2006-2012 Toyota RAV4 review from Consumer Reports

2006-2012 Toyota RAV4 review from Consumer Reports

The Toyota RAV4 is super-practical, with a roomy interior and fuel-efficient engine. A small third-row seat is optional. It’s Consumer Reports 2012 Top Pick …



Danny man says:

the 4 cyl eng sounds quite noisy in my 11 rav !seems to me 

Danny man says:

the back door is one of my fav things on my 11 rav

95thRiflesOCI says:

Only thing bad about the Rav4 is the rear gate and 3rd row.

Daniel Tessmann says:

@TheCottonTop I care! what if I’m parallel parked and I need to get back
there? I would hit the car behind me!

mzphe5 says:

How do you review the truck but not show the third row seating which is
more important than the storage compartments you did show. Otherwise, seems
to be a pretty good truck. Thanks

Klix says:

2:15, I now understand how I have received odd identical scrapes on the
front of (2) of my past cars.

barryusa5 says:

Have my 2007 RAV 4 and it runs like new!

Billy Sou says:

I think the RAV-4 needs an update with its automatic transmission, the
4-cyl. uses a 4-speed, and the V6 has a 5-speed auto; it think they both
need 6-speed autos similar to the Highlander which is a much larger

Al Mu says:

Yes, you have to walk around it that back door gate ! and if you park that
close to another vehicle, well you don’t deserve to open your back door
gate. Are people just plain stupid ? it’s a door ! you have to walk around
it. Good thing the new rav has a lift gate cause im just too lazy to walk
around that door !

deanjet says:

Did she say quiet???? My 2011 is loud inside, hardly any sound insulation.
It does handle great and the V6 is really fast for a small SUV. It has a
surprisingly good amount of space inside.

clanna2004 says:

Swing out rear door works out well for dog owners. Rav4 has a locking diff
while the crv does not. Crv’s 4wd system is not as good. Crv’s rear seat
doesn’t fold completely flat. Crv isn’t bad, its just that the Rav4 is
better. Rav4 V6 0-60 in 6.3 seconds while getting same mileage as crv

Joshua Nguyen says:


jvrdlc says:

this car is the best small SUV but the interior isnt as impressive as other
models.. hope this new redesign get a better cabin, tech toys and a hatch
lift door.. the new Rav4 is expected to arrive in the LA auto show this
nov.. hopefully…

Jake Soto says:

cause she likes the car? I don’t get it.

Ellie Spoerl says:

I always preferred the rear door like this over the annoying lift one that
always either bashes me in the face or i end up knocking my head on.

Nick Wiley says:

I cant wait till Toyota releases the 2013 Toyota Rav4.. This one is good
too but it needs to be redesigned.

MrTitty99 says:

The new ford escape looks a lot like the new rav4

bestwayusa1 says:

Toyota lies cover up, pay offs, shame on the government ours and theirs.
Fools would only support this company.

Ordnajela Orumedlol says:

then my car does everything well

Andy C. says:

Maybe… as long as you don’t have VVT problems. Check the TSBs. Toyota in
2013 is the Big 3 in1973. They made awesome cars, rested on their laurels,
and started cranking out junk and not admitting their faults. Caveat emptor.

bereantrb says:

Lots of problems with the V6.

noooreally says:

it isn’t a big deal for me… I never notice that. It’s much better then
the new one I hate what they did to the new rav4

zacharyzoomy says:

Lazy Toyota didn’t flip the door around for LHD markets?

chris lin says:

i think you should invest in decent video and audio equipment

VJose32 World of Cards says:

You’re in luck, the new RAV4 has fixed this problem

Postaldewd says:

I’d like to see you people lift rear hatch w/ a wheel attached to it.

Peter Lewis says:

Sensible money would go for the RAV4 everytime. They may not be the most
stylish of 4×4 out there but you would almost bet your last dollar or pound
that you would get trouble free motoring. Reliability counts for a lot and
generally a Toyota is as reliable as they come.

OCWolfer96 says:

I have the 2010 RAV4 with the 4 Cylinder. The 180 HP is more than adequate
for normal driving. Although in spirited driving the 4 speed auto is
lacking. A 5 or 6 speed manual option would have been great. Passing at
highway speeds is effortless. This little car has a lot of space inside for
all passengers. Love the folding rear seat-backs. 2 years of driving and
the only problem so far was the bluetooth shorting out. Still feels like a
new car. Good build quality.

rishi3us says:

why don’t these guys tell the price of the vehicle, atleast starting price
and price of the tested vehicle would help a lot.

KiowaPilotWife says:

I personally like the rear door swinging open to the side. Why? Because I’m
short! I’d hate to jump up to try to close the rear door (unless it has a
remote to close it). I never park curbside so that’s not an issue. The only
thing I hate about this SUV is that everyone’s got one….but I wonder if
that’s better as far as value goes.

Steward Lie says:

OMG the interior is hideous.

2010V6RAV4 says:

@TheCottonTop “Agreed :)”

freedomfyter says:

Honda CRV blows this car away in design and looks and i think ride.

JkNMtB14 says:

For the V6 I think it is good, it has almost 90+ more horsepower and torque
than the cars you listed

isles20 says:

@uncoverbrother Or Barn Doors

divisioneight says:

The problem is the hinging of the door – it’s hinged to a car with right
hand steering and parking with the curb on the left. Jeep’s original
Liberty had a swing door that did that. Toyota didn’t and it’s a hassle to
operate in tight quarters. Most other brands did away with the spare tire
off the back door and slung in lower, under the back bumper guard.

kogut1974chicago says:

I saw a Rav4 today and it didnt have the spare tire on the back gate , is
that mean runflat tires or they finaly relocated the spare???I agree with
others gate must open up…It opens up on the venza why not on rav4???

Burnth eKoran says:

im guessing this review doesn’t cover my 1999 rav4, lol

Daniel Putput says:

great fuel economy?? im looking at Kia Sportage, Honda CRV, Mazda CX5 too
and this by FAR is the worst fuel economy…..its honestly might be the
reason I dont get the RAV4

mcf59 says:

I just bought a RAV4 after owning a Grand Jeep Cherokee for 10 years. What
a difference! The RAV4 is perky, responding well to my lead foot and very
nippy about highway traffic. Yes the hatch door means you always have to
remember the room needed to load the car if parking but this hasn’t been a
problem so far. The interior is roomy if a little plastic but I’d prefer
capacity to faux dashboard gimmickry. The CRV for me had left side blind
spot problems so be sure to check that out. Go RAV4 2012!

Jake Soto says:

I would get the rav4 sport if the hatch lifted upwards. (Sport doesn’t have
the wheel on back)

Superion Solace says:

The third row seating is very small and most people don’t buy this option
with this particular SUV

Vivek says:

@uncoverbrother Yeh I hate that door

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