2009 Hyundai Elantra Review – Kelley Blue Book

2009 Hyundai Elantra Review – Kelley Blue Book

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Matt Hughes says:

I have a 2008 and it’s beautiful

liquad monster says:

i just love thes car its my.favorite also i own one lol

isidoro95 says:

come mai in america cӏ questo bel modello e qui da noi in italia anno
importato una stramerda di macchina inguardabile?

Swiperluck says:

lol! get a genesis.. the only really ‘good’ hyundai

Anonymous says:

Good Car

Anonymous says:

and doesn’t

Kesh80 says:

nice car…I myself own one…though in where I live, it does not come with
the factory fitted radio…but if you are getting this car, I highly
recommend it.

edwardkitty23 says:

I was in a horrible multiple roll-over accident on the freeway in 2008.
This car saved my life and the life of my brother..

Hugo411 says:

Got 5 speed 2004 Elantra. Its FUN to shift even at my old age.

EliteSlayer542 says:

Why the fuck do people give a shit about re-sale value. What type of cheap
bastard sells their cars? Ive kept every single car ive ever owned. I have
an Old Toyota Tercel and a Old Audi a4 that still work fine. I currently
own a Hyundai Sonata 09′ and I’ll NEVER look at any other brand again.
Especial now that Hyundai has Luxury cars. I remember when Hyundais were
HORRID cars. Now they changed SO much that they beating out Toyota and even
Luxury cars thanks to the Hyundai Genesis and Equus

goldf says:

I hired a high spec 09 Elantra with under 10k miles on the clock in Canada
for 2 wks in July. Good points were comfortable ride and roomy interior &
boot. It was also quiet cruising & economical. But steering lacked feedback
and acceleration was unexciting. Worse was the auto trans was slow to
respond to kickdown and the engine very noisy under hard acceleration –
this is not a driver’s car and inferior in most respects to the Ford Focus
I recently hired in the UK (and my 11 year old Mondeo)

Steven Roil says:

if youre ever to get this car, you gotta go with the sport. the skirt, 16
inch tires with rims, and the spoiler really make this a head turner. yes i
own one. 😀

Kelley Blue Book says:

@21DAGUILAR have you tried the listings on our website? We have used car
listings as well as CPO listings.

QuantumCarl says:

32,000k is really not a lot. My mom had a 2005 Elantra VE and in 2 years we
put over 200,000km’s on it, and then the engine just… ran out. Which is
pretty good considering it was driven for 8 hours a night every night and
then during the day too. And I drove it pretty hard. Ultimately they’re
pretty reliable and work well. Granted if I had, say, a Civic then it would
still be on the road, but oh well. 😛

Tim S says:

I’ve had this car for 3 years now, no issues whatsoever , the gas is good,
the rides good, and it’s fun for long road trips. 30,000 KM and counting.
Only issue i have is high-speed driving, 90mph + feels like I’m gonna take
off like an airplane, lol

Jill Merriam says:

The Elantra is a great car for the low price! It get’s awesome gas mileage
and has a really comfortable ride

arelys guerrero says:

what the hell?! No air conditioning nor a radio? what kid of car is that???
it still seems like a good car tho. =]

commentResponder says:

The only personal gripe i have against this car is the blue lighting.

striker3 says:

2005 gls gets aweful gas milage 23.5 mpg after tune-up,better off buying a
chevy cruze,ford anything ,dodge dart, honda especially the company
problems with misleading gas milage ratings

Josh Lofty says:

the SE model is the SPORT model, right? tell me more about it. i’ve seen
many of these cars out there and have owned a 2006 Kia Spectra5 & loved it.
i’m curious of the elantra…

Gregory Perkins says:

did u get the hyundai. i hope not

ScorpiusRaven says:

I’ve owned a 2000 Elantra for 5 years. Other than the somewhat common
window regulator problem, I’ve had no issues with this car. None. No
breakdowns, no mechanical failures. And mine is just a Gen 2 Elantra. Kia
and Hyundai really are the best values in the market these days.

Moore CowBelle says:

@ tkorenny – Your friend should have used his cup holders if water bottles
are to blame for failed airbags. I find this very hard to believe. Hyundais
are coming up. The 2011 Elantras will have more power and safety features.
If you worry about resale value, buy a Honda. New Hyundai owners aren’t
selling as quick as Honda buyers anyway. Just open up craigslist and see
for yourself for 07 + models.

jimmynorton10 says:

I bought this SE model, any questions for those thinking about buying this
car please fell free to message me.

benzbubblecat says:

@hyundaipride that’s still volvo

Char2805Live says:

I do a lot of interstate driving and this car is great. It’s got a quiet
cabin and smooth ride for its price. Plus satellite radio and my iPod
hooked up. The hours on the road fly by.

somthin4nothin says:

i;m sorry i accidently pressed wrong button, i really like elantra too,
going to get it next month, black one,

spencer769 says:

I agree. And don’t worry any car…even a Civic.. would most likely have
problems after heavy driving. Personally I like the Elantra better.

fegue2 says:

i have a 2008 elantra GL(canadian version) and so far 32000 kms and feels
like the very first day i bought it,i am so happy ,smooth,reliable,really
good on gas,roomy,,extremely good brakes,great warranty,this is my third
Hyundai and for sure i will go for my fourth after this one…


wha…. just out of curiosity, where were u guys going driving 200,000k in
2 years???

Moemxxxking says:

holy shit this car has some features my dad’s 2010 $30,000 Mercury Milan
has… like all those compartments and airbags

matrixloader says:

problem with the lancer is that its a mitsubishi and mitsubishi is
considered the most unreliable japanese company. mitsubishi does make some
nice cars but they still have alot to work on as far as reliability
goes.Remember the 2007 mitsubishi Raider? mitsu’s truck that was going to
compete against tundra, f150 and such, the Raider was a complete disaster
and Failed as a truck, mitsubishi only sold 48,000 cars last year in the
usa, hyundai sold over a million cars last year.

hyundaipride says:

what year model? they improved in a short period of time

trax m says:

Ive had my new 2009 elantra for 3 months 2800 km. I have driven it once or
twice on the highway but mostly city driving to work and back, If you
looking for a good quality economical car I recommend the elantra. I dont
have any regrets getting this car

Tyler Allen says:

i don’t want that purple one.

heroheroic says:

@21DAGUILAR Just traded my 2007 limited in regata blue with tan leather.
86,000 miles

Iris Gross says:

Love the purple rain color on these. The two people I know who own them
love theirs.

juvieguy says:

I have purchased two of these, an ’02 and an ’05. Very good, reliable
transportation. I drove the ’02 for a year or so before giving it to my
daughter. It now has 116,000 miles on it and seems to be holding up very
well. My ’05 has 87,000 miles (90 miles a day commuting) and is also
holding up very well. I would buy another Hyundai anytime. I tend to drive
cars into the ground, so resale value is of little consequence to me.

xXthewigglerXx says:

Prettyyyy sure it comes with a/c and a radio lmfao

Fussinated says:

Ha! Ha! The picture of the ford focus was the better european version 3
door hatchback. I guess it is wishfull thinking. Honestly, that would be
nice to have the 3 door Ford focus hatchback as an alternative to VW
Golf/GTI. But, alas American car producers perefer to stick with the sedan
and a coupe.

Michael Sproles says:

@buffalocrotch …I understand your friends’ concern about the airbags.
Most people assume that in an accident, the airbags just pop out. However,
Hyundai and most other manufacturers design “smart” airbags that don’t
deploy unless they’re needed. In fact, in some types of collisions (even
some serious ones), the airbags could do more harm than good.

almansoor1988 says:

خوش سيارة يكولون تبريدهه قوي

buffalocrotch says:

but the redesigned Mazda 3 is now ugly, especially that front end. I own a
2007 Mazda 3, and now with the 2010 redesign, I won’t buy another one.
Also, if you look closely at the Mazda 3, Mazda has removed several of the
attributes that the car used to have before the redesign. I only hope that
Mazda realizes they have ruined their car, and when the redesign the 3 the
next time, they fix these issues.

benjmiester says:

That’s terrible! Sorry to hear that. Maybe that’s what all the uprisings in
the Arab world are about lol. Better car safety!

QuantumCarl says:

Uh, no. The Globe and Mail. 8 hours a night, stop and go driving, with some
500 papers in the backseat/trunk. Not good times at all. D:

ThePariss333 says:

I have a 2008 elantra se, full loaded, I bough it for my wife and she never
like it, but I was crazy for it. Now has 40.000 miles, I trade it with my
wife,I took it and she bough a kia soul + 2012. The elantra is making 25 to
28 in the city and on hwy I have not idea, I reach so far 31.9, maybe I
need a long trip, but I love it. Rear spoiler give beatufull look, but
rings is slavery to clean, fog light never use it,moonroof i never open and
leather seat istoo hot in summer,wow, it burn my but.

Vairesh Gunner says:

i live in singapore n over here n i think korea this is no more called an
elantra its called avante n the leather seats n auto air conditioning come
stantard not only when u upgrade

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