2001 Toyota RAV4 Start Up and Review 2.0 L 4-Cylinder

2001 Toyota RAV4 Start Up and Review 2.0 L 4-Cylinder

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Noah Zizian says:

I have that same except with leather seats!

sungod1976 says:

Great review. This gen 2 Rav4 has aged well. It seems to have been ahead of
its time on internal and external design. Although over 13 years old, it
does not look dated. I believe it is a more attractive design than the
outgoing gen 3 Rav4. With the new gen 4, they are bringing this car back to
its original compact roots plus the latest tech. Looking forward to your
review on the last RAV4.

F14XNM says:

The 01 model doesn’t have a v6

misterbear1984 says:

What is the horsepower and torque rating on the v6 for this Rav4?

AetiusPraetorian says:

Nice, the 2.0vvt-i is actually one of the best engines for this car. The
2.0tdi motor (Europe and other area’s) produced 116hp with 250nm torque,
but had problems. Plus by today’s emissions standards lacking. The 2.4vvt-i
had 11 more HP and increase in torque, but had a slew of issue’s that other
countries did not want to mess with. In Germany, the best RAV4 4.2 models
were produced (10/2003-3/2006) with an updated 2.0vvt-i 150hp along with
all kinds of safety & traction control features.

F14XNM says:

The circular knob is the adjust the dim/brightness of the dashboard lights
and then beyond that is the buttons for adjusting both mirrors.

Camerons Car Reviews says:

I agree totally with you. I have a 2013 Toyota RAV4 Review already posted,
it’s one of my most popular videos on my channel and its my top recommended
Small Compact SUV for 2013 🙂

hussein bazzi says:

left to the steering wheel there are some buttons. what for?

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