2007 Toyota Fortuner Review (Start Up, In Depth Tour, Engine)

2007 Toyota Fortuner Review (Start Up, In Depth Tour, Engine)

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Carlos Sandoval says:

here in panama ricardo perez toyota/scion ( is our local toyota and scion
dealership all over the country) sold more that 243,557 toyota fortuner in
2011 and 2013 all over panama 

alud666 says:

My stepfather has one it is 3.0 D4-D and isn’t that roomy for me and I’m
just 6 feet tall. Great vehicle though.

gabe agex says:

Keep up the good work man 🙂

AnOr O. says:

Tamang tama sa “pinag iisipan paba yan?” Sir a! Nga pala, anong magandang
sasakyan in terms of engine and fuel efficiency yung pang long drive dre?

Loiner Sparrow says:


konohasenpupapet says:

bakit ka nag sorry nung nagsalita ka ng filipino?!? dapat nga ehh ipag
mayabang mo na pilipino ka… at marunong ka magsalita ng filipino…

DeganEsp says:

In Indonesia people weren’t satisfied with the performance actually the
2.5G diesel .they said, the performance wasn’t better, better to use
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, what do you think about it?

ColtenOfficial says:

@Wesley adams its a diesel, nothing is wrong with it

SLRengines says:

videos are good, but lol try to clean the cars from the inside before
reviewing them, just a tip other than that, thanks for the video

PatrickReyesTV says:

@DeganEsp i’ve driven this 2.5 diesel engine of the fortuner and the 2.5
diesel of the mitsubishi monterosport glsv 4×2. and in terms of power and
acceleration I could easily tell that the montero sport is by far greater
compared to the fortuner.

Loiner Sparrow says:


clkdragzta says:

nice 1 are you a fan of saabkyle04 to?

PatrickReyesTV says:

@tweetyiguana nope. this particular fortuner is the 4×2 G 2.5 Dsl A/T the
4×4 fortuner top of the line model has a 4×4 V 3.0 Dsl A/T.

Miguel Guiao says:

It’s ok at least i know filipino look: maganda ang toyota fortuner

Ryan290995 says:

just want you to know. in indonesia, toyota fortuner with 2.5 diesel engine
has exactly the same engine with toyota innova 2.5 diesel. sales man from a
dealer in toyota told me that when i was about to purchase fortuner with
diesel engine. so it was like innova with bigger body.. so i turned my
choice and i took honda cr-v 2.0 as my ride

Francis John Tolentino says:

Ayos mga review mo ng mga philippine cars bro… keep up the good work

TheCarArchives says:

the engine on the 2005-present Toyota Fortuner/ Toyota SW4 Engine 2.7 L and
4.0 L VVT-i gasoline 2.5 L and 3.0 L D4-D diesel

clkdragzta says:

oh and btw. it would be better if you woul use a tripod to put your camera
on, and then do the test drive. i think that would be nice

JC Tan says:

How about the performance are you satisfied?

PatrickReyesTV says:

@gabeagex thanks man. 🙂 really appreciate it. i hope many more will view
my vids. 🙂 God bless.

AJ Cruz says:

Montero Have a lot of Complains with Regards to engine or chassis and also
the car smokes even if it is new my Uncle has one and have all these
Complains within 5 months ….. I will buy the 2014 version of Fortuner
without Complains for sure

ljae07 says:

Wow interesting, excited to drive one of these 2012 in net 3 months yaaaaay!

jose gem tagaro says:

parang need na ata chek ngine nyan! grabe taas na ng Mileage ..

PatrickReyesTV says:

@SLRengines i will I will. 🙂 thanks for viewing and commenting. hope you
subscribed. 🙂

LethalGamingYabbo says:

vvti is better

mironlang says:

hehe paborito kong kotse before at tsaka may facelift na dito

AJ Cruz says:

Y NO UPLOAD more videos

wesley adams says:

Sounds like somethings wrong with your engine, sounds like a missfireing
piston. Or a slight knocking. M aybe its ok but it sounds bad, did this car
have its 50,000, and 100,000 K tune ups?

tweetyiguana says:

is it a 4wd?

PatrickReyesTV says:


PatrickReyesTV says:

@clkdragzta yes I will do in my future videos. 🙂 once I get a real camera.
because aotm I use a ipod touch 4. yeah I know, it sucks. 🙁 but I’m just
here to help you guys in the interior.

Loiner Sparrow says:

maganda sana kung hindi lang tinamad si PatrickReyes..

jose gem tagaro says:

mal mal na kaau ang makina ..

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