2007 Kia Sportage

2007 Kia Sportage

This is Segment Two of Miles Around 07/22/07. Dennis and Nik take a look at the 2007 Kia Sportage.



BlondieFreak07 says:

I Have One Reccommend it :]

glamuroussky says:

Very nice car!

Jowpers says:

I have a 2006, 5spd manual and I’ve been pretty happy with it. What has
always bothered me is that the manual was only available with a 4 cylinder
engine (I find automatics rather boring so that wasn’t really an option for
me). It needs a 6 cylinder, especially for offroad. The stick also has some
issues – the accelerator does not disengage quickly enough when the clutch
is depressed. I would recommend t.he 6 cylinder auto, but I wouldn’t buy
the standard again.

Catherine4829 says:

I bought one 3 months ago and must admit it’s FAB. most recommended!!!!

oldsk8rgirl says:

This is definately the best safe car. I am convinced having just been hit
head on and had mine totalled. I went out and bought a 2008 replacement
(although I liked my 1st one better!). Had I been in my old car I don’t
think I would have lived through the crash or if I had I would have
suffered much more severe injuries. Still recovering, but very thankful I
was in this car!

ElLeonidas2009 says:

I have a 2005 for sale, nice but I need money, good little suv

Karl Williams says:

This car is very good value for the money. If you can see past the KIA
badge get one you will not be disappointed. A good mix of Estate/SUV and
Car all in one package. Just get one and run it into the ground and forget
about the residuals.

meanubeanu says:


awlacerda says:

Great car, I bougth one in Brasil, hard temperature, bad gas, using on and
off road, zero problenms. I recomend.


I have one and it’s great!! I love driving it.

Nick loftsalis says:

i have one 2.0tdi

dustin040779 says:

we have old model sportage…

ntvland says:

How do you pronounce it? You Americans call it Sportage (Spor-TIGE), but we
Canadians call it Sportage (Spor-TAHGE). I like our way better! ;-p

kirill broski says:

how much is it?

Ghazan Khan says:

i have two…one in manual and the other automatic/trip tronic……its a
good city car but has a lot of major faults…will not recommend for off
roading.my automatic one had a lot of battery problem!one day….and the
engine seized up as well!!and….getting spare parts is a huge hassle

Spazman173 says:

We Canadians (as well as most of the rest of the world that has the
Sportage) have it right. They pronounce it wrong in the States because some
people there ‘don’t like all dem foreign words’.

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