2003 Toyota Corolla LE Full Tour, Start-up & Review

2003 Toyota Corolla LE Full Tour, Start-up & Review

How does a 9th generation Toyota Corolla hold up over time? Lets see… I did make a few mistakes, they were all corrected with annotations. Always believe w…



dronald777 says:

I’m getting one of these in a few days.It’s to replace my Taurus which was
hit by another car while parked at the Cleveland Air Show and then,two days
later my car was hit by a school bus while parked on the street.Getting one
of these with my insurance money and with a little contribution from my
dad.Pretty excited!

Ryan Elmer says:

Are they suppose to have a clicker in the le the a holes that sold me money
didn’t give me one 

ToyotaCelicaDude1 says:

Why is the check engine light on?

BlakesCars2 says:

I think that engine needs a bit of a wash lol . Great review tho! 

Wubby penguin says:

I’ve had a Acura rsx for 12 years, it never gave me any problems because
took my aunts advise. She has had a 1994 corolla and it has no problems
with over 300,000 miles on it. And to keep it running all you have to do is,
Change oil ever 5,000-15,000 miles
Give the car a tune up every year or two(120-200$)
Try not to slam on the gas so the car won’t wear down its parts and then
you mess up the engine,
Try not to put to mug weigh on it.

My Acura is my first car and I love it, only thing I’ve ever changed on it
was a battery and the head and tail lights. Even though it’s a sports car
the fastest I’ve ever gone obit was 91 mph because my cusin wanted to race
me home:)

Anderson says:

Lmao your commentary is hilarious 

Conspiracy Theorist 84 says:

You’re funny but good job!

heyitsyeh says:

I have the ’03 Corolla S in pretty good condition and 80k miles…one easy
mod to make the driving experience just a little bit more enjoyable is to
put on a thick felt or leather steering wheel cover.

Chargers78665 says:

Good job!

maxxtruck9906 says:

Nice review! It seems to be holding up pretty good! Even at it’s age and

TX Camper says:

Great review!

SeattleAlaskan says:

Wow! Very nice Corolla!

brorowcarwiz says:


Shila Smiley says:

I have the exact same car and year. I always wondered about the little
black spots on the hood and around the head lights. Any idea??

Jack Smith says:

207k wowwww o wait it’s a Toyota

Evan Johnson says:

Goes to show if u buy something reliable how much u can get out of it. Sad
to see the newer cars not holding up as well for well less than 11 years.
The fusion review is a great example of this. Great reviews keep up the
amazing work!!!

dave11686 says:

Well she took REALLY good care of this!

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