2008 Toyota Land Cruiser/ In-Depth: Overview

2008 Toyota Land Cruiser/ In-Depth: Overview

Cars.com’s Kelsey Mays takes a look at the 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser. It competes with the Lexus LX 570 and Land Rover Range Rover Sport. Shot and produced by…



PAGVAN says:

Now you see this kind of truck is good for off roading but its also good
for parties because its luxry and for the hummer its good for nothing like
if you want to take to parties you have to get it some new shoes. srry 4 my

Ansett76 says:

hahahahahahaha, excuse ne while I piss myself laughing…..hahahahaha. An
Escalade better quality?? Fuck I have heard it all now especially when he
lumps the Escalade in the same class as Mercedes for quality. The Escalade
and ‘Cruiser are completely different classes of car. Try taking an
escalade through the mud, dust, water, climbing mountains and the ‘outback’
and see where it gets you….probably not far. Those shiny chrome bits on
the Escalade would get tarnished for starters…

misterbear1984 says:

LMFAO @ creed/nickelback joke 😀

bg1379 says:

Are you kidding?! Everyone knows that the LC is FAR more reliable and well
made than the RR or GL, and is still significantly more reliable than the

stdavross666 says:

landcruiser is an aussie legend…this car designed/tested in australia
since way back

4RINGSS5 says:

this is what happens when you let 16 year olds review cars.

Rahulioo says:

if you get hit from the back, you are own your own. it didnt do that good
in rear collision.

DaRegularBurd says:


Everett Ford says:

that was the shittiest freaking car review i’ve ever seen.


@timb901 – I don’t care for any of the one’s you mentioned, but for the
money you could get a nice Range Rover, or Mercedes-Benz GL 350.

pimpninja1985 says:

@DesiPendoJatt It’s exactly the same as the European model you borderline

sweetfact says:

“Not the cabin quality of an escalade” ?!!! .. Yeah !! .. its much better
!! … asshole

lovecars890 says:

Check the J.D. Power and Associates site and find the vehicle you want. The
Land Cruiser has 4out of 5 stars in reliablity. The competition has less.
Check it out for yourself. Cheers

SFConifer says:

Escalade is for tools and fools.

YouTubeYouTube says:

I rather buy a hummer , i mean , why’s land cruiser so expensive ?

benz4life says:

dude 72k suv ur not rich can u fucking afford a 72k suv out the door it
will be 80k plus tax man u trippin


the land cruiser has the same principle as a condom. “you’d rather have it
but don’t need it-than need it but don’t have it.” ehehehe!

dmitrivalencia says:

just got one last month and i can say this car is great! The power it gives
is far better than LR discovery 3

cocharati says:

For every sentince he make also throw in disapointing point.

rsxzx6r says:

@shaggyC5Z06 thats why alot of rich people travel over seas for surgery and
medical advice….give some examples of electronic devices….;)

Dorko85 says:

Toyota has drop the ball on this model, unreliable, out dated engine and
poor cheap interior. Its lucky it has some many after market gear to
improve the build quality and offroad capabilities.

Semilegal Quasi-legit says:

I’ve owned the FJ40/80/100 (in PNG and the USA) – love ’em all (Rover’s
aren’t even close anymore – used to be … not now); PLEASE, PLEASE give us
a diesel, manual LandCruiser over here in the U.S.

benz4life says:

land cruiser doe shave a bullshit price but still 72k is tight but i rather
have a seqoia

Torvikholm says:

@omarspence I don´t think the LC200 will last as long as the 60 and 70
series. I´m afraid there is to much electronics. Take a look on an old
LC70. what do you find inside that? Well, an altenator, a battery, some
lights and swiches and a crappy stereo. thats the reason why the old
LandCruisers work so well. If you should drown the car and shortsurit the
intire electrical system, you can just jumpstart the old LandrCruiser and
drive on(if you hav an diesel). That you cant do with the new one.

iforce4x4 says:

My 1994 S-10 Blazer had dual head rests. That’s not a “hit”…..I never
needed the second one due to the fact there was never a second sun in the
sky. That aside, if I could afford an Escalade, I’d buy a LandCruiser.

dushanf says:


MisterTiberius says:

hey u can think what you want to think, id still much rather have a land
rover range rover for the same price. if the land rover is good enough for
the queen of england, its good enough for me.

Joshua Laryea says:


sc882tt says:

all the dislikes are escalade drivers

Toyota4Life says:

this truck is bad ass and i would choose this for a go anywhere truck!

shaggyC5Z06 says:

oh i see what you were saying about traveling to US earlier. I wouldnt have
eye surgery in Missouri either. But hey if the top ophthalmologist is based
there…. fine.

milad safi says:

BMW,AUDI rules

Omar Spence says:

America’s retarded emissions laws prevent the 29mpg diesel version from
being sold there 🙁

shaggyC5Z06 says:

forgot to add… the folks traveling abroad for surgery are the ones who
either done have sufficient coverage or cant afford the cost in US. They
dont go there because health care or its study is any less in US. It is
costly. would you have an eye surgery in Japan, Australia, Denmark, Sweden,
Canada or US?

bobnotsean136 says:

yea but you no what the Lexus LX570 is the same price base as the Land
Cruiser equivalent so get the lexus and the lexus is better

TheAltima09 says:

Obviously this Kelsey guy Doesn’t know what a Real 4×4 SUV is. he probably
drives a Prius himself.

Sebastian Vedia says:

drives the first generation civic

cameronj11331 says:

this guy just needs to stop picking at the thing, its a fuckin good vehicle

walter4x4 says:

Basically, all he’s said is that this isn’t a Lexus. Newsflash: it isn’t
supposed to be. It’s a Land Cruiser; what you give up in perceived quality
is repaid in spades when it comes to durability (and the Highlander’s
leather is none too shabby anyhow). And no, the Cadillac Escalade is miles
off the pace when it comes to interior quality: the cabin would be seen as
cheap and low-quality in a $30,000 car, let alone a $67,000+ SUV.

nelson4568 says:

yeah alot of the things are the same but the engines are different..one has
lexus stamped on it, the other toyota haha 😛

xxxIzekeIxxx says:

like saying creed is a better band than nickleback?? they both reaallly
suck, so im confused…

rangerover06sc says:

the quality,hummers have endured very bad relibility,which is strange
seeing how simple they are.

dianthusboy says:

comparing an Escalade to a Landcruiser is like comparing orange and apple.
Escalade should be compared to the Lexus Version. Even if you compare the
Escalade to the Landcruiser, i still think the Landcruiser has way better
quality and fit and finish. with the landcruiser, you get toyota’s
reliability and quality. Get an Escalade and all you get is problems after
problems. no wonder the american car companies are going BANKCRUPT!!! the

MrBeastandtheharlot says:

I’d still rather have a disco 4, even tho its less reliable.

NemeZNL says:

Discovery is not a car…is a fucking constructor

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