2009 Toyota Yaris Sedan review

2009 Toyota Yaris Sedan review

Toyota’s entry-level car has a lot riding on its shoulders. Is that what made Toyota a legend?



Nimantha Elvitigala says:

Asshole, dont know how to review a base sedan car

Jonathan D says:

Love that review. XD

Andrew Garcia says:

the review is spot on with the radio aspect, kinda stinks though that you
have to shell out $70-90 for a replacement bezel to cover the air vents
above the aftermarket that would cost you starting at $70 for a base
receiver and $15 for the install kit, making your total replacement of the
radio and aux jack $200+. A small price to pay if your a daily driver like
me who is 6’3″ in this clown car metal can that gets 400miles on a tank in
the summer.

Samiul Islam says:

This car is not a Bugatti. Stop expecting that from a commuter car!

Sabiqoon Ahmed says:

Seems this man is mindlessly bent upon condemning this car. Foolish.

auaumusi says:

He looks tall.

Native722 says:

I drive 2007 Yaris and it’s great for low cost maintenance. Great on MPG.
It’s slow as hell but it’s the price you pay for great MPG. 

marijahom says:

I had this one and I apsolutely LOVED IT!!! 🙂 I want it back now 🙁

bmacAK47 says:

The only (annoying) thing about this car is the douchebag in the driver’s

ladyyuna2000 says:

I prefer this toyota yaris over a toyota corolla

Scott B says:

I rented one of these things for a week from the Tulsa airport on a recent
business trip. I go along with this guy on every point, I cannot find much
good to say about it, at all. This car is a prime example of you get what
you pay for, barely. Honestly, when I got into it, my very first
inclination was to go ask for another car, but I thought what the heck,
lets give it a go and see. Huge mistake. Was stuck with it for whole week,
with a 4 freeway drive to boot. Hated this thing!

Jose Burgos says:

Negative person lol!! Its a simple car not is a porshe please…..

VikVaughan says:

Seemed like a pretty good review. Most car reviews suck – neutral and
uninformative, delivered by boring bastards who are afraid to piss off the
car manufactures that give them the test vehicles they use to earn a living.

cnm2908 says:

The Yaris sedan is a nice looking car. But they should just make the sedan
version and get rid of the ugly hatchback. Too many entry-level cars are
boring, homely hatchbacks. Toyota should make the Yaris sedan with an
optional two-door and then move the speedometer to the left- in front of
the steering wheel. Toyota says that a center-mounted speedometer is
cutting edge. Well if it’s so cutting edge, why aren’t they doing the same
for the Corolla, Camry, and Avalon?

Kyle Hofmeister says:

this guy bitches too much. ive driven a yaris S and it was nicely equipped
and handled fine. he’s pointing out the dumbest things.

Kevin Schuyler says:

Exactly like my 09 silver sedan. Radio did suck. I loved the easy driving,
using a 5 speed manual. I wiped-out the clutch plates in 10K miles, at 43K,
traded it for a Corolla. It’s fun, but it ain’t no Tercel. I had the three
of those, and the clutch is bulletproof.

Julie Estrada says:


Puffmaster80 says:

u r hating every single thing i like every single thing about my rental
yaris so what now

slimecrazy552 says:

Did you just give the kudos for design to the Nissan Versa? That’s among
the ugliest cars made!

daisyroots says:

who is this jerk? what a pedantic so and so…..

TRonlyOne says:

Lol xD

Dave K says:

why is a hatchback a dirty term in the car industry. its still used in most
other english speaking car markets.

larz28 says:

I actually wanted a Corolla but being 6’5″ I barely fit in it. Suprisingly
the 2008 Sedan model Yaris has actually more leg room than the Corolla so I
fit in it just fine (With the seat all the way back) and the wheel can
angle up much higher but I keep it low. It doesn’t bother me. The base
model came standard with A/C and a LOUD stereo. I got the 5 speed stick and
get about 40 mpg. More on the highway (I coast down hills). Got it for
$14,200. No problems yet.

germboy007 says:

he really hates that car

Moises Ramirez says:

@daisyroots as good as a c class???? you must know nothing about cars!

Rick258442 says:

The guy is cool.

N2Flashy says:

29 city mpg is worth it..

Wolffie LC says:

I love the outside of the Yaris but the inside it´s so simple… I like
minimal thinks but that´s just sad compare to a mazda 2 or 3…. I want to
buy one but the inside doesnt convice me at all….

mindtrue63 says:

I went from a 2007 Camry to a 2009 Yaris Sport Sedan and I absolutely love
my car! Way better gas millage, fun to drive, very light car. I can plug in
my Ipod or use the Aux for my mini ipod. I am 5’11” and I fit comfortably
in this car. The only thing that I would enjoy is a GPS system which I have
seen that you can purchase for about $450. I am a very happy Yaris owner!!!

Jamal Flemban says:


CarCrazy says:

my brother have this yaris 2012(vios 2012) model.. and it comes with many
features like usb(ipod or pendrive or etc) and the bass of the car is good
altough the suspension is pretty bumpy.. but the car is excellent for
people who want to buy nice quite cheap car.. P.S this car has many
spareparts and modded parts like led lamps and lips and others.. i quite
love about this car because its pretty roomy and its wonderful car

T Ket says:

not to offend anyone but i agree the dude, absolutely hate the yaris; drove
my cousin’s for a week would never buy one myself… driving quality not
good, audio not THAT bad, and personally just not liking its design. what i
thought when driving the yaris was “come on! toyota can do better within
the price range”

aras897 says:

just shut up we have a yaris and it is great !

zorkor says:

i agree..

George Hanna says:

Who gave this guy a job? What a negative person.

Peter Sharpe says:

Yarii are awesome, I have two. They’re reliable, light, economical – and if
you have a manual, they can be fast too, you just have to prod the hamster
in the wheel well in advance before you try passing anything. State trooper
caught me in mine doing 101mph racing a Porsche. Best speeding ticket I
ever got, worth every penny.

daisyroots says:

it won’t read your disc because it thinks you’re a dick!

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