine is much
powerfull 😀 Our is made in 2008…

Charles allen jr says:

Wait til’ you see the all new 2013 Sante Fe, it will be out this summer.
The Sante Fe Sport will be the 4cylinder, 5 passenger model and the Sante
Fe LWB will have a V6 and will seat up to 7 passengers. They will be 10
times better looking than the current model.

Luke Pate says:

My Black and Silver 2005 rides,and sips gas like a dream.Best thing Ive
ever owned and Ive owned 20 + cars since i was 14.Only 42 now.Love It
!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

San Marino says:

Beautiful?!? No bigger nonsense ever heard. Hyundai is designed for “Korean
Mountains”, and not U.S. roads.

hehh543 says:

Shut the fuck up. Test drive one and look into them before you start
bitching. Fucking retards. If you don’t like it why did you like this video
in the first place?

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