trytthisnow says:

My uncle has this car, at first i thought it was a shitbox, but when i got
to drive it for 20km my opinion changed alot, very nice engine and the most
important thing it’s so easy to drive :P

gebruiklekker123vide says:

Oke,,, not good looking and not an nice interior (had one my self)
but……….. Verry mutsh space in the interior and a verry good engin,
more powerful than the new yaris 2 (2009) and more useful in anny way. Yes
i am sorry that i sold my 200 yaris 1.3 verso and boad a 2009 yaris 1.3
sol. fore the caravan (900 kilos) the verso is bether !!!!!!!!!!

Oceanic Bananas says:

Have had one of these for 5 years now and its got 220,000 miles on the
clock. Only issues we’ve had were a mechanic breaking the throttle body, an
exhaust replacement coz of speed bumps and a drive belt snapping. These
things are tanks and putting on 80,000 miles in 5 years is not called
taking it easy 😛

subzero92MK says:

a friend of mine had it but i didn’t like the interior very much

Oceanic Bananas says:

The floor panels come off to fold the seats away. Should have the floor
panels on all the time.

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