2006 Toyota Prius Review – Kelley Blue Book

2006 Toyota Prius Review – Kelley Blue Book

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pbandjwrx says:

just bought my 2007 touring w/navigation and 114,000 miles for $8500 baby

lostaznking says:

wouldn’t i be cheaper to buy a old civic like from early 90’s how much gas
can you get for saving $20000

YouTubeYouTube says:

da ugly design is used for aerodynamic to increase efficiency.

Back2BackJack says:

Agreed. I’m not one of those people bashing the battery and cars today
should last even longer than those of the past, but even then 200,000 miles
is a lot for a car. When they’re able to make hybrids at a price equal to
or slightly above a regular car it will definitely be worth it, especially
with solar roofs and new innovations. Honda has a natural gas vehicle which
is almost $10,000 more, but it emits much less CO2 and fillups cost less.
You need a natural gas line to plug into the car.

silverrapth says:

@marcm11389 Toyota provides battery recycling plants for the batteries, and
designs them to be easily recyclable and long lasting. Its not smug, its
just smart

iTechTrooper says:

@tortolini47 H….I….D…

hottubbrad says:

I don’t own a Prius, but am looking at one seriously. I am spending $600 a
month on fuel right now and it would be $300 with a Prius. For a second
vehicle, along with the Prius, I will buy a Nissan Leaf. Plug it in and go.
Screw the oil pirates

Pety Sam says:

i miss my previus prius

chrisknows says:

Why is the Prius the most popular hybrid? It wasn’t the first and it’s not
the best. Not that it’s bad (for a hybrid), but it’s not that great, either.

minkleminkle says:

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM gay. XD Look at Dunham, you’ll get it.

60marsh says:

We have a diesel Jetta, that gets 58mpg, fun to drive, and most of all its
not embarrassing to been seen in it.

soccervms101 says:

in the long run it is worse for the invironment cause the batery making

DutchManticore says:

I hate how americans always make jokes about the Prius. I’m like.. how
fucking ignorant can you be?! Even Jeff Dunham calls it a car for gays..
WTF. Yeah.. unless it uses 20 gallons to the mile, makes a lot of noise, is
larger than an average tank and has wheels that put most tractors to shame
it’s a gay car right? American ignorance… seriously…

jfizz313 says:

popular name

Prius Toyota says:

What is wrong with you people that hate fuel saving cars…I love them…
the more people that save fuel the more for us that love V8’s! The less
fuel used by fuel saving cars will drop the price of fuel…another win for
us. If you think its ugly, then dont buy one or dont look at it …or the

weedymacweedweed says:

because prius is not a car its a fashion statement. im happy with my BMW
320d(177hp) that does 45mpg combined and 52mpg extraurban in real life. i
quite like driving a proper car.

CasualGam3rsHD says:

@catsareflyingD8 you… need to do some research…

tortolini47 says:

hmm.. HIV headlamps… don’t know if i want that :- /

soccervms101 says:

sorry i spelled everything wrong

youmils03 says:

The opposite of a sports car

Musicman543210 says:

wouldnt be cought dead in that ugly thing

ooooeeeeooooeeee says:

Ever since 2000 when the Prius first debuted in North America, battery
repairs have been rare and people have been seen with 200,000 miles on
their car and still going strong. In short, I’m just saying that the Prius
could last for a long time, so we do have a good idea on how long it could
last. I’m not trying to say it’s cheaper, but that it’s built to last a
good deal, especially since people have old ones still working. The price
thing you said is right, but I just like the Prius more =)

YouTubeYouTube says:

but prius is more efficient.

Viral Patel says:

Very comprehensive, best review out there

Mik5OO says:

Hybrid (and plug in electric) cars are rubbish. The future is in hydrogen
fuel cells, until we get them just buy a diesel

okaydude090 says:

the civic hybrid is way better mi amigo, you should try that one out 😀

alozzy1213 says:

@dxlink its actually 143 if you add it all up.

okaydude090 says:

thats the uglyest car I hace ever seen! dont get me wrong I have nothing
agenst Hybrids I have A CIVIC HYBRID and I LOVE IT!! I get a about 60-70mpg
with it… but man that prius is ugly!! hopfully the 2010 will be better

poY says:

if you want to drive on electric only you must go under 40mph, anything
over it goes to gas…i hear the chevy volt you can go up to 60 mph before
the switch when it comes out in 11′.

O-Paljakka says:

Higher MPG than many they say. How about a frickin’ number?

Back2BackJack says:

Edmunds only has the Camry & Camry Hybrid. The hybrid camry is 43,000 and
the camry is 41,000. I couldn’t find the link on kbb for True Cost, but
thanks for the Edmunds tip.

Gianluca Behn says:

@soccervms101 true true

DutchManticore says:

I’ve never heard ANYONE who has a Prius over here in the netherland go
“Yeah I bought it because it shows I’m pr-environment.” America is just so
polarised. In Europe the Prius is just another familycar, but in America
(been to NewYork and LA) only the treehuggers drive the Prius. America is
rediculous, it’s either all or nothing.. Furthermore a lot of people (I
met) actually think America is the wealthiest country in the world… it’s
nothing different from Europe… seriously.

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

@sawyerrogier but nothing can beat the fun to drive of a combustion chamber
engine, the only way to make combustion chamber alive is convertin
H20(water) which will take oil company attention and kill you!!!!

Back2BackJack says:

Actually you’d be better off buying a new civic or corolla, or yaris or
fit. The Prius is about $10,000 more than the yaris. It saves roughly 1300
gallons over the yaris for every 100,000 miles. Multiply 1300 x gas prices.
Even at 4 dollars, it’s only $5200. You would need to drive the car for at
least 200,000 miles to save money in the total purchase. Not to mention we
don’t really know how long hybrids last. They save gas, but not money.

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