2008 Toyota Hilux



Random Precision says:

That’s because you’re a pussy.

John Fulton says:

What would this all cost to have done to a standard Hilux?

Mational1990 says:

This is so cool, way faster than the Volkswagen amarok…

doovle lux says:

i do 😀 look at my pic, drifts really nice too 😀

jazzdude904 says:

That class is called the quarter ton class. The Ford Ranger is a quarter
ton truck

DobermansRock says:

Hmm quarter ton truck in America. I don’t know if I have ever seen one.

Das Kaiser says:

Liked! Hey whats more capable a Landcruiser of the Hilux? What are the
differences anyway besides price…

DobermansRock says:

Oh your right the mini trucks.

doovle lux says:

the old ones have solid front, the only problem is the 2.8d engine is the
most under powered engine ever built, having said that you cant kill them
no matter what u do

Suid Afrikaanse Boer says:

I Love Toyota . Like all ARB products. Greetings from South Africa.

CENTCOMSurvivor says:

Saw lots of the older ones in Afghanistan.

D Wilks says:

These are great trucks, had mine for 4 years and would’nt swap it for

doovle lux says:

i love living in Australia…. 😀 i have owned 2 hiluxes 😀 my second one
has dual lockers and will go any where u point it

ballader1 says:

Both the Hilux and the Land Cruisers use a solid axle at the rear with an
Independent Suspension at the front.

Andreas Moen says:

skip to 2:07

Designandrew says:

2:09 you are fucking lucky you didn’t roll it you moron! This isn’t a
fucking drift car! I would never do that in my lux.

Taylor Collins says:

Yeah I no

Julio Aguilar says:

This truck is sex!!

powershop1903 says:

Lets get this truck in NORTH AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!

jazzdude904 says:

The Hilux is a better Tacoma and the Tacoma is already the #1 selling
quarter ton truck in America

FFDtraining says:

Another great video by the folks at ExPo. Keep up the good work!

Scott Brady says:

Closed course – Private Property – Professional Driver – Professional
Photographers and Cinematographers.

Essess Nine says:

@CENTCOMSurvivor It’s the Kalashnikov of trucks.

Scott Brady says:

The tire is a 265/75 R16 BFGoodrich KM2

Designandrew says:

Fuck you cunt I bet you don’t even own a hilux haha go dream about your
hilux you cunt.

777fuzzypeach says:

Diesel would now require urea injection to meet emissions standards. Thank
your newly reelected idiot president…

predator1117 says:

A truck that gets over 30 mpg and is built to last. This would destroy the
truck market in America. I want one so bad.

12103412 says:

Beautiful truck, I wish we had a version of that diesel motor here. My 09
Tacoma DC/ has the OME lift, front air locker, arb bull bar and warn m
8000s, BFG AT’s. The truck drives great but was a bit under powered so I
added the TRD supercharger and it made a big difference. The leather seats
are nice, but a little cheap. But, would love a diesel motor in the tacoma.

stough77 says:

Great review! Beautiful truck…would be nice to have access to the Hilux
here in the United States..

rhys bradding says:

10k there about

777fuzzypeach says:

Front IFS is unfortunate. Might as well buy replacement half shafts or boot
kits when you get the truck. Especially lifted trucks WILL have to replace
them at least once.

cody93225 says:

I want one!!!! It just needs a solid axle like the land cruisers

sievester says:

Anyone visiting the outback of Australia please do not drive like is shown
in this video. It is not a place to drift around corners and fly over
dunes. It may just be my family and I coming the other way. Be safe out
there guys.

Ziga Rančov says:

I am just a litte worried about turbodiesel engine…i heard that the fuel
can damege nozzles, because it is very sensible…i think that is the
downside of this car…I think of buying a landcruiser 100 series 4.2
turbodiesel…anythought if It is better than hilux?

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