2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this suv while s…



omr1989 says:

stupid car ever …

Asada023 says:

I agree it seems like its only a lower concept of the toyota land cruiser
200 which cost 80 grand:))

hourgmorn says:

Karin bj

Marcelo Rivadeneira says:

The interior is absolutely rubbish.

Ian Treloar says:

Since your reviews are so comprehensive I am surprised that so many of them
don’t show whether the fold-down rear seats fold completely flat or are
only ‘almost’ flat, and whether the seat base has to be removed from the
car. These are the sort of things a lot of people would like to know.

Turning down the radio would make it easier to hear what you’re saying,

Eli Noblin says:

can you do a video of a 99 land cruiser and a newer model 4runner?

timothycheng130 says:

Do the side mirror lights work?

Chris Rasmussen says:

Nice sound system…crappy music. 🙂 I’m just old I guess. 🙂

CarbonatedCarls says:

Love this car! Hoping to get one for my 16th. You’re the first video I’ve
seen to actually give an IN – DEPTH tour. I felt like I was looking at the
car myself. Great job! (:

lexussboyis250 says:

Wat does dj mean.

eerikhm says:

Where do you get such low octane fuel? In Europe we have 95 (normal), 98
(Premium) and Diesel.

Goldenrod636 says:

I personally like the way that the door handle on the left side is.

JedemPoKucama says:

hey Kyle, do you ever get bored driving automatic cars? in US almost every
car is automatic, here in Croatia, 85% of cars are manual 🙂 btw. very ugly
toyota lol

Mopedwille says:

i love that car^^ its beautiful

1bentley4ever says:

Nice retro suv but CANNOT beat the original Land Cruiser FJ40 for
ruggedness and simplicity!

-=DDK23=- says:

i was skeptical about this car at first, but i recently got a chance to
test drive one of these and i’ll say, im sold. gonna get this car!

Hussain Sharrofna says:

In Saudi Arabia we get 91 and 95 Octane only

TheKoreanX says:

My dad used to have one of these before he traded it in for a Tundra and
then a Tacoma. It was my favorite car that we have ever had.

altfseven says:

look better with Muddies and Black rims

bob saget says:

Korean dude designed this car

ilikecookies010101 says:

I’ve always wondered what the insides of these looked like. Pretty basic
apart from the off road controls. I wasn’t expecting the side visors
though! Thanks for the vid.

TheFenderMan11 says:

Beautiful truck. Hopefully i can get a used one sometime this month!

123chunhou says:

0:28 do that blue odyssey

laxballdmw says:

lol, sounds like they were playing “tears for fears” in the background
pretty loud out there

zellardo says:

wrangler is better than this

bd398226 says:

@redraidersman96 Sweet I never new that!

SarcasticCinema says:

they are for offroad, just extra lighting for branches, other obstacles

Vanrocco66 says:

You never showed the clip from the back with the seats folded down.

Chris Rasmussen says:

I have a few 1:18 scale models of this car in the different colors.:)

TheSZARATE says:

@JedemPoKucama but we are in usa

Mohammed Khalil says:

2010 model and above comes with a 4.0 270 hp unlike the older versions that
comes with a 240 hp !! Its a good car for off road purpose but no the best
choice for everyday car !! because of the uncomfortable seats and the very
low visibility due to the interior design of the car .

tOki3y0xpoP says:

That’s just American Fuel. But European Specs cars usually get 50+ miles to
the gallon? Right? o-o While American spec cars usually get between 10-40
Miles to the gallon. Close to 50 on hybrids.

blazzing4321 says:

that truck looks retarded….but thumbs up for your review

lexussboyis250 says:


Ascot Shark says:

I prefer the honda element

datboiwes333 says:

I would never buy this vehicle.

tOki3y0xpoP says:

Cause’ that’s the only gas you probably should be using for a car like
this. There’s 4 different type of gasoline; remember when you put in gas
you usually see 87 / 89 / 91 and Diesel ~ Premium Fuel is suppose to be the
best fuel… I’m thinking 91 ~ but i might be confused.

Forgoten214 says:

I always liked the offroad capabilities of these FJs but I just wish they
had abit more power. =)

talldude123 says:

@markkjay Brass in Pocket by the Pretenders is the name of the song.

shivam220 says:

woah hey there toyta fj 😉 haha nice vide kyle keep them cming?? can u get
the all new scion tc when there selling them? which will be in the next
week there just gettin ready at dealers n the 2010 toyota just bc my mom
owns it n i wanna watch a review n it? kthxbai haha

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