2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser Test – 4x4TV Test Videos

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser Test – 4x4TV Test Videos

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser Test – 4x4TV Test Videos SEE ALL OUR OVER 150 OTHER VIDEOS @ http://www.4x4TV.TV Welcome to 4x4TV SEE ALL OUR OTHER VIDEOS @ http://ww…



necrorazer says:

@mvalovalo its about taxes and politics in the country. the same shit for
chile, argentina, peru and more.

4x4TV says:

@mvalovalo Is anything cheaper in Australia?

عربي و أفتخر says:

because the incoming of the person in the month way way more than the
incoming of American family 😛

booksyn says:

Don’t like silver but I love this car! It’s one of the most uniquely styled
SUV’s on the road. I would love a red, blue, black, army green, or that
dune color!

Niklaus Sonne says:

You are lucky. Hear in Denmark the price is close to 130.000 USD

ideaynojodas says:

@mvalovalo ……….I hear you man. Here in Nicaragua is Us60,000. It’s
ridiculous. But did you see the guy below? It’s US120,000 over in Denmark.
That doesnt sound right, but hey, anything is possible with price tags.

ideaynojodas says:

@Mr9Klaus whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Are you serious?

mvalovalo says:

Why does this car costs approximately $28,000 in USA, but comes in at
nearly $50,000 here in Australia? It’s particularly offensive when you
consider our dollar is worth more than the greenback these days. Wouldn’t
you agree?

alex cadenas says:

you have to import allmost all your vehicles, which means you have to pay
ships, import tax, etc. that’s why

chingchongnoodles says:

Australia charges Toyota heavy on tax, this is to support local car

AutoJunkieMan says:

6 speed all the way. Gimme as many gears as i can get

alex cadenas says:

please make the intro shorter and the videos longer

wnet8 says:

wouldn’t that be a question for Toyota?? ^_^

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