2009 Toyota Prius Startup, Engine, Full Review&tour (owners review 113k)

2009 Toyota Prius Startup, Engine, Full Review&tour (owners review 113k)

Just an honest tour&full review on how this car has been doing for 113k. one set of tires and wipers. even the original brakes. its doing REALLY well! Honest…



Wil Davis says:

Get to it, and stop waffling! (…and fer christsake get a windscreen for
yer microphone!)

HappyListener50 says:

I appreciate your informative review. I want a reliable, fuel efficient,
non-plug in, versatile, utilitarian hatchback and Prius has established a
strong reputation in the marketplace. I am averaging 59.6 MPG, normal
driving in my new 2013 Toyota Prius with package four I purchased November
1st, for the cost of a non-hybrid car with equivalent features and
amenities included in my Prius, such as four disc ABS brakes, cruise
control, heated seats with power driver’s seat, navigation, blue tooth,
auto dimming home link rear view mirror, etc. I did my research. Everyone I
know who owns a Prius, is happy with it. In ECO mode commuting from work in
heavy stop and go traffic, I achieved 70.1 MPG. Impressive!. Compared with
the 2001 Ford Escape I previously owned, I’m saving a ton of money on gas.
Escape: $36 x 7 gas = $252/month x 12 months = $3,024/year
Prius: $44/month x 12 months = $528/year
$3,024 Escape – $528 Prius = $2,496 savings/year. Sweet!. 

Wil Davis says:

…but a good review despite my feeling nauseated by the technique!

Wil Davis says:

The wobble-cam is making me feel sick!

Wil Davis says:

I thought perhaps that my original comments may have been harsh, unfounded,
and that you were in fact not a stupid, immature, potty-mouthed cretin, but
your reply seems to have removed any doubts.

bobkin611 says:

Acording to this guy “high way drives” are hardcore. what a faggot. 

TheK24Kyle says:

i kind of secetely laugh my ass off that a near 4 year old car with over
100,000 miles STILL has more praticality and gets double the MPG then what
ford’s real world is testing. i can give up the fancy crap for something
that actually delivers in the class it was made for.

TheK24Kyle says:

it runs like the day we bought it. honestly i hate to sound like an ass but
by this mileage my aunts old 02 jetta was just out of life. not to mention
the GAS engine sounded worse then the TDI they offered. hell even our 03
odyssey wasnt as reliable as this has been… and thats toyota Vs honda

thecarexpert21 says:

How long do you guys plan on keeping it? No doubt it could easily hit and
pass 200k.

ER B says:

Good review!

CWRT says:

Has the battery gone dead yet? (or will it within the next 100k?)

ducklandwikeno says:

it must be really wet where you live . Your always saying everything damp

jchd says:

Great video. 113K in 4+ years…that is “racking up the miles”. Funny how
some say “…my grandparents drive the shit out of their cars…blah blah
blah” and it’s like 100,000 miles in 12 years…uhm, yeah. Whatever.
Appreciate your honesty. Keep up the great job!

Imren Singh says:

My grandma has an03 with 208000 miles

TheK24Kyle says:

what? i live on Long Island. the carpets are damp because i SAID in the
video i steam cleaned them.

brorowcarwiz says:

Great review! Still better than the Optima hybrid..

Chris Anderson says:

Brilliant review! This is your best overall video in my opinion.

Simon Chuo says:

I think a c-max is more fun to drive, but I’m worried about its
reliability. The Prius obviously access in this area.

Santos Alvarez says:

Such a great review! I have been driving a 2008 Altima Hybrid all
throughout high school and now on my second year in college. It’s an
amazing car, I have a fully loaded model, however I am looking to purchase
a used Prius being that I only get an average of 33 mpg. 40 on a good note.
I’ve always wanted a 2007 Prius and it never came about since my father
liked the Altima more; however after he watched this review he was sold and
I am finally getting one and he’s keeping the altima haha. Thanks!

newkiaftw says:

Wow… One thing I notice no mat pockets . I thought there not alot space
in theses put wow there is..;(ik so dumb

WannabeSS says:

I always wondered why some Prius i see have different wheels in front and
back. I had no idea they were covers. Learn something new every day..

1122theghost says:

Wow that thing seems to run like a top! And my family has had the same
experience with our 08 top of the line Prius with 160k! I really don’t see
why people think this car is so awful

bigplaneboeing says:

Nice name dumb fuck…

MrMK94 says:

Woah, great video!!

ACSforEpic says:

Have you had any problems with the car at all. I thinking of buying one but
I am nervous that it might brake down on me and cost a arm and a leg to

TheK24Kyle says:

its staying here forever lol. no point in trading now when its perfectly
good working& has higher quality then the 3rd gen.

Dunoj says:

What is your other channel called? Definitely a base model as this doesn’t
have keyless access and starting and also doesn’t have cruise control. The
cruise for me would be a must have. Overall I think for those who do a ton
of city driving and often sit in shitloads of traffic this car is a really
good choice. If all highway and very little traffic is what you deal with
than I would look for a regular compact or sub compact.

la callie says:

Thanks for the great review and tour! After a recent test drive of a
similar ’08 I wasn’t interested in driving anything else and bought it…
the car is, in a word, awesome. Shortly thereafter, a friend was lamenting
about the price of gas going north and my reaction was “Who cares?”

mysqueeker says:

you have more options for background color than i do. my 07 has green and
orange. both are nice but im suprised yours does not have a backup camera.
mine is not loaded but it has the backup camera.

NWA1503 says:

Calm Down Brah. Its just a car

cruchi28 says:

great review! I recently purchased a 2006 prius. Was a bit nervous at first
but there is so much information on these cars that my reliability fear has
disappeared. It now costs me less to drive the prius than to take the train
to work. My other car is BMW 528i which I used to enjoy driving but
constant breakdowns make me sick plus it uses up 3 times the amount of
gasoline compared to the prius. thanks.

brorowcarwiz says:

Exactly. Last time I checked hybrids weren’t meant to be pseudo luxury
cars. There purpose is to be comfortable, efficient, and RELIABLE

braineyboy says:

This car for some reason reminds of the 1st gen Camry wagon back in the
early 80s

TheK24Kyle says:

nope! not a single problem. its even on the orignal brakes. only thing its
needed is oil changes, and cabin air filters. the maintence plans on this
car dont require much as the simple straightfoward drivetrain doesent leave
much to go wrong. this car was rated number one on the list of the most
reliable cars sold today back in 2009. if your buying a used one, like any
other used car have it checked by a mechanic, drive it, get owner reports,
etc. great buy though you wont regret it.

TheK24Kyle says:

The prius has map pockets… just not this particular one. due to the high
wait lists for this car some small stuff on certain month production models
varied. some didnt have wheel locks, some did, some came with the
aerodynamic caps, some didnt, some had different rims, some did, some had
tinted top rear LED brake lights, and some different. no matter the trim
little stuff varied.

TheK24Kyle says:

the c-max actually doesnt compete with this particular car it competes with
the Prius-V in which the cmax is a better car. however the gas mileage cant
match that of the normal hatchback prius and like you said reliability is
on the border. if i needed a family wagon type hybrid, id get a cmax. if i
needed the sedan way id look at a civic hybrid or this.

1122theghost says:

I totally get you. our 08 Prius has been a way better car to us than our
2012 Ford Focus! These things are awesome, and its survived Jersey highways
for 5 years and its still going like new.

2004chevybrandon1gay says:

That things gay as fuck seriously why the fuck would some one want to drive
that fucking gay ass shit car.

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